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Rothschild Zionism is not a race or a people; it is a political philosophy in its public expression and at its core a global secret society with its agents in government and dictating to government the world over. It does not work for the best interests of Jewish people. Its goal is the enslavement of the global population – including the Jewish people that it falsely claims to represent.

~ David Icke

Icke is not an idiot – so what is going on? Shill, playing the game for personal gains, tip-toeing around delicate issues?

“keep plugging on”


When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has found. 
– Sufi proverb


During the early stages of the spiritual journey, we can feel a certain deprivation when we have to keep saying no to the senses as they clamor for things that will only add to the burden of the journey later on. “Don’t eat this. Don’t drink that. Don’t smoke this. Don’t watch that.” This is what you hear from your spiritual teacher. There is no rapture; there is no ecstasy; only “keep plugging along.”


This discriminating restraint of the senses is not asceticism. Its purpose is not to subjugate the body. We need to train the senses to be faithful allies on our journey for two compelling reasons: first, the body is our vehicle, and we need to keep it healthy, strong, and resilient so that it can carry us steadily and safely to the summit of consciousness; second, training the senses strengthens the will day by day, enabling us gradually to gain control over the fierce passions that rage beneath the surface of consciousness. Without a trained will it is not possible to move up out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death which is our physical world. Untrained, the will becomes self-will, our worst enemy; but trained, the will can become our most powerful ally.

~ Eknath Easwaran

Tribute to Rachel

Jonathon’s tribute to Rachel Corrie, murdered by Israel 9 years ago.

With thanks from Mark Glenn from

Eternal Victims



Let’s reminder ourselves ……..

Jews have been outed from 84 countries 109 times throughout the last 2000 years!


If you were a school teacher and there was one pupil constantly disrupting the lesson and bullying the other children and you found out later that this one disruptive pupil had a history of being expelled from 84 schools 109 times throughout his or her schooling, you would suspect that it was this pupilʼs fault and not the various schools or other pupils.


Truth Filters


10 degrees of conversion from a zombie to a fully-fledged Truther.



Isn’t it funny how everyone accepts this level of mind reading/control which can be carried out within twenty seconds; yet people somehow think by watching 30,40,50 years of TV ‘programming’ that it hasn’t had an effect on them. I find that bizarre. 


a pair of filthy anti-semites

Audio with John Friend on Deanna Spingola’s special broadcasts.


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The Price of the White Stuff

We are the only species which not only steals another species milk, but continues to drink milk beyond weaning. 


Please consider alternative super healthy plant-based milks, such as:

1/. Seed milks

2/. Legume milks

3/. Nut milks

4/. Grain milks

Invest in a milk maker, it will save you heaps of money and is so easy to make lots of tasty nutritional milks. Just add natural vanilla and a touch of maple or agave syrup for sweetener if required – it’s yummy.

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ZCF Kick’n strong again

Mike Delany from Prothink explaining the difficulties they have had.

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