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I was speaking to a Hare Krishna guy several weeks back who was proudly telling me how his life had dramatically changed around for the better, thanks to him adopting the Hare Krishna faith. It was definitely a positive anecdote, from bad to good and I was pleased for him. I thought good on you mate. 

However I also thought all he has done has jumped from one hell of a dirty, grotty box to a nice new fluffy comfortable box. That’s it as far as I can see. He’s still ended up in a box. The I AM a Hare Krishna box.


All he’s done has switched his old identity of being an alcoholic petty criminal, to a clean-living Hare Krishna. A big radical change and a positive change for the good, for him and society; but just box jumping.


This audio (below) of Rebecca Carley with zioncrimefactory is a very stimulating listen. But again I caught myself sighing aloud and thinking “Here we go again – more labeling, more identity crisis; good ol IAMism separatism doing it’s usual business.” 


What an excellent communicator ZCF is, for such a young man. I’m almost jealous of him (in a nice way) how articulate and professional he is. When he rolls out his sentences, they are like profound quotations, that makes you want to almost write them down. So intelligent, such deep level research and profound incite into the JCN.


We should all be pleased this great soul is on our side, on the side of goodness and Light/Truth.


Likewise with Rebecca, she is another glowing star in this movement and thank God (yes I did use that term) she too is on our side. I particularly respect the way she allowed ZCF to talk. There are only a handful of hosts who actual allow their guests to fully express themselves without butting in. I think Deanna Spingola also is an excellent presenter in that she almost sits back and allows her guests to talk at length.


That pastor who called into the show was a classic case of a fully boxed up member of society. Bless’im. He introduced himself as Pastor Eli. BANG, right from the offset he was entering that discussion fully loaded with his IAMism. His identity firing away full guns blazing. And ZCF recognised this. And that’s why the pastor got so angry with him.


Pastor Eli probably cannot write a letter, make an order, or fill out a form without proceeding his name with the label PASTOR in it. I AM a pastor, my identity is a pastor, I AM not only a Christian, but a Christian pastor. A box within a box.


Even his CI movement states it clearly by calling themselves Christian IDENTITY.


It’s the same for people who have qualified as a doctor and just have to put their title alongside their name. Ego and identity married in perfect harmony.


Not only do people love to jump into or remain in their chosen box, but they love to put everyone else around them in a special box. Boxed, categorized, labeled and pigeon-holed. I am a this, and he is a that and she is one of those.


His whole premise was to get ZCF to not only see what his box was all about, but hopefully swing ZCF around so he would jump right into the pastor’s Christianity box.


But with respect, what both of them don’t realise is they are both in their own little boxes. The pastor in is Christian box and ZCF in his atheist box. I AM an atheist. That’s his identity.


The pastor was right about one thing the Jews (this force) have set up this box/trap for us. It’s just another box for those of us who see through all this religious separatism. Rebecca is right when she said “Even the atheists have been hoodwinked.”


It seems so obvious to me that all they both need to do is drop the labeling and join forces, so both of them see things in terms of consciousness. But I know this is too much to hope for, especially for the pastor.


Rebecca mentioned that she recognised an intelligent force and the pastor agreed. He calls it God, yet ZCF does not believe in a God. I know exactly what ZCF is rebelling against, it’s this anthropomorphic God, who is allowing all this evil to take place. So understandably he naturally rejects it, but then in the process falls into the atheist trap.


If all of them could step back and see, research and try to experience the subject of an omnipresence consciousness they would see that they could all whistle the exact same tune.


The pastor said “Even science now recognizes there is a God.” Well kind of pastor, accept they recognize it as an intelligent consciousness. Please see Peter Russell’s book ‘from Science to God’ on the sidebar. This book of course is only a drop in the ocean of scientific evidence of an omnipresence consciousness. These scientists are now only reinforcing what the ancient Vedas have told us 5000 years ago.


These quantum physicists are witnessing that if they alter their consciousness during the experiment, so the matter of the experiment in front of their eyes alters. What!!!


This also is what the serious ancient martial artists have proved to us again and again. That matter does not really exist as we have been ‘conditioned’ to understand it. All matter is simply vibrational sound waves – conscious energy.


How can this possibly be?!?


Well it’s obvious – if we step back and see things from a purely detached, objective position OUTSIDE OF THIS CONDITIONED FIVE SENSE ARTIFICIAL REALITY.


A table is only a table, because we have been repetitively trained, conditioned to believe it is a table by unconscious repeaters (parents/teachers) who also believed it was a table because they too had been trained by unconscious repeaters it was a table. These same repeaters who go along with all the other illusions of this matrixfied society.


Blind people who have regained their sight after a lifetime of being blind have to learn images. For example because they have used and felt a pencil all their lives, it does not take a lot for their minds to create a projected image of a pencil. However when they visit a zoo for an example, because the animals are so abstract, the experiences are so new and outside of their programmed perception, they cannot immediately form the images. The projected images initially appear as a blur.


This is because they have to LEARN this image, their mind as the observer has to first form the process of the information (programming) from within to then project these images externally. We create our own reality from our minds…….because NOTHING is real.


We never ever do things, feel things, eat things, have things. We only ever experience an observation of doing things, feeling things and having things. We are always the observers. Always the scientists in the labs of our minds, changing the matter in front of our very eyes. We set the stage…………WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY!!


Exactly what a plethora of ancient Eastern scriptures have repeatedly told us. That we are living in a artificial dream reality, a matrix. That everything is an illusion – EVERYTHING!


These ancient scripts told us we are not our petty labels, our silly little artificial, transient identities.


These ancient scripts told us we never die, only these insignificant artificial experiences, our transient identities die.


These ancient scripts told us that all our various God’s we cling to as MY interpretation (religion) of God are all just manifestations of the God within – an omnipresent consciousness. ‘The kingdom of God is within’


These same scriptures told us that we can never receive sustained happiness and peace from any external event. because all our emotions come from within, and everything is perceived.


And they also try to impress upon us that we are not separate beings – as we are consciousness, and consciousness can never be separated. Yes the new agers are right – we are in fact all one.


Now I know this force behind the JCN want to destroy our identities. But please try and look at this objectively. They want to only destroy these identities so they can take us into their next stage of their agenda. They want to form us into their hegemonized New World Order.


Not a sense of spiritual collective consciousness. Where we are all very much individuals, with individual outlooks, and looking out for each other, because we know we are all one – a unified force of good.


Just like nature responds when there is damage done to one element of it’s whole.


Just like all our organs function and suffer as a complete orchestra.


Just like if someone wants to chop our finger off, our collective body will do everything in it’s way to stop this from happening.


No, their oneness means we goy slaves will be all one under their rules, their enslavement, their evil. Whilst they look down upon us from their ivory towers as mere ants to be used and abused for their will. This is what ZCF is highlighting, when he states the Jews want to remove our national and racial identities.


However I feel we in fact do have to remove these identities. But for completely different reasons: These identities are keeping us trapped, separate, imprisoned and unconscious. But we have to extricate ourselves from our various identities in such a way that we only steer towards consciousness.


If we are coming from a mindset of I AM an Aryan and I AM an American and I AM a Christian and I will defend these identities, then despite any temporary success we may experience, we will be stuffed in the end.


Same for the Muslims only protecting their Islamic box, and the blacks (who are in fact browns) only protecting their black box, and the whites (who are in fact tans) only protecting their white nationalist box and the atheists who are protecting their no God box.


I can’t believe I’m having to write, it’s seems so obvious. But so many people I communicate with who are trying to fight this beast are doing so from their special boxes.


It is only when we open up to the concept of consciousness and step outside of all of these superficial boxes, that we will dissolve this oppression, destroy any evil in the world and bring about true inner and outer peace.


Audio of zioncrimefactory on the Rebecca Carley broadcast


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  1. Jackattack

     /  August 9, 2012

    Excellent piece Digger. Separatism sure seems the root of all our issues. How much of it has been programed into us?

    • Jackattack,

      Thank you. I feel as like I have to keep banging this drum, even though it’s painfully repetitive. Similar to many people trying to get through to their friends and family about the agenda it takes a bit to get through the conditioning. These latter stages of the awakening, the illusion are extremely difficult to get people (even Truthers) to get. I understand as I resisted this myself at first.

      Thanks for contributing


  2. I am woman… i am the part of mankind that carries the womb… womb/man… i am the part that completes man… man completes me. I am in 100% agreement about the labels. When you label something you De-Fine it… you take away from it’s essence.


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