Bad Cops Bad Cops

We’ve all seen these police brutality videos. At times they draw you in to watch video after video, other times they repulse you so much you cannot watch any more.

Some of us I’m sure become outraged, bewildered, horrified and even fearful at some point.

We ask ourselves:

How can they get away with this outright bullying?

How dare they?

Who do these goons think they are?

Something must be done!!

How low has society dropped!?

If they had done that to my daughter – I would not be able to contain myself.


I’m sure there are many retired policemen who like this guy in the video are equally horrified by what he is witnessing and the direction of trend within the police.


We are now in a position where many people feel they just do not want to involve the police in minor incidents as things have become so distorted, so twisted and inverted that somehow the innocent victim will get persecuted by the state and the perpetrator will somehow get off scot free. Or the police will end up nicking you for some unrelated incident. Or they will end up giving the perpetrator your personal details so they can enact revenge on you at a later date.


I apologise if what you are about to read is repetitive, or perhaps patronizing to those who are hardened students of the Freeman/lawful rebellion principles, but I feel it is so important to keep banging away at these concepts, because they are so true and the illusion is coming at us 24/7.


How many of us have noticed how it’s conveniently switched from being a police ‘service’ to a police FORCE?


How many of us noticed how it conveniently switched from being ‘the boys in blue’ to the black-clad ninja type image. No longer the helpful friendly copper on the street corner, one feels they could approach and even have a joke with. No those days are well and truly gone. Now we have a very different breed altogether. Them and us mentality. Total separatism – divide and rule.


In general, we now have a conditioned, macho, alpha male (even the female officers), impersonal, uncaring, insensitive, organic robot.


A complete package of unconsciousness with identity issues and a conditioned mindset. They are not in their right minds.


A mindset of I am somehow special, better, above because I have authority over you.




When in reality he/she has no authority. They only have assumed authority. All they have is FORCE and the public’s perceived authority. And of course the judaic corrupt courts to support them.


As I often say:

THERE IS NOT ONE PERSON ON THIS PLANET WHO HAS AUTHORITY OVER YOU ….unless you consent to them having authority over you.


These black clad authority figures are a collection of individuals who are representative of a PRIVATE CORPORATION!!


Yes PRIVATE. Try and drive this point home to yourself. They have as much authority as a collection of people from Warmart, Sainsburys, Aldi, Debenams, American airlines, Virgin records, etc, etc.


Try imagine driving along the road one day minding your business and you see a flashing light and siren in your mirror. As this disturbance gets closer to you, you notice it’s a lorry not a police car and it has Asda written on the side of the vehicle. You pull over to the side of the road (through automatic controlled response) and two guys get out of the lorry dressed in green Asda uniforms (costumes) and are fully kitted up with enFORCEment weaponry. Tazars, guns, handcuffs, maze, pepper sprays, etc.


They start to question you in an authoritative presumptuous assuming manner. What is your full name? Where are you heading? Where have you come from? Demanding that you produce your driving license. They even have the front to fine you for driving a few miles faster than the corporate-dictated speed limit.


I know this seems ludicrous when laid out like this, but this is how it is. It’s only our conditioning and perception that has allowed us to accept this nonsense.


It’s like trying to explain how ludicrous the monitory system is to someone who has been in finance all their lives….they just would not get it. It’s so insanely simplistic that it’s too hard to grasp.


Like this whole agenda, the illusion is all built on layer upon layer upon layer of perception. It’s all an illusion. Trickery mixed in with a big dollop of fear. All created by the kings of deception (the chosen ones).


Yet again – we’ve all been had. Including the police ‘officers’. The word officer by the way pertains to admiralty law. A shipping term stemming from contract law. These land pirates only care about entering us into a contract. A financial arrangement through their corporate employees in black/neon clad costumes.


Of course these corporate conditioned organic robots can do XYZ to us through FORCE using their FORCE tools. But this is not right, just, moral, ethical nor LAWFUL.


Despite their corporate deception; THEY DO NOT HAVE LAW ON THEIR SIDE. They only have corporate-created legislation and statues. Legal not lawful.






They have zero authority over you. None whatsoever – whatsoever!! Please try and allow this concept to resonate deep within your psyche. I know it’s hard to decondition. We all have been effected by this fiction. But that is exactly what it is.


And then take this principle further. The whole lot is fictional, an illusion. The government, the local councils, MPs, local bylaws, education, media, medical procedures and on and on and on we could go. All held up by our perception, by our conditioning and cemented together by good ol fear.


So if we accept this, or I should say research into this and then accept it, then it should bring us back to the first question from the beginning of this essay.


How can they get away with this outright bullying?


Simple – we let em.


It really is that is easy to answer.


First we need to become conscious of exactly what the hells going on. To actually recognise that we are being bullied and pushed around by PRIVATE individuals who have zero authority over us. Zero right to invade our freedoms, insult our self-worth, degrade us and then have the arrogance to rub salt in by fining us for these injustices.


We have to grasp the fact that we have been had and we are living within/under a corporate judaic-controlled illusory fictional world purely to enslave us. Unadulterated deception, by the kings of deception.


So like all the aspects of this agenda and Orwelian suppression, it all comes back to this double responsibility:

Firstly we must take responsibility that we have allowed ourselves to get into this mess in the first place, through complacency (sleeping, being distracted, too busy being busy and playing like children). Secondly, now that we are awake we have to take measures to stop this insanity.


It’s all down to us.


This is a spiritual battle between right and wrong.


Between moral and immoral.


Between courage verses despotism.


Between our self worth and tyranny.


It’s all about choice. It always has been and always will be.


We are in no position to complain about our woes if we are doing nothing to resist them



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These links may not seem compatible with this essay, however I see this whole conspiracy as a battle against FEAR – breaking through our illusory fears. These links I feel are access tools to help us gradually erode this disabling fears.





Which side?

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