Coincidence Theorist


Well if I’m a conspiracy theorist, then you’re a coincidence theorist.



It is just a coincidence that all the CCTV cameras were not functioning on the route Princess Diana took to monitor her ‘accident’. Despite the fact they would be conveniently working if we were protesting.


It is just a coincidence that the CCTV cameras were also not functioning in significant areas around the time of the 9/11 operation.


It is just a coincidence that George Bush’s brother Jeb Bush was head of security on the twin towers.


It is just a coincidence that all the British Royal family, George Bush, Barack Obama, Madonna, etc are all bloodline related, with the same DNA.


It is just a coincidence that Silverstein (a Jew) just happened to take out an insurance policy prior to the 9/11 attack against a terrorist attack.


It is just a coincidence that the star of David is embedded within both the British £20 and £50 notes and dollar bill. As well as many other Westernized government-run organisations having the Jewish/cabalistic signatures laced on their uniforms and buildings. The emblems on the fire and rescue service, the police badge, etc.


It is just a coincidence that both the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks were cryptically written into cartoons, advertisements, tarot cards, etc PRIOR to the events. Likewise now with the London Olympics event (tragedy).


It’s just a coincidence that Mossad has connections to the 9/11 event, 7/7 London bombings, The Madrid bombings, the Fukushima disaster and now are running the London Olympics ‘security’ via their G4S company.


It is just a coincidence that israel was first on the scene being filmed harvesting organs at the Haiti tragedy under the guise of a humanitarian mission.


It is just a coincidence that millions of people died through the AIDS academic just after the mass vaccine programmes were instigated in Africa.


It is just a coincidence that Africa is one of the most richest mineral-based lands in the world and yet it is one of the most impoverished, with the IMF having a grip on it’s finances.


It is just a coincidence that Albert Pike wrote about three world wars to detail which have/are all forming into place.


It is just a coincidence that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion tie in very neatly with The Agenda 21 plan, the Georgia Guide stones and everything we are witnessing around us in regards to a world wide eugenics plan against the Goyim (Gentiles).


It is just a coincidence that the predictions which George Orwell depicted in his book 1984 and other manuscripts have all come into place – CCTV big brother surveillance, large Telescreens which can film us, thought police/crimes, people/children snitching on dissidents, socially accepted perpetual wars and austerity.


It is just a coincidence that the Jews own the whole of the main stream media and we have had nothing but one version of WW2, the nasty Nazis and Hitler bashing for 60 years.


It is just a coincidence that Iceland have got back on their feet with a very short period of time after telling the IMF to shove their trumped-up loans where the sun doesn’t shine. Watch out Iceland, you are a hot target!


It is just a coincidence that JFK and other US presidents, John Lennon, MLK, Princes Diana, Gandhi, Malcolm X, all had ‘accidents’ and premature deaths because they were directly or indirectly rubbing up against the Jewish banking interests.


It is just a coincidence that Switzerland the main stay home of the Jewish elite banking families was neutral in both world wars. And their luciferian, Babylonian symbology is ubiquitous on all their state buildings.


It is just a coincidence that successful financial independent-based countries working outside the IMF such a Libya, pre-war Germany, Syria, Iraq, etc have all had evil dictators that America and Westernized countries just have to eliminate for humanitarian reasons.


It is just a coincidence that anything pure, of goodness, truthful, of beauty must be demonized, dismissed, trivialized or destroyed by the main stream media. Yet anything demonic, dark, perverse, de-natured, de-humanized, trivial and ugly is promoted.


It is just a coincidence that with all our modern advancement, knowledge and development the world is deteriorating; life is only getting harder, the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting exponentially richer.


It is just a coincidence that the elite Jews run Hollywood, the music industry, most of the porn industry, most of the alcohol industry, Western governments, the military, the medial industry, the police, the media, the education, the entertainment industry …..yet somehow they are always the poor victim and the ones that have suffered the most???


And on and on and on we could go.


How many more coincidences do these deniers need before they wake up??


I’m sure I’ve left out some very obvious coincidences. Please feel free to offer additional ones to this endless list.

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  1. Winston churchills doctor lord moran said churchill was a crazy psychopath who could bring the whole world into conflict, and thats just what he did, he murdered ex prime minister neville chamberlian the kings brother the duke of kent and vernon kell the british intelligence chief among others, even stalin thought him a lunatic, president roosevelt would refer to him as the drunken bum.
    Lord morans diaries are still kept hidden in case of jew reprisals to his family.

    • t stokes

      Thank you very much for this valid information. Seems like every piece of information we have received is inverted.



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