Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m in a state of bewilderment that the world and the Truth movement is just going to stand back and allow the biggest false flag attack known to mankind happen and do nothing.


All we hear is security, security, security. Ever-present CCTV cameras, police dogs, special permits, security firms, military intervention and pre-arrests. But is this real security or just all part of the drama? Who is this really providing security for?


What are the so-called intelligence and protective police force REALLY doing?


What exactly is their role? How on earth can I work it out in between the snippets of time I have, yet all this intelligence will be fooled ‘yet again’ but the official story….and it will be just that, just another story.


Do they honestly care more about their pay cheques than saving thousands of lives??


What exactly are these professionals actually doing on a day-to-day basis? I really want to know. I suppose they’re out there arresting and incarcerating Truthers and whistle blowers who really do care about saving lives.


Or am I just being one of those silly little paranoid internet conspiracy theorists?? Well I hope I am – I really hope I am.

Well we’ll know for sure in:


23 days

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