The Big Whenever??

So lets look at the various suggested dates for ‘the big event’. 

We have the 27th July.

We have the 3rd August.

We have the 13th August.

In fact we have many other dates around these for the supposed false flag event.


We also have the idea that it could not be at the Olympics at all and carried out elsewhere.


Of course some are now saying it’s all just hype and there will be no false flag event at all. Certainly enough for us conspiracy ‘theorists’ to be discredited.


I personally feel there will definitely be a false flag event at the London Olympics. I can see all the signs. I truly wish I’m wrong. However knowing the increasing hubris and sense of urgency of these maniacs who run our world, anything is possible.


In fact it’s a point of frustration to me why many of the people in the Truth movement are not highlighting this potential seismic event. After all if a million people are wiped out then surely wouldn’t this be the biggest false flag event known to mankind??


Also won’t this event have the most serious consequences known to mankind – WW3??

Am I being over reactional?? We will surely know within a few weeks.

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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  July 22, 2012

    I hope you’re wrong too Digger but there is no harm in warning people this “can” happen; especially with the kinds of foreigners going over there and I don’t mean Muslims!

  2. Mick

     /  July 23, 2012

    hope it doesn’t go “nuke” …Chenney still has the missing nukes from his term.

    • Good point Mick. I wouldn’t put it past these nutters to use nukes. My gut feeling now feels it will be at the latter part of the games (say 13th) because they are all about energies. They will raise the conscious energy, give people hope and optimism and then BANG put everyone in fear mode – more energy. I know this sounds David Ickeish, but it is what I strongly believe.

      Thank you for contributing.


  3. Ingrid B

     /  July 23, 2012

    All we can do.. wait and see.. however, with the government the UK has, there is no lack of “terrorists”..

  4. Well that was the first ‘suggested’ date out of the way (27th). One down two to go. I still feel it will go ahead, despite everyone thinking it is just hype and a deploy. It’s all about energies to this force. Like they feed off of our energy.

    They will lift up the energy, then immediately drain our energy at the end of the event by creating this mayhem(13th??).

    I truly hope I’m wrong.

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