Well well well

I apologise, I apologise, I apologise….to anybody who was thrown out by my posts concerning a possible false flag event at the ziolympics. I’m sorry if it caused any inconvenience if you made plans to get out of London on certain days.


However I still think I did the right thing to post those videos. It was only information after all. I would in fact do the same again. I felt as a Truth blogger, I had a responsibility to try and save lives. It was after all potentially going to be a million people slaughtered. My intent was good; that’s really all that mattered.


Had enough people been aware prior to 9/11, we could have perhaps saved many lives.


In hindsight I shouldn’t have been so reactive by being so definite. I should have known by now that nothing in this game is definite. Perhaps even these big boys don’t know exactly how things are to turn out.


Of course now there are rumors that perhaps ‘we’ may have just thrown off their plans. There were after all thousands of messages warning of an event via posts, videos, articles. Could this be?? Are we beginning to ‘finally’ have some clout? I just don’t know. My gut feeling tells me these people of no conscience are at such a high point of arrogance, they will now do almost anything.


Especially if they are making serious plans to attack Iran, then their hubris has no limits.


So no false flag; then what was all that about? 

For our entertainment? Was it just another big expensive distraction racket? Keep the goy perpetually entertained, distracted (both the sheople and the Truthers) so we can make headway with destruction of Syria and plans for Iran?


Or just so as an excuse to militarize central London, to psychologically prepare us for martial law perhaps?


Was it just an excuse to have an occult ritual, to feed off of our energies?


Perhaps it was a combination of reasons.


And where did the rumor of the 200’000 body bags come from? Who put that one out? I must admit that was the a good’n. That really nailed it for me.


Well just goes to show, you can’t listen to those bloody internet conspiracy theorists. Stick to the reliable kosher media, it never lets you down.


Perhaps that could be another reason. Put out some serious dis-information and get those pesky Truthers all whipped up into a frenzy to discredit them??


Well it certainly has left a few of us with egg on our faces. I for one have had to embarrassingly personally apologise to several people. And it really has done the trick with a few deniers who know me – this has proved undoubtedly to them that I really am a nutter and not to be trusted. From now if I dare mention anything, my denier friends are simply going to preen at me whilst saying “London Olympics” and that’ll be enough to take the wind out of my sail.


I’ll just have to be more vigilant from now on. And perhaps be mindful of making predictions in this subject.


Oh well, sod my pride (ego), all that matters is one million people didn’t get killed and maimed.



Some images of the occult symbolism




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  1. Spicegirl

     /  August 13, 2012

    The body bags quote came from thetruthseeker.co.uk “Whistleblower reveals plans to evacuate London during Olympics.” by Paul Joseph Watson June 28 2012. “An undercover journalist going by the pseudonym ‘Lee Hazledean’ has blown the whistle on astounding revelations about how he infiltrated the G4S – the company responsible for security at the London Olympics – and discovered shocking plans for London, 200,000 ‘casket linings’ being on standby, along with botched security procedures that leave the Games wide open to attack. …..” Genuine at the time? Maybe?
    Here’s the clever bit – it just goes to prove you just can’t trust anybody, it’s the tale of Little Red Riding Hood all over again.They know we’ll fall for it because it would be stupid to ignore any threat whether we trust the source or we don’t. You did the right thing because no harm was done and the worst thing was egg on our faces. But all sorts of things have been going on in the background with little or no publicity, Australia is preparing for war with Asia. The UN continues to smash Syria to bits with the US in the wings to finish Syria off. US Navy fire on Indian fishing boat off United Arab Emirates killing a fisherman with no warning. etc etc.
    Just keep on looking in the wrong place like a shoplifter or a pickpocket with a decoy. Tricks, sleight of hand, it’s so easy, the gullible will always be gullible especially when they are so dumbed down with junk food and fluoride and hypnotic media.
    Always do your own research and keep an open mind to every little thing, and learn to think like ‘them’. If you were hell bent on the entrapment and destruction of the goy around you – how would you do it?

    • Thank you once again Spicegirl for your wise incites. Yes, deception is their key tool.

      What a wonderful thing hindsight is.

      Thank you again for your valid contribution.



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