Competitive Conditioning

Pet hate number 422 – when people parrot the phrase “Competition is good for you” or “Competition is good for children” or “Competition is good for society”

Is it??


These are facts are they? Where are you basing these facts from? How are you confirming these much-repeated statements?


Through personal experience, through social observation, through studying children’s development, looking at pattens in various societies? Or from simply subconsciously repeating others?


And how do you define ‘good’? What does good mean – for whom? For the individuals, for society or the machine?


I would say claiming that competition has any healthy role in society whatsoever at any

level is just more utter bollocks. 


More non-thinking repeaters repeating and regurgitating the same old mind control crap we are being fed from top down.


I tell you what, here’s seven definitive reasons why competition is BS:

1/. Yet more separatism, yet more divisions in society on every level. The reds verses the blues. This nation AGAINST this nation. Separatism, separatism, separatism.


2/. Yet further distraction – keep the masses entertained. Don’t let them focus on what really matters in life and society. Qualities like serving others, looking after each other, keeping an eye on the bullshit that we are subjected to each day of our lives and ultimately that we are enslaved. Distraction, distraction distraction.


3/. ALL the sports, in the way they are engineered and the final outcome are unnatural. No way in nature including in a survival mode would one push the body to these extremes in such unnatural environments.


4/. Competition brings out THE WORST not the best in people. It encourages aggressive, selfish, narrow-minded, egotistic, body consciousness behaviour. Me me me attitude. So long as I win, screw everyone else. This attitude is bled into society, culture, work environments and is unfortunately duplicated and encouraged within our children. Dog eat dog and screw everyone else in the process.


5/. High level competitive sports now is also about promoting filthy rich corporations (probably all kosher at that) to make them even more richer. Name one brand we can see being promoted which is in the interests of human development both physically and spiritually. Not one!!


6/. “Well it does keep people fit”. More BS conditioning! Most, if not all of these sports are very unhealthy for you long term. What good is it being fit if you are not HEALTHY!? So you have a few intense years at burning out, knackering up all your joints, cranial system and tissues and suffer for the rest of your life. What good are all those silly medals for you then? There are a hundreds of ways of keeping both fit and healthy without participating in this egotistic nonsense. How about a daily brisk walk in a beautiful environment for starters, especially barefooted, whilst saying one’s mantram to oneself.


7/. In addition it encourages a perverse inverted worshiping of superstars as demigods. Just look at how these PPP (psychotic parasitic predators) Jews have twisted reality to reward these trumped up spoilt brats as heros. Getting paid millions to kick an inflated wind bag into a net, whilst promoting corporations, when millions around the world are starving. It’s getting almost to the stage now where other stupid activities like this are equally rewarded. Clipping a white ball into a hole in some grass using a stick can earn some millions! Think about it. It’s insanity. But what is worse is we have all been conditioned to allow this, to expect this immorality as normal social behaviour. Am I the only what laying it out like this??


Just listen to the commentators (who are also paid stupidly over-rated salaries) on the mainstream media goggle box. Don’t they just want to make you puke. Listen to how serious they take these silly silly distraction activities. Yet they call them “games”. This word to me means having a laugh, having a bit of fun, healthy enjoyment. I wonder if they would consider having a game of ‘hide n seek’ at the Olympics? I can just hear the professional commentators now spewing out their nonsense ……


”Oh yes, what a remarkable hide out from Takito from the Japanese team, a remarkable nifty performance tucking in behind that hedge, amazing stealth abilities. Ohh look here comes Grosser from Germany coming in for an uncover …..yes, yes …..AND HE’S FOUND A HIDER, yes he’s uncovered a beautiful hide out from behind the sofa. A remarkable piece of swift maneuver from Grosser. Putting him way in the premier league seekers.”   


I’m going to push my rant out to the boundaries now and say it is tantamount to child abuse to encourage children to participate in competitive sports :-). Although my own ranting makes me chuckle – I am deadly serious!


Children should be encouraged to engage in healthy creative exercises which encourage SELF DEVELOPMENT not stupid destructive aggressive selfish competition.


Children and society should be encouraged to develop individuality, creativity, expansion of the mind and soul.


Society would also be better to drop these left brain formulated structured sports and encourage instead free expression, fun and healthy relaxed creative enjoyment.


Coupled with real education such as more right brained activities and development of wisdom, ancient crafts and skills, trades, foraging, knowing, Truth and of course consciousness.


Qualities such as compassion, training the senses, unconditional love, kindness, self worth, respect for nature and people, appreciation of beauty, altruism, benevolence, duty to others, etc.


Surely simple pragmatic elements such as these would help maintain society – as it has successfully done in many tribal/native communities.


But of course it’s me that’s being silly. I’m simply ridiculous for even suggesting these ideas, when it is obvious that the forces in control of us do not want a society made up of uncontrollable, independent, free-thinking, conscious individuals.


Hail competitive sports, hail our new breed of demigods.

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