Down Tools

Many of us have spoken about which side of the line are you on. Are you with us or against us? Are you supporting the real terrorists, our suppressors or are you with us on the side of peace, freedom and justice for all?

What is your role in life? Which side of the line does your career fit into – with them or with us?


If you are working for any government agency or department at any level, a policeman, social services, the legal department, finances, legal departments, traffic wardens, corporate corruption, whatever; you are working and supporting your own oppressors.


The myopic excuse of “Well I’ve got to pay the mortgage, I’ve got kids” is unacceptable. It is understandable, but unacceptable.


Your career, your role in life is directly helping to enslave and eventually kill your own children, your loved ones, yourself and let us not forget all those innocent victims who are directly suffering under this cruel Judaic system.


So those of you who are aware of the what is going on, but somehow try and cling on to your role….you have to quit! Pretty much straight away. Within a week or so.


You cannot just keep procrastinating and hanging on just to see how things will pan out. You know how things will pan out. You will be asked to sell your soul at an even deeper level. There will not be any limits to the corruption. They will push and push and push you till you break; until you completely have no conscience just like themselves.


You must leave this role almost immediately. I would not even wait until you have another job as is the golden rule. Leave now and trust that God/the universe will provide.


Not only must you quit, but you must clearly and assertively tell your employees and colleagues EXACTLY and honestly why you are leaving. Why you no longer can remain in this destructive unconscious position. It will be probably one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make and the most biggest challenge you will face; considering the backlash, mockery and even disciplinary you will receive.


But you have to do this. You cannot quietly make your excuses and sneak away out the back door.


Of course this will be a financial blow. Even a disaster. But the long term rewards of this moral decision you will never regret. Deep in your heart you will know you have made the right decision. In fact when you land back on your feet and adjust, you may say to yourself “Well that wasn’t so bad, I wish I had done it earlier.”


So you may initially have a rough ride, job hunting, doing degrading low level, underpaid jobs. But this won’t do you any harm. It will do your ego the world of good. Through our adversities and hitting the floor every now and then are when we learn the most about our true selves.


You will once again have self pride earning an honest, conscious living. There is no price or reward for this. No matter what corporate perks you previously had.


This walking away has to be done and thankfully is being done by more and more conscious souls. This filthy, corrupt, satanic system must self implode.


“But surely we can’t all do this?” – Well with all levels of conscious resistance, it doesn’t matter what others do, all that matters is that you just do what you have to do and make sure that you are doing what is right. Anyway it won’t need to be all of us to reject and resist this system for it to collapse, just enough of us to do an alternative.


I understand why you may remain as you have ‘invested’ so much time and energy and even expenses in training, education for your role. However it matters not. Anyway the skills you have learnt, may not necessarily be totally wasted. All experience can have it’s uses. I know it’s a tough one, but you know it has to be done.


Also you are turning your back on your precious identity. I AM a …..whatever. But you are not this identity. You are just using this facade as a false identity to prop up who you really are. Allow your true character and identity instead to shine through.


I also understand there is good ol habit. “But I’ve always been an XYZ.” Well so what, that doesn’t make things right. I appreciate change can be fearful, especially a big career change in later years. I’m not saying this is an easy decision, it’s just going to be a necessary decision. This is about saving your soul.


I hear your doubts and your cognitive dissent reasoning in that somehow you are one of the good guys/gals and you can somehow ‘make a difference’, you can somehow change things from within the system. Who are you kidding?


I’m sure you are one of the good guys/gals, or you would not be having doubts about your role in the first place. But you cannot alter, tweak and improve this evil system. Just walk away and let all the conscious souls do the same and allow all those who wish to remain unconscious remain.


Down tools, pack up, turn your back and walk away

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