Truth Tazars


I watched one of those clips of some poor soul being tazared. All sorts of emotions popped up to the surface – it just made me shake my head at the pure unconsciousness of these people doing this as a career. I thought about how the evil concept of this tazar gun was created and the process of how this concept was then put forth in meetings, then financed for the design, engineered and mass produced. All the various people playing their roles in this hideous invention. 

Then in contrast I imagined how wonderful it would be if we were armed with our own tazars – Truth tazars.


We could quietly and discretely zap people with a charge of Truth. They would just receive a beautiful surge of pure Light, love and consciousness run through every cell of their body. They would immediately be wised up to worldly and spiritual Truth. How fantastic would that be!


We could be at a demo where hundreds of police are about to wade into peaceful demonstrators with their batons; then zap – they get a burst of immediate and permanent consciousness. They immediately are aware of the agenda, they are conscious of their role in protecting these criminals.


I can just see their bemused expressions. How they would objectively look at themselves for the first time. How they would see the futility of their actions, how ashamed they would be. Some would burst into tears, some would embrace the demonstrators with hugs and spontaneous acts of unconditional love 🙂 I know this is so ridiculous to even think of.


Or even better, imagine being able to project this type of Truth tazaring remotely from one’s mind. So you’re sitting in a cafe watching a copper across the street who’s just pulled over a driver because his tax disc is out of date. And you project a Truth vibe over to them both and they both are immediately blissed out by just being in each other’s presence.


The police officer looks at himself, and his silly costume and is repelled. He sees it exactly for what it is. He rushes off to the nearest shops to buy some plain clothes; not even waiting to go home first to get changed. He can’t get the occult uniform off quick enough and dumps it in the garbage bin in disgust.


Imagine doing that to every copper you see. Lets take this further – we could zap every traffic warden, every debt collector, every judge, every soldier, every single useful idiot out there who is holding up this criminal cabal.


Of course we could tazar everyone. Our comatised families, conditioned friends, programmed colleagues, lemming neighbours and even people in the Truth movement who are stuck-in-the-mud Illuminatis or cowards.


Can you imagine being in the gallery at a court and secretly zapping the judge and his legal team….and all present. See the judge spring down from the bench and hug the poor soul who is up for non payment of ‘unlawful’ taxes, emotively saying to him: “You are free to go brother, please never fear again for being persecuted by this court, I will see to it that you are immediately compensated for all your inconveniences and injustices – I love you.”


I know this may seem impossible, but how about trying to zap the members of your local synagogue as they come out of their congregation. Buzzzzz – and they have an instant surge of unadulterated consciousness enter every cell of their body. No more hatred of the goy, no more identity nonsense, no more revenge, no more I am superior, no more separatism. Just undiluted unconditional love for all and everyone. Yea dream on Digger.


How about we take our new found remote Truth tazar up to congress – why should these puppets be left out of the fun. Zap – Hillary gets a blast. She gets on the Jewbox and states “My objective from this point on is to dissolve the criminal state of israel and return it to the besieged Palestinians – Oh and we’ll have none of that warmonger rhetoric on Iran and what the hell are we doing in Syria?”


We could have our Truth tazar agents in every position of government.


Then on we march into occupied Palestine and start zapping away with our love tazars onto the IDF soldiers, the setters (squatters), the established residents of the besieged towns, the Kenesset, the synagogues, the whore houses, the prison camps to ensure the release of the prisoners, the watch towers, the military bases, the police headquarters until every single occupier has been consciousness zapped.


Whilst this is going on, all the the members of the Bilderburg have been tazared, every single Chabad Lubavitch centre zapped, all the members of the leading Jewish/khazarian bloodlines have been tracked down and buzzed and all their mind controlled minions.


The media chiefs, the heads of industries and corrupt corporations, the military complex, the entire police forces and every single facet of this judaic infrastructure has been Truth tazared.


Eventually everyone on this planet has had fields of conscious energy zapped into them.


No more wars, no more illusory fears, no more hatred, no more illusory identities, no more illusory desires, no more assumed authority and no more unnecessary suffering.


Just pure unconditional love, pure consciousness, abundance for all. A world of compassion, kindness, altruism, benevolence and optimism.


Oh to imagine. Oh to fantasize. Oh to project wishful thinking. Ohh to dream.


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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  July 29, 2012

    Ah! Awesome dream, Digger and one that many share!!

  2. Tommy McCook

     /  December 22, 2014

    It’s all very nice Digger but I don’t want the criminals to miraculously become conscious, see the error of their ways and then get away with what they’ve done. I want them to suffer in the worst possible way, I’d torture them myself if I had the chance. Be nice to truth tazer the sheep though, wouldn’t it? It’s all hypothetical of course but it’s nice to dream. On that note, I’m just off to bed to fantasize about Hillary Clinton…wait a minute, errrm, I meant to say I’m just off to bed to fantasize about different ways of torturing Hillary Clinton! Christ, can you imagine shagging her/it, that would be bloody torture….

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