Conscious Gradients

What does it mean to strive to be conscious? Does it just mean being a sensitive thoughtful person, or does it go deeper? Surely it is through the smaller acts of consciousness that we can then develop true deeper levels of consciousness. Through starting with minor levels of kindness, benevolence, altruism, compassion and understanding that we can being the process of re-training our conditioned habits and therefore character traits.  

I feel we have to start with ourselves. Change really does begin at home, from within. We have to be the change we seek in others. Some of these areas listed are subjective and perhaps difficult to embrace; plus we all slip up from time to time and even day to day. But it’s more important to be mindful of our goals, to have the desire and focus on becoming more conscious individuals.

Here are some starters


Being aware to avoid talking out loud in a quiet places such a library, in public spaces on one’s mobil/cell phone. Does everyone really have to hear our personal details?


Stepping aside on the side walk/pavement with a smile for others.


Acknowledging people at work and social events, even if they are cold towards you. Ensuring we close the door behind us to preserve others privacy, noise disturbance and temperature.


Being mindful not to dominate conversations talking all about ourselves, by being attentive to what others are saying. The art of really listening, and avoiding constantly interrupting. Also trying not to talk at people, rather than to them.


If we want to maintain our relationships, we have to keep in touch with these people. Don’t let months slip by without communication.


When we come to collect a friend in the car at night, in a quiet residential area; it would be more considerate to send them a missed call, or text, or even get out of the car and call on them, rather than hoot your horn and disturb the neighbours.


Trying to avoid leaving all our personal items such as tools, clothes, etc around which get in other people’s way, or they have to tidy up for us.


Being direct and assertive with people when necessary, but without any malice or antagonism. Putting people in their place but with compassion and honesty and being mindful of how we deliver it.


Being sensitive to others privacy, to their nature. Going out of our way not to ever embarrass them, or degrade them. Having some levels of respect and decorum.


Ensuring you are not playing one’s music late at night, or making noise in the street so others are disturbed. We may disturb someone who has an important interview or exam the next morning.


Tuning in to the environment we are in. In nature, in places of worship or remembrance. Around children, elderly or ill people. We could try to adapt to conditions, rather than say “Well that’s just the way I am”


Being mindful that our children are not being unsocial in their mannerisms and general behaviour towards others.


Avoiding eating meat. Especially meat sourced from factory farms. More so, having some levels of sensitivity or connection to the animal and the suffering that has been created for you to consume your meat. We do not need meat for our sustenance, it is purely conditioned habit and choice and helps maintain us in an unconscious mindset.


We should accept criticism where due and apologize appropriately at the first available moment.


Trying to avoid allowing oneself to be intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, junk food, etc. We become what we absorb.


Likewise being mindful of the destructive mental conditioning through the material we absorb. TV, pornography, radio, trashy magazines, cinema, trivial books, etc. We become what we absorb.


Try to be aware when we are walking along with someone. Are we pounding ahead, or dragging our feet, or a tendency towards leaning into them?


Ensuring our dogs are not a disturbance to others, that they are secure and never threatening to people, even if we know they are harmless, others may not.


Treading carelessly on worms and snails on the pavement. I know this may sound silly, but why should their lives not have any significance?


Holding open a door for others. Equally thanking people who hold the door open for us.


When we make arrangements to meet up with people, do we often keep them waiting? Perhaps it is best to expect the unexpected and allow plenty of time. Bring a book to read for half an hour whilst waiting for them instead.


Trying to put others first in situations.


When ordering, or asking someone to carry out something, always always ask in a polite respectful pleasant manner. Hello, could I have ….. Would you be able to ….. Would you mind …. Better still in a work or social event, make a point of finding out their name and prefixing the request with their name. Martin, do you think you would be able to ….


Rather than dump yourself on someone uninvited, expecting them to just drop their routine and plans for you. Ask permission to visit, perhaps even hint you intend to be in the area, or even better still wait until you are invited. Never impose yourself on someone, unless they are in a desperate or needy position.


Is it necessary that we have loud motorbikes so we can selfishly roar through the streets disturbing other’s peace and stillness, just so as we can be heard, to make an impression?


We should be mindful of our body language…..are we being dominant, are we being possibly threatening or just in people’s personal space? Likewise we ought to be aware of our body odors and how this could disturb others.


Similarly our body actions…habits such a picking our noses in meetings, farting without a care, not washing our hands after the toilet, carelessly burping aloud, coughing and sneezing without putting our hands up to our mouths in front of people.


We ought to watch ourselves from boasting or preening about our achievements and possessions. This is pure unconsciousness.


Similarly we must be careful of our desires. Material possessions, status, people, etc. These are all playing on our artificial identities, desires and maintain us in an unconscious mindset that we can only gain happiness and contentment through anything or anyone outside our external Self.



The unconscious are unconscious they are unconscious

In the bigger scheme of things, many of these areas may seem insignificant, old-fashioned, self-righteous or overly sensitive; but these small acts of sensitivities, consideration and thoughtfulness are all accumulative acts helping towards building our levels of consciousness. These are win win win benefits. The ripple effects for ourselves, those directly around us and beyond.


Every day that we act towards becoming conscious, even if at first it may seem unnatural and artificial, these traits will become our new adopted state. We will stop degrading ourselves, have more self worth and begin to stand for better values personally and socially.


Only from a place of self-worth can we collectively begin to have the traits needed to change our situation and have the freedoms we desperately yearn for. It is through becoming conscious, we will gain our true self-worth and inner dignity. Then we will begin to embrace qualities such as courage, tenacity, self-discipline, determination for change and compassion for all.


These are the qualities that the elite Jews are petrified we will embrace. Consciousness is our true force. Consciousness is our true weapon against every conceivable high tech weaponry they could ever unleash on us.


First from within – from the inside out.

Change the internal to change the external.

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