when – not if


Tis when –not if your evil machinations will be crushed and placed into the archives of a bygone era.


It is a case of when – not if your precious israel will be returned to the righteous Palestinian owners.



When – not if the sleepy masses will awake and gain courage to stand up to you.



It is more about when – not if all your enemies will join ranks as a collective force for good and defeat your evil; allowing it to evaporate into the ether of our memories.



When – not if consciousness will decimate your cruel, insane and demonic ideology.



Rest assured you evil-doers, it is when – not if you will pay for your crimes on humanity. 



The time is near – and you know it, when – not if the Light will penetrate into every nuance of your presence.



You can feel the ever-presence of the Truth seeping into the global conscious. You can feel it creeping up on you; that day when –not if the Truth will utterly dissolve your deception. 



It is when – not if the cult of judaism will be known as just a dirty stain on humanity.





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