Kick the Habit


In my essay 10 Points of Contemplation, I looked at the main traits I felt which were keeping us locked inside this Orwelian mind control prison. One of these points was habit. Our simple conditioned habits are playing a big role in our own enslavement. A trait which I feel is overlooked.

Silly things like every time we get on the bus we automatically try to sit in the same seat, or side of the bus. Same for the theatre, or library. We shop in the same shops, buy the same types of foods, eat in the same way. We frequent the same cafe in town, year after year. We have a Chinese take away on the same night and being the creature of habits we are, order the exact same meal every week….year in year out.


But how in the world is our silly little habits going to effect the Jew World Order? Well like everything, these alone are insignificant, but they are still part of the whole.


For the risk of sounding repetitive, for us to be released from these suppressive judaic shackles, for us to have the freedom and peace our hearts yearn for – we first need to take responsibility that it is because of our weaknesses and negative traits that we have allowed this suppressive force to overcome us.


Like anything, once we have recognised we need to make changes, then we should start on changing small insignificant areas, in incremental stages. Gradually working on these negative traits which are keeping us maintained in our oppressed mindsets.


Habits are equivalent to food, in that we have good food or bad/non food. So it’s not so much eliminating habits, but negative destructive habits. We can start this by getting into the ‘habit’ of altering our neutral habits from time to time. So we then can begin to adapt to change in general. So for the hell of it, sit in a completely different position on the bus to which you would normally. Constantly swapping and changing each time you get on the bus. Make a point of having a completely different type of meal when ordering. Take a alternative route home. Wear different clothes and different colours. Try to make changes to your normal routine in as many ways you can.


All these little changes will get you into a mindset, that change is not so harmful for us after all. Then this will make changing negative unconscious traits that much easier.


I can recall numeral times doing jobs for retired people and I suggest a date for me to pop over and measure up. I may for example say Wednesday and they would say something to the effect of “Ohh no, no Wednesdays we go shopping.”


Being retired they can go any day or evening. But no, Wednesdays is shopping day in their routined lives. They are so inflexible, so self conditioned, that me popping over to measure up on Wednesday will throw their whole week out of kilter. These people usually turn out to be the clients from hell. They want the work done, but don’t want any inconvenience or disturbance to their lives WHATSOEVER.


It’s not only schedules, it can also be general regularity in people’s lives which when disturbed can really throw these conditioned people.


A few months back I was installing some units for a client. I needed to have her surrounding ornaments removed before I could start working in the area, so I carefully boxed them up and left them neatly in her spare room. This was on the Saturday and I was to return again on the Monday morning.


That evening when she got back I had a stroppy call from her saying she just *could not cope* with having these boxes in her spare room. It was just too much of an upheaval, inconvenience and stress to have two boxes neatly and temporarily stored in her spare room, which she she wasn’t using anyway.


That same week I had been working with an Afghanistan friend who has witnessed his whole family, village and country destroyed by an invading force. Everything he had known obliterated in months! Radical changes most of us just could not cope with.


How could Mrs two boxes cope with that level of disharmony in her habitual life??


It’s the same when we’re fitting kitchens. Sometimes the housewife may have to go without having a hob/cooker for one night and she reacts as if it’s the end of the world. One night she can’t just say “Oh well, we’ll have a takeaway this evening.” 


One observation I remember from my clinic days, was how the inflexible personality types were the most susceptible to stress and illness. People you could set your watch to every day are people who tend to have more arthritic type conditions. These people being rigid in their minds and actions left them rigid in their bodies.


The types of people who are inflexible, unable to adapt and adjust are extremely vulnerable to being controlled.


Now I realise this can work both ways and that there are ‘change agents’ out there in society and work places who are deliberately there to constantly keep the goy adjusting and adapting to their ‘new normals’.


But that is just about us changing to suit their ways, keeping us on our toes. But I’m talking about us having the ability to be flexible and break conditioned negative habitual traits through our own free will, for our own well being.


In conclusion – the more habitual and inflexible we are, especially with negative habits, the more easily controllable we are and the more we will suffer when our precious comforts, stimulants and lifestyles are swept away from us.



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