Impurity & Inversion


So many of us have said it. The world’s gone mad. Things are insane. And we are right. We are living in an AIR (Artificial Inverted Reality), where everything is twisted, perverted, polluted, reverse and upside-down. Good is bad, quality is trashed, and anything of any purity is diluted. All through deception by the kings of deception.

Here are just some examples of this AIR


Foods are no longer foods. They are false foods, frank-en-foods. Junk and GM to slowly euthanize, comatose us and ensure we all remain in a non-vibrant low vibrational form.


Education – ha, that’s a joke. It’s more like edu-indoctrination. Left brain dominant repeaters regurgitating more rote learning. Just enough to keep ‘their’ system functioning, yet ensuring we never really work things out and suss out what the hells happened to us. Keeping us comatised, compliant and most definitely unconscious.


Law No no no, definitely not law, nothing whatsoever to do with anything lawful. It’s all legal. Legislation and statutes. Nothing to do with God’s law, natural law or common law. It’s all a sham and shame on every single participant playing their role in this fiction.


Spirituality Most of the spirituality which has been put out in front of us is just like the food we consume. We are being subjected to junk spirituality. Watered down, polluted trash. It will end up leaving you in a pool of narcism and 180 degrees from the true pure essence of spirituality.


News/Media Do I really have to make a comment on this trash(?)


Health We now don’t have a health system, we have a death system. It is just more sneaky euthanasia. Murder by stealth should be the slogan beneath all hospitals. Eugenics eugenics eugenics all the way. I would say it is probably the least obvious, but the most effective method of culling the goy. The medical mafia may just be their most effective de-population weapon.


Economics Now this is an obvious one – well for some of us. Yet people ‘still’ fall for the promises of bail outs and talk of financial green shoots…..insanity!! Money as we know it does not exist. This fiat-based scam of Jewish usury and compound interest on top of the illusory construct has got to be their greatest form of deception and most effective control mechanism. To think people slave most of their lives and burn out their life-force-energy all for this artificial construct which doesn’t even exist. All for digits on paper and photons on a screen in cyber world. Cruel and insane.


Defense No not defense but ATTACK. Yet more inversion. War is peace nonsense. I wish they would be honest and just say “We are spending 17 billion dollars on attack policies”. They may as well say it like this, the sheople wouldn’t notice, they wouldn’t even care, so long as they can carry on their selfish lifestyles.


Science Well this may be of the more honest activities, but it it’s still sold to us under deception. “Yes we are designing deadly bio-weapons, and high-tech surveillance and enforcement weaponry – but it’s all for your safety and protection.”


Yet what is so staggering about all this is not only have the sheople not noticed, but they will defend and support their enslavers. We are living in one huge mind control project. Wasn’t Orwell just spot on.











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