At this late stage in the game, how on earth can people STILL not know that there is a conspiracy against them – even if they just get to the Illuminati stage? 

How can they not know they are slaves?


Surely they have to at least know something stinks!!??


Nope – in the main, they just carry on as usual. Watch the Ziolympics, the footy, the talmudvizion, do their gardening, DIY, play like children with their various selfish hobbies and pass times. Everything is OK. Everything is just dandy. Happy slaves.


It’s all going on ‘over there’, not in my back yard; so I’m all right Jack.


I have to remember I was semi-asleep once. I say semi-asleep as I was always generally aware that things in the world were upside down. I still cared and went on futile demos, not knowing I was being hoodwinked. But I still made an effort.


These people – even if you do inform them DON’T EVEN CARE!! Just so long as they can just carry on, trundle along in their stupor. Arhhhh it’s beyond a point now of being excusable, because there is no excuse for this level of WILFUL ignorance.


These people are dangerous. But the sad thing is these are our loved ones, our best buddies, our kind caring friendly neighbours, helpful colleagues. Our brothers n sisters. These people are the New World order, all dutifully serving the beast which is enslaving themselves and us all.


What are we to do with them??


In moments of frustration and I must say righteous anger I call them all sorts of names. Here is an acronym I’ve created to express my frustration towards them at times – PHISICCZ











Nothing personal of course – LOL

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