Spiritual Immersion

I’ve mentioned several times about the importance of what we absorb. We become what we absorb, meditate and apply focused attention on. 


I’ve mentioned about trying to reject degrading material and instead absorb qualitative material into our lives. Both in terms of what we ingest and observe.


I have made suggestions on some classic spiritual doctrines taken from the sound spiritual traditions.


So I just thought I’d provide a few top tips on how to approach these great mystics for those interested in taking this route.


Before I mention these I feel it is important I reiterate the importance of this spiritual aspect to our fight for freedom. I really do feel it is the buttress to all our physical activities. This powerful yin supporting the yang as I mentioned. To repeat myself, without this yin/internal Truth I know in my heart we will only gain short term victories and never release the traits needed to crush this force once and for all.


Take for example the Upanishads. These are a collection of scriptures dating back 3000 years from the devotees of serious Truth seekers who would fully commit to enter the forest academies to gain spiritual knowledge and worldly wisdom.


Despite their idyllic setting, then, these intimate sessions were not casual Ivy League seminars on the commons green. Students were there because they were prepared to devote a good measure of their lives; the traditional period was twelve years – to this unique kind of higher education, where study meant not reading books but a complete, strenuous reordering of one’s life, training the mind and senses with the dedication required of an Olympic athlete.

~ Eknath Eswaran


The characters emerging from of these forests after having served a twelve year intense training (apprenticeship) in controlling the mind and understanding of the true nature of reality, would be an invincible force against the Jew World Order.


These individuals acting as a collective force would crush this Orwelian control grid within a fortnight. This is no exaggeration. There would be no technology feasible to destroy them. Nothing – no chemical weaponry, no electro-magnetic devises, no deception, no amount of armory these monsters could even dream of could defeat them.


The quality of character, their inner force as a collective would reign over everything and anything. They would be armed with tenacity/endurance, inimitable courage, focus, sense of morals, inner wisdom, altruism and awareness of justice for ALL.


Even if we were to gain a resonance of this indomitable serious force, we would begin to take back our rights and gradually lose the fear.


I cannot urge people enough to try and make efforts to begin to look at these important doctrines on how to gain these much-needed warrior traits.


The first stage of course is obtaining these books. This has to be done NOW. It cannot wait for all sorts of reasons. The soon financial collapse, the possibility of them being watered down or tampered with, or even banned as we march towards this Orwelian hellhole.


I have also mentioned that they may appear awkward, or unappealing and even inappropriate at first to most readers. Especially if one is embedded deep within their own faith.


However I would urge you to preserver, because it may take a while to get through the initial layers of resistance. The language/style of texts are different. Just like when people have a dialect, which as soon as we familiarize ourselves with that person the dialect is no longer a barrier.


Also these texts are from a pure source and we have gradually become tainted with such impurity it rubs against us. In addition the time generation may initially throw us. However once we can see even beyond this, the essence of the timeless messages will shine through and we begin to see how absolutely relevant they are to our lives and to face this judaic onslaught.


Covering the fundamentals as ego, attachment, greed, lust/desires, illusory identities, illusory fears, unconsciousness and of course antidotes to these. These traits are the real root cause of this new world order.


It is this package of traits which have created the character of the PPP (parasitic psychotic predator) Jew. Equally it is this same package of traits we have adopted which have allowed us to become enslaved within this judaic system.


Therefore it is only by addressing these core traits – to become conscious, that we are going to be able to harness the skills to take on and destroy this force.


The spiritual warriors of the forests forming the Upanishads would not stand for any of this nonsense at any level. And the elite Jews would know it.


The suggestions here will seem quite anal to those whom this subject does not appeal. However if we are going to study any subject with interest thoroughly, we will need to go about it in a systematic and accurate method.


Like any study programme we would need to have the books, and writing journals etc. This is a course of study which should be taken seriously, as it has such profound effects on our lives. To control the mind, have power over the senses and to aspire to an enlightened state, probably is mankind’s greatest goal.


Here are a few simple top tips which I have adopted which have really improved my level of understanding of these doctrines.


A-Z booklets

For whatever book one reads, have a supportive A-Z reference book. So this means having a small book to reference key points in alphabetical order. I use a chunky address book (or you can create your own A-Z booklet) and as an example when reading the Bhagavad Gita I may read something on ‘attachment’, so I write the essence or quote on attachment in the A section. Likewise I’ll scribble down something under ‘ego’ in the E page. This is a very simple and useful system. I have an individual A-Z booklet for each doctrine I am reading…i.e. one for the B’Gita, one for the Upanishads, one for the works of Rumi, etc.


This is a great technique to not only capture the essence of the main teachings, but also when we have a selection of these reference books we can cross reference between the various scriptures and belief systems. The beauty in it is that one can see the similarities across the range of various mystical messages. This is a sure way of breaking down separatism.


Overall Reference Book

This is more of an optional back up and comes secondary to the A-Z booklets. With this book, instead of having the reference system under A-Z, instead make tabs on the various subjects which are themes throughout these teachings. In addition this time the references are made from a range of various texts, doctrines and quotations from all faiths and spiritual disciplines. I have a thick A5 size book with the following reference tabs:

They do not need to necessarily be in alphabetical order.












Actions/non actions






References: books, websites, etc

Miscellaneous: energy, nature of reality, etc


Matram Book

This can be a small pocket-sized booklet purely for mantram writing. Also to keep it private, done alone or within a spiritual meeting, say in a meditation gathering. Many of the great spiritual leaders would spend hours repeatedly writing out their mantras. It complements saying one’s mantra in the mind.


With all three of these areas, it is important to write slowly and definitely in as neat handwriting as possible. When making the effort to carefully write down these texts, they resonate at a deeper level than just reading. This is linked to important aspects of spiritual development for both ‘slowing down’ and ‘one-pointed-attention’.


Ideally we should allow at least half an hour a day for spiritual reading from a spectrum of the purest forms. This should be in par with eating and drinking. After all this is our spiritual sustenance.


Some examples of classical spiritual reading/related essays:

Bhagavad Gita


The Vedas

Works from Rumi

One’s own doctrines



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