The Power of Without

Time to clean up, time for a Spring clean. Time to rid ourselves of these parasites ruining our lives – macrocosm and microcosm.  

[This post should not be taken for medical advice. Please see a recognised natural health provider for advice.]


Fast: 1. to abstain from eating all or certain foods or meals, esp. as a religious observance. 2. an act or period of fasting.


I have just re-read a book on Gandhi’s close associate the great Badshah Khan. It describes how he went into a small dwelling with his prayer matt and didn’t come out for three days, having not ate the entire time. His intent for this act was to seek the answer to the violence in his region. After this three day spiritual fast he struck upon the concept of mirroring Gandhi’s nonviolent revolution as being the only solution. Gandhi too fasted, not only for spiritual reasons, but for political leverage.


Perhaps the power of fasting married with internalizing should be the direction for us Truthers, for solutions to get us out of this mess.


I’ve often heard people in the natural health world talk about their experiences of fasting. I cringe when people begin to boast about how many days they’ve fasted. Ohh p-l-e-a-s-e, does it matter? I did an four day fast, Well I did a 6 day. They may as well say My car is faster than yours. This is certainly not what fasting should be about.


The purpose of fasting is for cleansing and giving the poor old digestion system a well-needed tea break – a lemon tea break. As well as the spiritual aspects of self discipline and internalizing.


One of the immediate effects of fasting, especially when done on a more regular basis is the cleansing of the colon. For those who have looked into natural health, they will be aware of the comprehensive benefits of colon cleansing. Both physically and emotionally.


There are of course the extreme measures such as going to a colon cleansing clinic and get vacuumed out so to speak. I’m not a fan of this procedure. I never recommend it in any health situation. I regard it’s invasiveness as negative to the body and understand there are far superior methods, no matter how severe the illness.


In my experience the people I’ve noticed who rave about colonic cleansing are either people who have not researched and experienced alternatives, or people who are making money from them.


A compromise between having a colonic and fasting I would say is having an enema. This is more traditional and much more natural, if complemented with natural recipes. It helps clean the insides in a more subtler way. Some people swear on a regular enema for good maintenance of health. Enemas have been utilized in many cultures for thousands of years. Done correctly they are very safe. They have the added advantage of been carried out without assistance.


However my thoughts on health are always slowly slowly, gently gently. I am a firm believer in gradually unwinding and reversing the conditions to which the body has become ill in the first place. As I mentioned in my essay “Lemons & Limes” there really isn’t such a thing as a condition, symptom and ailment – these are simply labels.


In stead we should focus on the root cause of our health. This means any labels we have, always always always fit into these categories:





Environment (internally and externally)


Obviously those of us who are awake to this agenda will be well aware of the chemical and environmental attacks we are all now under; and how it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure our health.


However, I am in more alignment with the power of regular fasting for overall health benefits, complemented by consistent gentle non-invasive natural health treatments, for most conditions. Both chronic and acute.


Of course I should suggest that if you embark on your first fast, you may first want to consult your ‘trusted’ health practitioner for guidance and advice. In addition, as ever – do your own research. This essay is more to highlight the benefits of fasting to those who have not considered it, as well as a reminder for those who already know about fasting.


But why would I be talking about trivial things like this when we have serious issues at hand? Well only as a subject to complement health and the subject of us ‘cleaning up’; which I strongly believe is essential for us to begin the process of fighting back. Fasting neatly ties in with both a spiritual development and physical benefits.


To reiterate, we cannot even think about taking on this judaic NWO monster if we are troubled with our aches and pains, immobile and have emotional issues. First we need to make a start on ourselves. It really does not have to take long to begin to clean up.


I see fasting like a quality car mechanic draining the engine in a service prior to him putting in the new oil. The old oil has to first be drained and the engine given a flush out for the new clean oil to have any effect.


I see too many practitioners of health jump to help people by telling them they need this pill, or this vitamin, or this product. When 95% of the time we need none of that, we just need to go without. We just need to have a breather from the intake. The body is overstrained, clogged up and desperately and simply just needs a cleanse. It’s that simple.


Even animals have worked that one out. Put some food in front of an ill animal and their intuition tells them not to eat. They can hear their digestive system scream out “No, not more work, please give us a break”. These animals don’t have certificates in nutrition or degrees as dietitians. Just instinct.


Most ‘conditions’ are really a build up of over acidity in the blood, tissues and cells; especially in Westernized diets. Most of us need to have a more alkalized pH balance. So we really can assist our health if we help drive out this imbalance of acidity.


Here is a super safe way to build up to doing full on fasts. This gradual way will allow your mind and body to adjust to going without. 

Obviously people can skip certain stages of these procedures to suit.


All these stages are water fasts. I personally drink copious amounts of lemon and limes drinks whilst fasting. Real lemons and limes chopped up into a drinking jug, with the best water you can use. So you will be making lots of journeys to the loo to pee out all that acidity.


People who consume lots of junk de-natured foods may struggle more with fasting, as these foods enhance cravings.


I would also suggest to try and ease back into eating after a fast with a lighter healthier meal. An avocado salad for example. So for example having a heavy stodgy curry or pizza is too much of a shock to the system. Not only that, eating junk food kind of defeats the purpose of the fast.


You may wish to start the fast when you have an empty refrigerator to avoid temptations. Also ask others you share your space with, to be sensitive to your self-imposed situation by not eating tasty meals in front of you. You may even wish to go away somewhere isolated, even camp out overnight to get away from temptations. Obviously for safety reasons, one would need to be around people if taking on a longer fast.


It can help if someone else does a fast with you for support. But one must be mindful not to get into a competitive attitude. Fasting is very personal. It can have it’s drawbacks in that it can bring up some negative emotions, hidden demons within people.


So here we go………

Stage 1 Skip the odd lunch. If you are a real foodie, then initially cheat a bit and have a late largish breakfast, then have an earlier largish evening meal. That’s doable. Do this two/three times a fortnight until it’s not such a big deal. Already your body will benefit, even at this first level. This stage is more about the phycological barriers of skipping a meal. Trying to break through the mechanical motions of eating when we don’t really need to eat. Plus the positive inspiration that you have simply begun the process of self-improvement.


Stage 2 As with stage 1, but this time try to make the breakfast and evening meal a little lighter (normal helpings) if you have cheated slightly and had large portions.


Stage 3 As with stage 2, but this time ease out the time span between the breakfast and evening meal. Practice this many times before going on to the next stage, gradually creating larger time spans between meals. You may find from now on you will tend to eat when you are hungry, rather than through conditioned habit as before. You will recognise that most of our eating habits are based on emotional sense cravings. There are huge benefits on every level to be able to control the senses.


Stage 4 If these first few stages where doable, that’s great on many levels. Now try and either skip a breakfast or evening meal on top of your lunch. So this means you skip two meals back-to-back. As in stage 1 if you want to slightly cheat at this stage, the meal you do have (either breakfast or evening meal) can be quite hearty. Also if you are having a breakfast, have a late breakfast. Likewise if you are having an evening meal, have an earlier evening meal. Again become accustomed to this stage before moving on to the next stage.


At this stage onwards you may need to be mindful of operating machinery or driving. Perhaps chose days when you can rest.


Stage 5 This time the same as stage 4, but if have you have had fuller meals to slightly cheat, try to reduce your helpings to make them more normal sized. Keep up the later breakfast times, and earlier evening meal times. Try this a few times before moving on to the next stage.


Stage 6 The same pattern as before. This time have your one meal at a normal time. Become accustomed to this level before moving on.


Stage 7 Now we’re onto the biggy…the full day fast. Don’t let pride/ego get in the way of common sense. If you are feeling really quite ill and dizzy, then have a light healthy snack. There are plenty of other days, just try again another time. Keep drinking lots of the lemon/lime water throughout the day.


I would not jump ahead into another day of fasting unless you are experienced at doing day fasts. I would suggest just keep doing these day fasts from time to time, as and when you feel you need to. Say once a month, maybe once a fortnight, until they become quite tolerable, physically and emotionally.


As a top tip, have a lightweight project to focus on. Or a good book. Or Truth browsing. Watch some films to take your mind of food. The trick is to try not to give too much attention/energy to your cravings. Easy said than done.


I personally find when I do regular fasts it helps me curb the amount of junk food I ingest; because I’ve gone through all that process to clean up, therefore it discourages me to keep undoing the process.


You will be so proud of yourself when you have done a full day’s fast. More so if it’s been over more than a day. And even more pleased when you start to see health benefits.


Apart from the physical benefits, it will be a new meme in your mindset. It will prove you do have self-discipline after all. Think of the implications on your future, to have the ability to control the senses, to be able to control your mind. Think what a more empowered person you will become.


Here are the four levels of fasting mentioned in Eastern scriptures

1/. Devil Mocking, superficial, despise, discourage. Strange one this. I understand this to be the barriers we initially face from our internal demons. Putting up an internal challenge.

2/. Animal One who fasts, but more than makes up for it later on with a hearty feast.

3/. Human Abstains from eating, then gives the food or money saved from the food/meals to the poor.

4/. Divine One who renounces everything; all pleasure-seeking, full control of the senses. All sense and mind stimulants.


I have decided not to recommend any books on fasting, because as much as they are interesting and detailed; I think they give too much unnecessary information. I feel they also tend to over elaborate and make outlandish claims. I prefer to keep it nice n simple.


Good luck, good health

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