Rant about the passives

      1. SazzyLilSmartAzz 

        You’re so right Digger. I used to post on a website where other posters would whine and complain about their present fate (which I happen to share) and every now and again someone would flip out like a screaming banshee and type, “WHAT ARE “WE” GONNA DO ABOUT IT?”

        Stupid lazy idiots. Burn DVD’s or CD’s and pass them out. Print fliers and links to web site and pass them out. Tell people and spread the word.

        But no, these CLOWNS entertain themselves and post stupid songs?

        That’s the true reason the movement doesn’t progress. These looney tunes are sitting around waiting for a hero; someone who will devise a plan to “miraculously” save their lazy asses.

        That’s not the way it works dumb butts; you’ll have to be your own messiah! Hell, I’d hate to be in the trenches with one of these baffoons!

        Sorry about the language Digger but these dumb butt defeatists make me so angry!

        Thanks for spreading the word, Digger and good post!

        • Saz,

          Totally agree!! You’re frustration is so justified! Especially when this suffering doesn’t need to be. I knew someone who was awake 20 years ago. Yes I said TWENTY FRIGGIN years ago, before the internet and he’s done sweet FA in all that time other than browse, flick threads over to people who already know about the agenda, hang around on forums where people already know about the agenda. Then these people have the cheek to moan about their woes????

          All they have done is switch from the goggle box (TV) to the google box (computer) – no difference. Both entertainment. Happy just being entertained by all this whilst everything crumbles around them. Truly staggering.

          It’s not like we’re asking people to do anything outlandish, dramatic or dynamic, even unlawful, just SOMETHING. No matter how trivial. As you say a few burnt CDs, flyers, etc. Just use their imagination and creative skills. I got tired of meeting up with them and I’d be the only one with flyers whatever. They would be always empty handed EVERY SINGLE TIME WE WOULD MEET UP.

          Plus if I do a bit of spontaneous Truthing in front of them, like drop off a few flyers in a cafe, they’d almost get embarrassed, and fearful – their body language would be awkward. Almost as if they wanted to say to me “Ohh do you have keep doing that?”. They would walk ahead as if they’re pretending they’re not with me. Like they are one of those embarrassed parents with a punk rocker son.

          They really do wind me up. This is not a trivial game, this is about life and death. Yet they somehow have the front to label themselves ‘Truthers’ and brag about how long they’ve been awake. Pathetic.

          Whilst I’m having a rant :-) ….what also nags me about them is they know exactly what’s going to happen to them anyway by NOT acting, by being passive. They know how things are going to pan out. But somehow they adopt a “Well we’ll just have see how things pan out, all we can do is just hope for the best” attitude. Insanity.

          Then if you politely hint and try and encourage them they either get nasty and defensive, or say “Yea I know, you’re right, I ought to do something”. Then the next month after having done sod all they say the exact same“Yea I know, you’re right, I ought to do something”. And every month passes and their lives and the agenda gets worse and they never ever pull their weight.

          Mark Glenn used a brilliant analogy the other day. He said something to the effect of “We all have to pick up a bucket and help put out the fire”. It seems so obvious to me/us.


          AND …. whilst I’m on one, I may as well have a good ol rant. It’s not as if we haven’t got enough to deal with. I find it totally draining/exhausting and unbelievable that we have to expend energy and have to motivate these lazy cowards (well that’s what they are) to become engaged when we have enough on our plate.

          Right that’s enough for now. I’m worn out. I’m going to meditate now :-)


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  1. grosenberg

     /  July 24, 2012

    More and more I have been feeling the necessity to share information, at least talking to people, am not up to the flier stage yet. There is too much going on and it is too important not to.
    Thank you as always Digger

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  July 26, 2012

    Oh goodness! I just saw this and had to laugh. I’m a true ranter and raver, aren’t I? Whatever the case, I meant what I said. I can forgive the beginners but not those who have been aware for a long time and make the rest of us carry their asses with the additional weight. As for those people, all I have to say is go back and watch “American Idol” and/or “Comedy Central.” The rest of us aren’t here to entertain you.

    • Nothing wrong with ranting or moaning Saz – so long as one is doing something alongside it. I’m a 5th Dan black belt in ranting 🙂


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