Triple Responsibility

I don’t think there is a website, an audio, an article or a person I meet which/who isn’t pointing their finger outwardly out some aspect of this agenda. It’s the Illuminati, it’s the Jews, it’s the bankers, it’s the police, it’s the local council, it’s those corrupt politicians, it’s him, it’s her, it’s them.

Of course it’s obvious by the title where I’m going to go with this.


How about for once we dare say – IT’S US!


But then that’s just letting ‘them’ off the hook!


I have done as much finger pointing than anyone (please see some examples below), and I will continue to. Because in no way am I suggesting we ought to let anyone off the hook. We just first need to self-reflect and have a look at our roles in all this drama.


As far as I can see it, we need to take responsibility for how our world has turned out. I can see this relf-reflection on three levels.



First Responsibility

We need to accept that we have repeatedly allowed the bully to bully us. Again and again and again we have had the opportunity to stand up to ‘it’ this force and we have chosen to take the easier path and remain in our temporary comfortableness.


As the example I have previously given: we chose to get drunk, carelessly left the back door open, fall asleep on the sofa in a drunken stupor or/and played like children in the garden and ignore the burglars who sneaked in, went upstairs and pinched our possessions, raped our daughters, drugged our sons and killed the dog.


Then we have woken up to this nightmare with a sore head and now want to portion ALL the blame on the burglars. Well tough – it was our fault for not keeping guard. Our fault for being complacent. We knew from history/previous events what happens when we allow ourselves to become toxified and fall into a hypnotized trance.


We have allowed ourselves to become selfish, lazy, complacent, apathetic, greedy, egotistic, myopic, fallen for separatism, fallen for attachment and the main three destructive traits:

(i) illusory identities

(ii) illusory fears

(iii)  illusory desires


Most of us have chosen to turn our backs on a spiritual lifestyle and have chosen not to be conscious. So we have got exactly what we have collectively chosen.


I know this is harsh and there are all sorts of reasons (excuses) we could come up with as to why we have fallen, such as; Well we’re born into this lifestyle and we mirror what our parents and society does – we just fit in.


Well of course we do, it’s understandable, but it still doesn’t mean it’s right, or even excusable. As deep down we know our daily actions and non-actions are not right, ethical and conscious. We knew from childhood the world was insane.


And this is where the second level of responsibility comes in ……



Second Responsibility

Now that we have woken up from our drunken stupor, we have to face the responsibility that we played a big part in this fiasco and take on a secondary responsibility in What we gena do about it? 


Time to make amends. Time to help clear up the mess after the tragic party, after the chaos.


What plan of action are we personally going to take? What individual actions are we going to do on a daily basis to repair the damage? Not leaving it up to the perpetrators (burglars) to sort the mess out, this would be futile. What are WE going to actually do about it?


We need a practical plan. We need an attitude, a frame of mind. We need to perhaps make some enquiries, do a bit of research (not JUST research, as nothing will get done), find out the extent of the damage and create a personal strategy to both make repairs and ensure this event will never happen again.


None of us should be asking the stupid question “What are we going to do about it? Only a child will ask such a question! We need to snap out of this childlike state. We are adults, no longer ward of the state. We are our own sovereign beings, fully responsible for our actions. It is obvious what we need to do.




* Are you ‘still’ paying taxes?

* Does your job/career support the judaic matrix?

* Have you made tangible measures to get off grid?

* Do you still indulge in destructive stimulants traits (booze, drugs, pornography, gambling, TV, junk food). If so, are you making real efforts to get off them?

* How much Truthing activities have you done this week? (leafleting, stickers, distributing CDs/DVDs, etc)

* How many people do you inform about this agenda a day/week?

* What resistance have you put up against this Orwelian tyranny?

* How much motivation have you given to your fellow Truthers?


We need to gradually move 180 degrees to where these maniacs, this force wants us to go. We need to snap out of our conditioned trance, lean towards spirituality and become conscious in every way possible.


And finally this leads us into the third level of responsibility



Third Responsibility

Evert single act we do, we should qualify it with the question “Is this a conscious act?”


If the two previous levels of responsibility have been a stumbling block to some of you – this certainly will be.

I know, because I resisted this initially, it is a tough one to take on board.

Oh here he goes again 🙂


But just like the 9/11 ‘theory’ and this whole conspiracy, this subject will just not go away; no matter how much we try to ignore it, or scoff at it as being a nonsense theory.


I can clearly remember my angst and how I recoiled when I came into contact with people who tried to explain to me how ‘It’s all an illusion’. I would just spit back at them in disgust “BOLLOCKS IS IT!!” I remember thinking how this was just their excuse for not doing anything and being almost cowardly for not taking responsibility, for not looking into these issues and being proactive.


I would scream back at them “That’s just another way of letting the Jews off the hook!!”


To an extent I still do think this, because I feel many people are hiding behind their form of spirituality. I now see it as we have to face both the worldly Truth (yang/external) and the spiritual Truth (yin/internal).


But as far as responsibility – I now understand what is meant by this illusory world. I totally see now how we project every single image into our world. Us as the observers projecting what is in our individual and collective psyche.


As hard as this is to grasp – we have created the Iraqi war, we have created the famines in Africa, we have created the Palestinian issues and we have created this Jewelian monster leaning down upon our lives.


We have done this all in our minds. All because we have allowed ourselves to slip into an unconscious nightmare. I know this sounds crackers and it is ….in the reality we are now in. We have become matrixfied. Our whole reality as we know it is in the five senses. Why would it not be, when that’s the only programming we have been exposed to?


The computer screen in front of you is not real. Just as the photon digits are not real. The table it sits on is not real and so the chair you sit in and the environment you are in is not real.


The noises, feelings, images – all an illusion – IN YOUR MIND.


It all appears real, just like our sleeping dreams are very very real when we experience them, so is this dream reality we accept as totally real.


The wars, the famine, the destruction, the negativity, the pain and suffering – we have all manifested. It is all of our collective creation.


I know this very hard to accept. It is perhaps impossible for some people to accept. This concept may make some people’s blood boil….as it did mine at first. But I urge anyone experiencing these feelings, to try hard and wind back to when you first heard about some parts of this conspiracy which were too difficult to grasp. Think about how you may have initially reacted.


This one I know is a huge leap in understanding, because it’s more of a experiential knowing, as opposed to just sitting in front of the computer grappling with hard facts.


But please try and be objective and just allow this insane theory to just resonate in the background. Once we gently allow this to enter at some small degree into our consciousness, experiences will then come into our lives which will prove beyond any doubt that this is the ultimate Truth of this whole conspiracy.


I can almost promise you, it will become so obvious sooner or later and you will kick yourself down the line and say to yourself Why on earth could I not see this?


The penny will will finally drop that this conspiracy goes way way above and beyond politics, religion, 9/11, the Jews and every single dot in this matrix.


If we remain locked into this worldly viewpoint of trying to ‘fix’ our problems, our reality from a purely physical/external level we will only have temporary blips of success.


Trying to fix the world only from this level will be futile. It has never worked before, it’s not working at all now and it it will never ever work.


Now this does not mean we are turning our back on these worldly realities (like many people who know about this illusory concept do); we are now just approaching this whole agenda from a different perspective, with more incite, more knowledge and much better armed. We have just taken out a filter in the camera and can now see the world in it’s true reality.


This ‘it’s all an illusion theory’ is backed up by highly advanced martial artists, shamanic healers, saints and gurus throughout the ages, the serious independent scientists and of course hidden in plain view within many Hollywood movies…..they are actually telling us about how they have duped our reality.


All of these areas are talking in terms of this collective omnipresent consciousness as being our only reality. All of them are expressing a sense of oneness without this destructive separateness (false identities) and all of them are whistling the same tune that our realities are only  projections of our collective state of mind.


We do in fact create our own reality.


We ultimately have three choices on how we perceive this information:

1/. We immediately rubbish it as nonsense, like many do with the 9/11 ‘theory’

2/. We say we’re not sure about this one and leave it on the mental shelf to look at later.

3/. Or it resonates with us at some tentative level and we look into it.


But this theme will never go away. It will keep coming back at you again and again. Especially as more and more Truth is being discovered and as some would say as we all become more and more conscious. At some point, just like all the people who deny the conspiracy, we are all going to be forced to face this reality.


So IF enough of us are able to grasp this conspiracy from this conscious level, taking full responsibility that it is because of our unconsciousness we have and are creating this evil; then in a super rapid time period we can ultimately reverse this evil.


It’s all up to us. This is the wonderfully empowering part of this conspiracy. It’s all in our hands. And this demonic force, these entities are well aware of this.


Lets us start to tackle this agenda from a purely conscious perspective. Just enough of us, setting the trend of global consciousness, will be the beginning of the end for this oppressive dark force.



In summary

1st – Accept we have allowed this to happen, due to our negative traits and turning our backs on spirituality on a worldly level.

2nd – What are we going to do about it, now we’re awake?

3rd – We have created this illusory nightmare because of our unconsciousness.



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  1. Whitewraithe

     /  August 11, 2012

    Digger, you’ve outdone yourself with this essay. On an ethereal level I can grasp your logic, but remember I’m also a pragmatist in the worst, or, maybe, a good way. Regarding human responsibility the problem is that it’s usually a singular thought or action, however, if humanity as a whole would focus their entire mental energy on say freeing the city of Gaza we all might be surprised at the result.

    I know this is possible because I witnessed a similar event the night Hurricaine Katrina was heading for New Orleans.

    I was listening to Coast to Coast AM and the National Weather Service had just stated that the hurricaine had reached a Cat. 5 in strength. Immediately George Noory began asking that all the listeners start praying for the city. If a Cat. 5 had hit New Orleans at full strength it would have been leveled.

    C2C has approximately 20 million listeners on any given night. Lets say five million prayed or meditated during that early morning. That’s just an estimate it was probably more. Well, by the time it reached landfall the storm had been reduced to a Cat. 3. That’s pretty amazing. So, what happened?

    I would like to believe that the massive amount of mental energy being thrust into the atmosphere that night had a direct effect on the storm. That is applied logic in my mind because it’s reasonable. Plus I believe that ‘anything’ is possible.

    The only responsibility I will avail myself to is being a citizen in a country that has severely lost its way. Although, I personally had no hand in the events since I refuse to vote, Americans as a whole are just as greedy and corrupt as the politicians they elect into public office. So, yes, I do agree that those Americans shucked their responsibilities to their cities, towns, states and fellow citizens.

    I refer to these Americans including the politicians as the “scratch the back” group. Have you ever heard the saying ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’? Kind of disgusting when you think about it, but then, these individuals are also disgusting in the worst way.

    Today’s Americans are no longer good samaritans. They won’t do anything for anyone unless there is a payoff somewhere in the deal. It may not be the green kind but you can bet it will be something of value. I am ashamed of the way most Americans have succumbed to avarice and debauchery, and what they don’t realize is that being in this state slowly erodes their souls and their bodies into oblivion. I can count on one hand how many ‘good’ people I actually know in the real world. It’s like being in an alternate plane surrounded by zombies who are constantly eating away at you metaphorically speaking.

    It is a fascinating supposition, though, that just by taking responsibility as a species we might be able to eliminate the world’s ills and reverse the evil we now witness on a daily basis. This is really extraordinary, yet, so simple.

    The problem now is how can you reach a few million people with this information? Quickly.

    As for myself, I will start meditating tonight.

    • WW,

      My word, what a profound articulate response. What detailed thought and an interesting anecdote regarding the hurricaine. How is it that there are many examples of these ‘coincidences’ throughout the world. Years ago I would have scoffed at this remote channelling concept.

      Please don’t think it is just America which has lost it’s moral fiber – it has been knocked out of most us. Thanks to the multi-dimensional attack from our friends of israel. Your sentence: “Today’s Americans are no longer good samaritans. They won’t do anything for anyone unless there is a payoff somewhere in the deal.” says it all.

      When people talk about the Jews poisoning people, they perhaps just don’t know how deep their poisoning goes. To state the obvious, we have been systematically incrementally poisoned on every level by this tribe……but taking responsibility – we have allowed them. Nobody forced the junk food, booze, drugs, porn on us. We chose every single part of it.

      We have to reject it all! We have to get back on track spiritually, consciously.

      Here’s a start:

      Thanks for your great contribution.



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