With naive trust we trundle along,

to serve and slave and sing your talmudic song.


We freely give you one of our precious possessions,

just so you, our imposed overlords can feed your obsessions.


Our childlike faith that you will offer us protection,

never to fathom you have rigged the election.


Our complete trust in your lawyers, barristers and solicitors acting as legislative whores,

all fleecing us through your ever-increasing judaic laws.


Again and again and again we innocently hand you our trust,

for you to spite us more with your demonic lust.


Your Orwelian gridlock we are forced to endue,

keeping your judaic new world order nice n secure.


In trust we hand over our labour and toil,

which inevitably pre-ages our mortal coil.


The GM fodder we consume without thinking,

guarantees our population continues to keep sinking.


We are slaughtered in your satanic wars under the guise of freedom and peace,

but through trust, little do we know they will never ever cease.


Our education, TV programming and books you supply,

maintaining your holohoax narrative – that big fat lie.


Your crimes, your evil, your utter insanity,

you will dearly pay for what you have dealt on humanity.


Tis our trust in you maniacs which leaves me so bewildered and sad,

when behind your smiles and sick presentation, deep down we all know you are mad.


Through trust for our shackles we must pay,

the CCTV cameras, the prisons, microchips,

all for our enslavement at the end of the day.


To think it’s all unnecessary the suffering, the cruelty and pain,

all because you lot are totally insane.


Your arrogance and hubris has reached such a peak,

making your desire for evil truly unique.


Hardly anyone seems to notice we are being sprayed like flies,

from your toxic chemtrails falling from the skies.


Through trust we drink your fluoride water to remain the docile sheep,

to which our sorry state would only make our ancestors weep.


Your covert murder ain’t only through your magic water,

this eugenics is also through your medical mafia slaughter.


Because in trust we give you our bodies for healing,

little do we know, it is our immune system you are stealing.


Your vaccines, your cocktail drugs, those pretty coloured pills,

never ever getting to the root of our problems, just masking our ills.


We trust your media spin that maintains false flag attacks – all kept under disguise,

incrementally, accumulatively bringing the world to it’s final demise.


To whom we have trusted, with your CV of global destruction and hate;

I warn you, when enough of us waken, there will no longer be your precious israel state.


You people of no conscience, how dare you presume our trust is infinite – how dare you;

Our pain and suffering has been patient enough, your time is due.


The washer needs changing, the continuos drip, drip drip; for most in the west;

but elsewhere the tap gushes with carnage and suffering, never a breather, never a chance to rest.


No-longer can we look our children in the eyes without shame,

for we know it is through our cowardliness and naive trust,

we only have ourselves to blame.

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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  July 13, 2012

    A well written poem of truth, Digger.

  2. grosenberg

     /  July 13, 2012

    Truth well-spoken indeed illustrating the different heads of the tribal snake that seeks to strangle the world.

  3. michael

     /  August 18, 2013

    well said people utterly disregard the reason binlically that GOD strategically points out israel for repentance,in daniel 9-24(seventy weeks) they do NOT consider the vision given by GOD to finish transgression and make a end of sins,and make reconsiliation for iniquity blessings shalom godbless Michael


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