What do we want?

We’re all guilty of focusing on the problems of this agenda. The banking scams, the wars, our own slavery, the eugenics programme. The multi-dimensional attacks are endless. 


In fact I would suggest the JCN and the forces behind them are almost happy for us to be focused on this negative energy. Some of us asleep and fearful of our losing our jobs, keeping a roof over our heads, paying the bills, whatever. Then those of us awake have all of that plus the fears of What are they going to do to us next?


Fear fear fear. This demonic entity feeds off of it.


Surely the positive thinking brigade have a point. In that we need to keep a check of this. The problem I have with all this positive thinking mindset is it can be just another excuse to not face the music with the evil which is going on. Just think positive and it’ll all go away like a nasty rash.


But of course it wont. But shouldn’t we take the middle path with this? We have to ensure fear does not grip us. So we are mature enough to look at all this darkness head on, but also focus on the Light.


I feel we have to ensure we are not putting to much of our energy into what we DON’T want, and forgetting exactly what we DO want.


What we focus our energy on we become. What we put our absolute focused attention into we receive. We become what we absorb and meditate on.


So what is it EXACTLY that we do want?


Hadn’t we ought to spend as much time, energy and attention into this area!?


Here are some basic suggestions:

What do we want? – We want …….

* Clean foods and water in abundance for all

* Beautiful, natural, uplifting, inspiring environments for all to live in

* Natural and effective health care procedures for all

* Truth in education, true knowledge available for all

* Freedom for us all to reap the fruits of our toils

* To be free from surveillance, repressive Orwelian gridlock and legislation

* Freedom to develop and express our natural spiritual activities

* Clean, natural non-invasive free energy in abundance readily available for all

* Clean air to breathe

* EMP free environments

* Ubiquitous Truth museums scattered all across the globe titled “Never Again”. So not one person will ever forget this global judaic enslavement. Never allowing this to happen to future generations.

* A method of trading which is based more on a conscious sharing than exchanging material/labour in return for wealth. More of an exchange of energy. A method in which it is impossible for any individual or group of individuals to accumulate wealth and therefore control and suppress others.

* A method of installing into society the spiritual traits of altruism, compassion, kindness, monitoring the ego, attachment, goodness, seeing the bigger picture and the avoidance of destructive separatism.

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