Why us?

Have you ever pondered why you have woken up to the conspiracy when most people around you haven’t? Why they just won’t get it. Why have we woken up? Why us? It almost seems unfair, when ignorance is bliss. The happy zombie slaves around us seem almost content in their stupor, in their selfish comatised suffering-without-knowing mindset. 

I’m sure at times we all have that momentary thought to ourselves; “I wish I didn’t know this stuff”. But I think all of us spring back to the concept of, better to know than not know.  I definitely am glad I’m awake, as knowledge is useful. Even though it does grind me down at times. I would rather be emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared for what is coming down the line.


These unknowing souls are going to have one hell of a shock in the near future. Their forced awakening is very near due.


But I still am curious as to why only a handful of us wake up to the agenda, whilst almost everyone around us have ‘chosen’ to either casually ignore it, or dismiss it as trivial conspiracy theories. I really do think it ultimately fits into these two categories, because I refuse to believe these people haven’t had an opportunity to discover this information. They have had a choice at some point to investigate what is really going on. It’s always a choice.


I have gone into quite a bit of detail in my essay ‘Responses to Truth’ (see below) on all the different ways people weave in and out of making excuses for avoiding facing this ugly Truth. However I’m still perplexed as to why some choose to wake up and others don’t.


It’s like their sense of curiosity has been deliberately eroded.   No need to work things out, just let others do that. Those better people. My job is to be a slave and a happy slave at that.


A lot of people I speak to who are awake, often say they knew things were not right even as a child. They knew ‘the system’ stank, but like all of us just fell into line. As a child you don’t have a lot of choice. It’s all built on trust. Trust in our parents/caretakers and teachers. Unfortunately this childlike trust seeps into our mindset as we grow up. We continue to trust these better/superior people who are supposedly looking after us. Big brother will sort it all out for us….just carry on trusting.


But again I get back to this nagging question – why us? How come we have managed to survive all this constant propaganda, lies, disinformation, deception, programming and endless conditioning AND STILL somehow have worked it out.


Now we’re awake it’s so obvious. There is no way we will be able to return to the matrix world mindset, even if we have to artificially pretend to fit in at work, with neighbours and with family.


I have thought often about the Eastern philosophy of reincarnation as an explanation. In that we are old souls and have been through many lifetimes and witnessed so many experiences that to us on an intuitive level, it’s so obvious what is going on. I know this seems somewhat condescending to those around us, as if we are somehow better, more wise. But we are in a way wiser, not necessarily smarter or more intelligent; just more savvy, more tuned in and ultimately more conscious.


This seems to me the clearest reason why we have woken up. That near on everyone around us are new souls. They are not as developed on a conscious level. The idea that we have to keep going through birth and re-birth again and again until we gradually become fully conscious.


The purpose of life being a schooling to rid us of our selfishness and to gain a conscious connection to the inner spirit.


Who knows??


Perhaps there is a much simpler explanation in that it’s all about levels of fear. Fear is a funny ol thing, in that it comes in all sorts of levels and in all sorts of packages. Some people have no fear about wading into a fight, where as that same person would be petrified of public speaking. We all have our different take on fear, it’s very subjective and personal.


But this could simply be it. People chose not to know and get involved with the conspiracy because they are scared of change, adjustment in their routines. It will mean they may have to re-evaluate their selfish lifestyles. Perhaps they are fearful of looking within them selves? Or maybe they know this Truthing business may mean they will ultimately have to ‘make a stand’ at some point – against big brother, to that silent oppressor which they know deep down really does exist. They will have to actually confront their slave master for the first time in their lives.


Difficult choice for some and an even an impossibility. Yet for some of us it’s the golden opportunity we have been waiting for. We are itching to confront our overlords. We’re sick of it all.


To us it’s almost a relief to be in the know. It’s like ‘finally’ all the pieces of the jigsaw which we haven’t been able to fit together have pretty much come into place. So that’s why life is such a struggle. So that is why there is so much evil in the world. That is why I’ve never entirely fit into this madness – right, now I get it.


As much as I do believe there is a spiritual element to why some people wake up and others don’t. I also believe physical traits we participate in can help or hinder the awakening. And I know for sure the JCN are well aware of this.


That is why they want us to be off our faces on booze, drugs (both recreational and medicinal) and junk food. Plus all the other mind distractions, such as entertainment, pornography, gaming, left-brain education, subliminal messages. All these stimulants keep us suppressed, comatised and most definitely in a spiritually unconscious state.


But they are also slamming us 24/7 with a five sense reality. Both in terms of materialism and body consciousness. New cars, new gadgets, holidays, consumerism. Sports, sex, vanity. Keeping us perpetually stimulated in a false reality and away from a spiritual knowing. Never ever to work the cruel game out.


That is why it is truly staggering why some of us have got through all these traps to be able to work things out. These PPPs (Psychotic Parasitic Predators) are fearful of enough of us seeing through this AIR (Artificial Inverted Reality). Because they know when the genie is out of the bottle, it never is going to go back in. This is the good news for us. This is something I cling onto dearly, it keeps me going when my spirit and hope is down.


So, is it because of our re-birth conscious levels, or plain ol fear, or simply that in society you will always get the 5% who are to able to figure things out and that’s how things have always been??


I feel the why part of all this can be split in two. We understand why people don’t want to look into this ugly Truth when we share it; due to fears, apathy, selfishness whatever. But the other why being – why do we have the spirit of curiosity, the spirit of recognition that society is twisted and willingness to want to get to the root of it all, the spirit to fight back, the spirit to see justice for all. Why us?


I’m so curious as to what makes one person so selfish and another altruistic. Recently I have been using the London Olympics topic as an excuse to engage in conversation to impart some Truth. I mention about a rumor of a false flag attack at the end of the games.


When I say the date possibly being around the 16th. The amount of people who responded with “Ohh we’re on holiday then.”


Ohh – right – O.K. that’s all right then. As long as you’re out of the scene. Sod everyone else who’s going to die and the global consequences if this event does happen. As long as you’re sunning yourself on the beach in Majorca, that’ll be fine.


Also many people responding to the theory of the Olympics false flag just say to me “I’m not into athletics anyway, so I won’t be going.” Well hey – that’s handy to know; we can go ahead now with the mass killing, now we know the Olympics event isn’t your cup of tea.


The why part of all this is – why is it that if you and I had been going on holiday, or didn’t like athletics and had been told this information, we would still be shocked by this rumor. We would still want to know things like who is going to do it? What does the term false flag mean? What is their objective? Do many people know about this? What other examples of false flags are there? A hundred questions and more. But the most prevalent question would be: Do you have any information on this? and How can I find out more? 


Why is it that we care? Why are we curious? That is the difference between most people and us. That is the why us? part of all of this.


I think this question will never go away and never really get answered. All we can do is try hard and wade through this fog of unconsciousness and do our best to get more people on our side.


I now believe there are some people who will never ever wake up. They have chosen to remain deeply embedded within the matrix and it’s not worth expending your energy on them, despite them being your best buddy or family member. Don’t burn out with them, it’s not worth it.


We are better off using up our energy into tapping away at the semi-conscious. These people have a chance. After all, we must remind ourselves – we were once in this sorry state of semi-consciousness.


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