Truth pub quiz

I use WiFi in a variety of places which means I sometimes have to bare the dreaded British pub quiz. This phenomenon is a pure barometer of how dumbed-down the British public are. This is really just an offshoot of tellyformation – an opportunity to prove who is best at parroting the crap that comes out of the telly (talmudvizion). In fact all forms of kosher propaganda outlets; the TV programmes, their precious history channel, jewspapers, magazines and radio.

The winner goes to the most programmed individuals who are able to remember and regurgitate this garbage.


“Which department store was the first to install escalators in Britain?” Who gives a toss!

“How many top ten hits has Madonna had?” Why should any sane, conscious person both know this or care?

“What was the name of the character in Coronation Street who did XYZ?” Who gives a damn when the world is entering into WW3!!


These spiritually degrading quiz’s are true indicators of how low we have dropped in society; how utterly selfish we have become, that we put so much energy into such nonsense, when there is so much unnecessary global suffering. Suffering which could be easily prevented if comatised people who participate in these activities had an ounce of altruism and social conscience.


I find these pub quiz’s offensive. They are not innocuous activities of fun, they are another form of dangerous distraction. Yes dangerous! They along with all the other seemingly offensive activities keep the Goy in a trance reality, therefore they keep the Goy perpetually suffering, enslaved and unaware they are being systematically eugenicized.


They also are a desperate measure for landlords to keep the mammon rolling in, in mid week now the recession is kicking in. Whilst keeping people further intoxicated and unconscious.


It disturbs me to see people so damaged that they fall for more distraction such as this. They actually scream and roar out loud when they get one of these stupid questions correct. It’s so sad and disheartening to see society so stupefied.


I feel like snatching the microphone off the speaker and start ranting out some questions of my own. Some appropriate questions. I would love to see these sheople’s faces; both when the questions are being asked and especially the answers.


Here’s some examples of the questions that I feel need to be asked in every single pub quiz across the country – and probably in most westernized countries:


1/. What country has 1600 innocent people, including women, children and elderly held in an open-air prison camp in their own country?


2/. Which religion REALLY did carry out both the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 bombings, yet blamed it on Islamic terrorists?


3/. What symbol is hidden in plain view smack bang in the centre of both the £20 and £50 note?


4/. What race of people were responsible for instigating, funding and operating the African slave trade?


5/. Is David Cameron a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Hare Krishna, Jain or Jewish?


6/. What race of people were responsible for the 85-100 million Russians who were brutally slaughtered in the twentieth century?


7/. What nation was responsible for creating the stuxnet virus which destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant which is going to pollute the whole planet?


8/. Which military force attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, with intent to engage America into a war with Egypt?


9/. Which group of people were responsible for starting and funding both world wars?


10/. Why do the police wear both a six pointed star and the checkered board on their ‘black’ uniforms – what does all this symbolism represent?


11/. What percentage of civilians died in the Iraqi invasion?


12/. The G4S company responsible for the ‘deliberate’ incompetent security at the London Olympics is based from which country?


13/. Which are the only people on this planet who are soon going to be exclusively allowed to pass freely through airport security without being harassed?


14/. How many people have been incarcerated just for asking intelligent natural questions concerning some of the details of the supposed Jewish holocaust?


15/. Which group of people have a total monopoly on the media, banking, science, education/academia, entertainment industry, porn industry, alcohol industry, gaming industry, law and drug industry?


16/. What is the name of the toxic trails left from planes, which are spraying us like bugs almost on a daily basis? Spewing out deadly aluminum, barium, fungus and other nasties? Also who is responsible for them?


17/. Fill in the blanks:

The law has now switched by stealth from ——- law to ——– law, without most of us, including the police from noticing.


18/. Where is the New Jerusalem going to be situated?


19/. Before any US member of government is allowed to enter office, which country must they first swear allegiance to?


20/. The money that we all slave and burn our life force energy out for is backed by what precious metal ….i.e gold, silver, etc?


21/. Which group of people did Charles the 1st (Longshanks) boot out of Britain in 1290? And what traitor let them back in?


22/. Which group of people have been booted out 84 countries 109 times throughout the last 2000 years?


I can just picture their gobsmacked faces as their programmed minds are trying to grapple with their cognitive dissonance, being exposed to this new found information.


”eere Charlie – Is it me; but do I detect there’s a bit of a patten going on ere??”



Answers to these questions 

(sorry to seem patronising, but just in case there are people who somehow have stumbled across this essay and haven’t got a clue).

1/. Occupied Palestine (israel) “The JEWS”

2/. The cult of Judaism “the JEWS”

3/. The occult ‘Star of David’

4/. The cult of Judea “the JEWS”

5/. Jewish cult member – he’s a Jew.

6/. The khazarian cult members of Judea aka “the JEWS”

7/. The only demonic country in the Middle East – Occupied Palestine (israel) “the JEWS”

8/. israel/mossad “the JEWS”

9/. “the JEWS”

10/. The checkered board stems from the Jewish Kabbalah; their occult doctrines. The six pointed star masks the occult Star of David within it. And they don the colour black to suit this occultism.

11/. 90%!! Including peaceful innocent women, children and elderly. Victims in the wrong geographical place at the wrong time and not being part of the Jewish controlled IMF (International Monitory Fund).

12/. Occupied Palestine (israel) “the JEWS”

13/. Yes it’s “the JEWS” again, because they are very special, better, trustworthy and superior people than us.

14/. Difficult to get an exact figure, but around the 15 mark.

15/. “the JEWS”

16/. Chemtrails – “the JEWS”

17/. Common law (and natural/God’s law) to Contract law (admiralty/maritime law)

18/. London/Britain controlled by “the JEWS”

19/. The holy land, or Occupied Palestine (israel) “the JEWS” (by the way the word ‘govern-ment’ apparently really means to control the mind ‘mind control’).

20/. Nope none of these – it’s backed by sweet FA. Absolutely nothing. You graft your whole lives for an illusory currency which is only pieces of hemp with ZERO value, other than what we artificially place on it. And regulated by our Jewish slave masters.

21/. “the JEWS”. Oliver Cromwell was the traitor.

22/. The chosen ones – “the JEWS”


Please come again – same time next Monday.


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  1. aj

     /  July 27, 2012

    Digger, great work as always! #6 looks like it should read twentieth.

    What group of people did Schopenhauer refer to as the “expectorant of the earth”?
    What same group did Schopenhauer identify as “masters of the big lie?”
    What group of people has been accused of ritual murdering children across the centuries wherever they have lived?

    • aj,

      Thank you for spell check.

      Yes good points, and all the other labels they have earned themselves over the centuries.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Hope you have a nice weekend.


  2. aj

     /  July 28, 2012

    Digger, I’ll be spending more time with the passage meditation book. many thanks for posting that. it’s great stuff.

    • aj,

      Very pleased for you. I’ve experimented with various systems and given them all a good try, but it wasn’t until I stumbled across this system ‘and it’s associated’ disciples that I began to really tap into this inner stuff. I struggle each day, but it’s the differences in my persona/character are very different when I consistently meditate and when I don’t. I’m not alone in my appreciation of passage meditation.

      Easwaran was a gifted non-pretentious teacher. He walked his talk. His long term students are totally peaceful souls. It works! I’m not encouraging meditation to Truthers just so they can end up like the new agers and selfishly blissed out. I bang on about it because it is a ‘resource’ to tap into the traits w will need to beat this dark force. Courage being the main one.

      Good luck with it all. gently gently ease into it, to keep the tenacity.

      May I recommend getting the daily ‘Thought for the day’ which one can access via the website.

      Thank you for contributing and feedback.



     /  July 28, 2012

    when bram stoker wrote his classic book on vampires, he was refused by the publishers until he took out the word “jews” the original manuscripts are perhaps beter than the published versions, but yes i agree we are sleepwalking into W W 3

    • Kevin,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Interesting – but i suppose that makes sense about the vampire thing.

      Yea WW3. When people ask me “Do you think we stand a chance of winning this battle?” I split my answer in two. Firstly I say “Nope – not a chance in hell ……so long as we carry on the way we are going, both the people who are not awake and the Truthers who refuse to do ANYTHING about the situation”. Secondly i answer “Yes most definitely we can win this …..if we just pull our weight”

      Thank you for contributing.



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