Tethered IDs

Adorn your kite with your chosen identities, 

coat it with your crescent, or cross, or image of Krishna.

Neatly decorate your four leaf clover, your union jack or national flag.

Then gradually release it, to soar into the open skies.

Allow your pride to fly with the birds.

Watch how it buffets in the winds, watch how it tugs and pulls you in.

Smile onwards from your remote position, as a grounded landlubber.

Experience the passive responses, but enjoy the control.

Your egotistic self floating in nothingness.

Your new detached Self, secure, balanced, untouched by the drama. 

Your new found Self aware awake and responsive, but never reacting.

What joy to finally be the objective observer, yet still have so much control.

 Your ID kite scuffs the ground, then zooms up above the tree tops, loops over and arcs across the horizon.

Your identities take a bashing, they bend and buckle to the strains of the forces, the barking dogs, the elements working against it; 

but you way down below remain the detached observer.

Look at all the beautiful variety of kites; some huge, some nifty, some traditional, some themed, some colourful, some drab – all playing their role, 

all adding to the spectrum of the show.

Some kiters have many varieties, all showing off their display of identities. Some even daring to swap and have a go with others kites – 

new identities, new experiences to grapple and adjust to.

A new tug, a new strain to add to the skill base.

Always detached, always the onlooker of the scene way out there.

We remain the viewer, yet very much in control of the ego display above our heads.

Our tethered identities still part of us, but with the flexibility of knowing, 

we are both the detached spectator and the doer.  

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  1. grosenberg

     /  July 11, 2012

    This is great!! This past week I have been contemplating identity and what I identify with quite a bit. I look forward to trying this meditation. Blessings.

    • Grosenberg,

      Thank you. I honestly feel identity is the big hurdle we ALL have to overcome. I’m SO pleased for you you are attempting meditation. When approached sensibly and without high expectations; there is nothing but benefits. Be patient though :-), takes a while to even just train how to climb a mountain.


      • grosenberg

         /  July 12, 2012

        I have been trying to live by this (among other things):
        ‘“Don’t let a day go by without asking who you are…each time you let a new ingredient to enter your awareness.”
        ― Deepak Chopra

        I have learned thanks to waking up a bit to see the dangers of the criminal culture i was raised in (and as you pointed out the mindset in which it arose) and cast it off. Meditation is helping me find my own way and helping with my own development.

      • grosenberg,

        That quote from DC I think is great, but I refuse to read his material. I don’t like watered-down spirituality. It’s like having GM or junk food. I also don’t trust the guy. The route of new agism means it eventually maintains us in self-gratification. I can’t recommend enough the purest sources. All these new age gurus are doing is freeloading off the pure sources. Of course we all do that to an extent, but they repackage it to make lots of money. I’m sure you are aware of this though.

        So please you are benefiting from the power of meditation. I feel the trick is use it as a tool to get all the qualities we will need (courage, tenacity, etc) to go out and serve others and make the world a better place, without just the selfish personal benefits.

        Thank you for contributing.


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