Stop wingding, stop complaining, stop moaning, just get on with it.

Sorry but that’s my exhaustive attitude these days to most people who are looking for some sort of help, support or advice to their woes. Heartless I know.


However I’m fed up with people having lived and living selfish lifestyles and not giving a damn about those poor souls who were being decimated in lands overseas by ‘our boys, our heros’ and happily pay for it all; then somehow get flustered just because now their toes are being trod on.


The biggest disaster some of these spoilt Westernized people have in their lives is if the local garden center is closed down. Oh my word this is a tragedy – what we gena do Moira?


These people DID NOT GIVE A HOOT about those innocent victims of the Iraqi invasion, the African famines, the Libyan invasion, the Afghanistan invasion, etc – not a hoot. That 90% of the victims of the Iraqi ‘conflict’ were civilians and the 10% were just trying to defend their land from invaders – American invaders at that. In fact most people jeered it on – especially the American zionist Christians.


Yet they’re now complaining because they’re work is down to a three days week and they somehow demand that something be done about it!! get on with it.


They support their heros and send off their children packaged as heros, yet couldn’t even point on a map where they’re sending their children off to – get on with it.


They are content to allow others to lose their lands, security, peace and freedoms, yet complain when their local shops are being closed down due to financial pressures – get on with it.


They aimlessly follow their local zionist church leader who perpetuates this myth that America must fully support israel no matter what – yet their lives are crumbling around them – get on with it.


When friends, relatives and colleagues tried to warn them about the conspiracy, they brushed them aside as idiots without bothering to spend even an hour to research their information – so get on with it.


So-called Truthers who refuse to pull their weight, EVEN though they are fully aware of the agenda and the implications of not doing anything about it – they too can get on with it.


All the useful idiots who have/and are serving the elite Jewish bankers and corporations for their easy-for-now comfortable lifestyles and now find things are not so comfortable – get on with it.


Get on with your inconveniences, get on with your suffering, get on with your loss, get on with your new found uncomfortableness, get on with your fears because why should anyone care about you? Why should the system care about you? Why should the people who tried to warn you care about you?


It’s called action and reaction. Righteous justice. Yee reap what you sow.


Up until now all you cared about was having your nice new driveway, your flash car, getting the patio done, ensuring you have nice shining teeth, a new conservatory, lovely holidays, your career to make money – your ego, your kudos, your identity, your precious material possessions.


You were and are part of the problem. You were and are the new world order. You were and are you’re own worse enemy.


So enough of your bleating, whining, bitching and grumbling, just …


get on with it.



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