This short piece is just a buttress to my essay ‘Lemons & Limes’. This is more of an overall of the main components to help maintain our health.

I fully understand we are under attack from this evil force and it is extremely difficult these days to have high levels of health. However I do believe it is worth making the efforts to combat these attacks. If we are crippled up with physical ailments, or dumbed down with toxic overload, we will have no impetus to fight this tyranny.


In all of this, we have to try and steer in the opposite direction where this demonic force wants us.


Again this is not medical or nutritional advice, but plain ol common sense and what I have found helps me and many others. You may want to see your ‘trusted’ health care practitioner first before you make any health changes.


Here are the key points.

Brisk daily walk

I apologise to those who are unable to walk. However by keeping active in any way you can is going to be useful. If there is a way you can do some level exercise so you can get out of breath on a daily basis, this would greatly benefit you.


‘Brisk’ walking is probably the best all round exercise we can do. It ticks every box. To go for at least a half hour walk a day so as we are out of breath, will radically improve one’s health.


To use the mantram in conjunction with a daily brisk walk is an added bonus. See video below of the benefits of using a mantra/m.


If possible try to use a long gait, so you are really opening up your pelvis and stretching out your muscles. Ensure you are swinging your arms freely when walking in a contra-lateral movement. Meaning your right arm is forward, whilst your left leg is forward and visa versa. This stimulates your whole body, and acts as a switching mechanism for your right and left brain and entire body systems….craniaial, immune, muscular, etc.


I would suggest to try to walk in different routes, at differing times of the day, ensuring you don’t get too habitual. Please see essay ‘Kick the Habit’ below.


You will get additional benefit from your walk if you can walk in a variety of pleasant environments.


Try to sneak in some bare foot walking on grass. It will do you the world of good. Please see video at the end of the essay ‘Lemons & Limes’



Alkalized Diet.

This is all about the ‘D’ word which none of like…Discipline. It’s about saying that little word “No” many many times throughout the week. Unfortunately the tasty foods we have been trained to adopt into our lives and have become our little conditioned habits are usually the most destructive.


The fatty, greasy foods. The junk foods which are really non-foods. They offer next to nothing in nutrients for our bodies and just create a toxic environment prepping us for disease, discomfort, misery and early graves.


In general terms the diet I try to stick to is a plant-based raw/living food diet. I do indulge in junk food and cooked foods, but this 5 point health system allows me to indulge from time to time.


Eating more living/raw food means reducing the amount of foods which have been heated and gone through processing. If you want to begin eating more raw food, start off gradually introducing foods such as non-cooked vegetables, seeds, pulses, fruits, etc. Whilst gently eliminating the more stodgy cooked foods. Please see links below for more details.


Health is all about cellular health. Therefore we need to try and keep our cells alkalized, oxygenated and hydrated. A plant-based predominantly raw food diet with lots of healthy alkalized drinks will help keep or cells in this state.


It is important to not eat just before going to sleep, so you are sleeping whilst digesting.


Try not to eat when stressed. Or try to comfort eat.


Try and look into food combining. It is an area of nutrition which is highly underestimated. It’s not so much we are what we eat, it’s more we are what we digest and assimilate.


Try to stop poisoning yourself and creating a toxic, acidic environment in your bodies.


Try also to pace one’s eating. Throwing food down our throat no matter how nutritional the food is, can be harmful and counter productive to the purpose of ingesting.



Regular Fasting

I now ensure that every Monday or Tuesday I give my digestive system a break. This isn’t necessary and is very personal. It really depends on someone’s level of energy and needs. I just feel this is an excellent way of maintaining my health.


One could do this once a month and still benefit greatly. Or half day fasts fortnightly. Whatever suits ones lifestyle and requirements. But going without is a powerful tool for mind and body. It helps wipe away parasites, fungus/mold and over acidity which harbors the environment for these elements and disease in general.


I tend to miss my evening meal on the Sunday evening, then just have lots of lemon/lime and herbal drinks until Monday evening when I have my dinner again. It works out about 30 hours without eating. If I give up for 24 hours, then this means I am just missing out on two meals. The 30 hour fast means I am missing three meals.


I find this regular patten much more effective than doing occasional three day fasts. It really helps me discipline sense cravings throughout the week, as well as the physical benefits, both short and long term. Please see essay below ‘The Power of Without’ on the benefits and top tips on fasting.



Natural Products, Remedies, Exercises and Treatments

Similar to our foods, this is about gradually eliminating the toxic overloads we are subjecting our bodies to and exchanging them with natural elements. The JCN have a eugenics programme in place through their medical mafia which is more effective and powerful than all of their wars, chemtrails, fluoridation of the water, EMP, etc.


Natural health does work, but it needs a chance. We can’t load up our bodies with toxins, get ill and then expect some natural product or treatment to miraculously ‘quick fix’ us. It needs the right environment and consistency before it has an effect.



Spiritual Meditation

I specifically recommend spiritual meditation, rather than just ordinary meditation which just makes one feel relaxed. Meditating with a spiritual intent really does have clout. It gradually helps to wipe away negative traits which we become conditioned to and begin to think is just part of our character. Any negative trait can be overcome, no matter how engrained if there is enough desire to eliminate them with a supportive practice. Meditation along with supportive spiritual disciplines can radically change people lives for the better.


I highly suggest we in the Truth movement use the power of meditation to overcome our negative traits in order to fight this force, whilst at the same time improving our levels of peace.



In summary

Brisk daily walk

Alkalized diet – food and drinks

Regular fasting

Natural products, remedies, exercises and treatments

Spiritual meditation



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