Tea Break

It’s amazing how additive we become to new concepts, gadgets and habits in our lives. How many people can leave the house these days without their precious mobile/cell phone? How many of us Truthers can go a few days, or even a day without our fix of the internet? 

I think the internet is an amazing communication medium. Like almost everything it has it good sides and bad. A lot of people (including myself) talk about this consciousness awakening. They say it’s partly due to the internet and partly due to a spiritual consciousness. I would say they are one and the same thing, that the internet is definitely a spiritual element to all this.


However I feel we have to be careful with it’s pulls, like anything, everything in moderation. As the Buddha (apparently) said “Take the middle path”


With the spiritual path I follow it has eight elements:

Meditation, mantra/m, slowing down, one-pointed attention, training the senses, putting others first, spiritual companionship, reading the mystics.


With regards to ‘training the senses’ I may be making some headway with eliminating junk food and similar sense cravings, but I’ve just replaced this instead with my internet fix :-).


I’m finding the intensity and time I’m scanning the latest news, reading people’s opinions of the news, checking e-mails which also have lots of threads, writing posts, and distributing information is all pulling me away from the inner Truth I feel I need to pursue right now.


In addition it is affecting the other seven elements of my practice and personal aspects of my life. I particularly would like to focus more time on ‘reading the mystics’, the pure spiritual doctrines for Truth.


My gut feeling tells me that in three and a half weeks from now, life will really begin to change. When (not if) this London Olympic false flag event happens, this will set a new president for all of us. There probably will be a similar event in America. I believe a new milestone will be set in place on our freedoms, the police state and this war on terror (terra). I  sense the atmosphere of the entire world will alter dramatically from these events.


So I would suggest it’s essential for us to all prioritize what is important right now in our lives. I feel we need to prep ourselves; strengthen and clean up. Put our attention on what really matters – and to me that is spirituality. To me everything is hinged on this, because spirituality IS everything. This whole conspiracy/agenda is about our collective levels of consciousness.


I once paid a visit to a friend’s martial art class. All they seemed to do is train their body and mind to receive punches and kicks. No fighting, just training themselves to take a good kicking. As much as it was very impressive, and I could see the obvious benefits of being able to take a pounding, I remember thinking, “If that’s all they are able to do and are not also skilled to preempt attacks and strike back, what’s the point?” 


It’s like the Tibetan monks who were slaughtered by the Chinese. How much did all their internalizing and spiritual quests help them?


So I definitely am not into just floating away in a fluffy spiritual narcissistic bubble. We need to definitely focus on both elements; the external and the internal. However at present I just feel I need to balance out the internal aspects more.


I’ve seen it so many times in enough causes; well-meaning people just burn out. I prefer tenacity and want to keep at this work, so it’s better if I just detach every now and then. I would recommend that for everyone.


I also don’t like the amount of time I am around WiFi environments. I can tangibly feel the negative effects of the electro-magnetic pollution is having on my health.


In addition, I’m questioning how much good are we really doing?? The agenda is ploughing ahead regardless of all our blogs, articles and audios. I do think we should resist, but I just question our success and if we are just mainly preaching to the choir?? This is not being defeatist, it’s just taking an honest detached look at the movement.


I have given the analogy of the doctors looking down at the patient lying in the hospital ward with their clip boards writing endless notes on how the patient is dying and the process of their deterioration. But not actually rolling up their sleeves and administering physical help.


In that respect, despite my incident the other night with that arrogant denier, I would like to return to doing more street Truthing. I feel this is my forte. Despite it’s pitfalls, I think I can do more good by trying to wake up newbies. I prefer the direct connection with people, for good or bad :-).


After all my work is still accessible for new people, and from the feedback, I know the information has definitely helped people at various levels.


In a way I’ve pretty much said the salient points. Fortunately because my essays have never really been on current affairs or politics, they are not really time-related. My work being more intraspective and on principles of the agenda, so is not like reading yesterday’s papers.


I’m now only repeating the same themes in different formats anyway:

* Being proactive – resisting & propagating

* Going within – hints on a spiritual/consciousness perspective

* Observations on the useful idiots

* Ideas on waking others up – and the various responses and emotions around this


In addition I now feel that I’m moving away from the ranting about ‘the Jews’. I can’t see the benefits both on a personal level and helping us all find solutions. I no longer see the problem entirely as being ‘out there’ on a totally external level. Of course I’m totally aware of the forces of Judaism, but I know in my heart it’s much much bigger than just ‘the Jews’. It’s all of us. We’re all part of this, we’ve all played our collective roles in this, none of us have halos on our heads. Most of us have and continue to be passive observers; so therefore we are equally guilty of crimes to humanity and all life forms.


We all have played our role in bringing on this new world order.

If we think all we have to do is destroy judaism and everything will be hunky dory, we are deluded. Because the same forces will creep back into our lives, but just manifested in another form. We are all affected by this.


It’s like we put all our energy into ‘fixing’ our knee problem, then a week later we have a back problem, then a shoulder pain. But we never seem to get to the root cause of all these conditions. We have to look at the bigger picture.


We have ALL lost our way. I know people will say “Well yes, this is because the Jews have polluted society”. Well this is true, but WE have allowed them because of our weaknesses, because WE were unconscious. I’m not letting the Jews off the hook, but all I’m saying is we must also focus on ourselves. It’s time to clean up – on every level.


I know these thoughts are going to be unpopular. But I don’t care about popularity, I only care about what I feel is the Truth – the root cause of our problems, in hope of trying to find real solutions.


In the essay “D’ya wana banana?” where I described my experience where that guy refused to accept my ‘theories’. Well in hindsight I recall I had a very similar experience a couple of years back where a guy rubbished a theory. It was me doing the rubbishing :-). I refused to accept spiritual theories someone was trying to impart to me. I wasn’t rude to them, but I just wouldn’t have any of what they was saying.


He spoke about the nature of reality, about this illusory world, about deeper levels of consciousness. And how we manifest our world. I got irritated and my response was just to just bang on about us ‘physically’ getting the word out and brushed aside his theories as being fluffy new agism, idealistic, unpractical and I just couldn’t relate to him.


Ohh how I’ve changed my tune. So looks as if his sales pitch wasn’t a waste. Perhaps his contribution played a part in my development of consciousness. The more and more I look into the nature of reality in respect of this whole conspiracy, the more it seems so obvious to me, that this is the deeper/real Truth.


I recently wrote an essay titled “…until we get it” defining how I see the three illusory mindsets which are keeping us locked into this matrix ……Illusory identities, illusory fears and illusory desires. I’d say this and the essay “Little ‘s’ verses BIG ‘S’” are probably the most important essays I’ve written. To me these define the real root causes of this agenda.


I found it interesting how I got no comments or e-mails from “….until we get it” and so little views. Yet if I write about the Jews, israel or whatever I get stacks of feedback. I’m sensing our outlook may not be broad enough and this is perhaps the direction we need to go as a movement. I’m certainly not suggesting we ignore the judaic aspect of all this, but I would just encourage people to be more inclusive and seriously re-look at the topic of the nature of reality and consciousness.


I would urge any real Truthseeker to look at this topic comprehensively. From a scientific perspective, from the high level martial arts (beyond the fighting level) with their mind over matter abilities, from the pure spiritual doctrines (Gita, Vedas, Upanishads, Sufism, Buddhism, Rumi, etc) and of course experientially through internalizing (meditating).


There are many elements in life which highlight the true nature of this illusory world. There has never been a point in history when true independent science and pure unadulterated spirituality have really resonated together in respect of the understanding of consciousness.




So in a nutshell, I’m just switching from the cyber world to more feet to the streets Truthing and having a bit of a tea break from the internet. I aim to just pace things a bit more from now on with my posts, depending of course on global events.


Finally I would suggest please prepare yourself on every level for what’s soon coming down the line. All our answers, all our strength is ultimately going to come from within. This is the only Truth of any substance. This will support any external Truths we are now being exposed to.


Going within is the best internet you’ll ever have. It’s completely free, never crashes, no nasty WiFi, 24 hour access, completely mobile, security safe from hackers or viruses, no maintenance, no fears of big brother snooping, nobody can take it from you, you can have unlimited download allowance, ultimate power source, reliable, plus there’s never any disinformation – just pure unadulterated Truth.


Happy inner Truthing 

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  1. to answer a point or two you made, the chinese shot the monks with guns, no martial training has an effect when shot at, now the monks have different classes the monks who guard the temples are the lowly monks who are physically trained with the martial stuff, you cant call it martial arts, because there is no art in harming or killing people, and spiritual people do not do this, its the lower guardian monks. any training that galvanises the martial instincs is the polar opposite to spiritual training, and is anathema to those wanting to help others, according to both red hat and yellow hat traditions in Tibetan buddhism. The dailia lama had said ahimsa always, what this means is non violence to every living thing, the worm on your path was created by the supreme benig to fulfil a task, would you kill something the supreme being has created ? no you would not, the worm has his task and his work and so do you, make sure you do not countenance evil, because to countence it is to comply with it and to comply with it is to support it, and we must never support evil.

    • aa,

      Thank you for this interesting post. I have heard of higher rank martial artists being able to defuse bullets through their energy …..but I take your point entirely.

      Thank you again for your contribution.


  2. wow Digger, what impressive writing. I have gone through many stages in “truthing” including obsessing over the “evil ones”, Jews, Zionist’s, Elite, top percentile or Whatever The F*** title we give these people. What I discovered by focusing on the problem instead of focusing on the solution I just stay in a constant state of stress and misery.

    Apparently Nature has it set up that we are to be strengthened by the parasites that exist only to keep us strong. Vermin, cockroaches, hyena’s, vultures, Jews, Cancer cells, all the lower ignoble animals that live off our life energy. I would imagine if we were wiser and lived stronger, healthier, more intelligent lifestyles that the parasite class would never “take over”, they would just serve their purpose of taking out the weak and the stupid.

    Unfortunately we now live in a world where many of our brethren are easy prey due to poor health, ignorance and quite frankly multi generational poor breeding habits. I have to add horrible nutrition ,the constant bombardment of Bread and Circus’s and the complete control the ruling class has over information.

    I am so proud of people like you Digger that you can transcend anger and get constructive. Your mentality is the only one that will survive the upcoming changes we will be going through. The powers that be have all the weapons in the world at their disposal to take us out but I believe the spirit of truth and fairness will survive and some of us can make a difference by taking a lead and being smarter than the pathetic, self serving pieces of shit currently in charge.

    Enjoy your website and look forward to following your path as you allow us in to your world through your writing.

    • TtRP,

      What can I say to that, other than thank you for your kind words and objective input.

      I’m a bit sentiment at present and a bit floaty as i’ve literally just come off a three day fast and have only had my first mouthful of food 20 minutes ago. However I very much appreciate your thoughts and support.


  3. guess all my hero’s are thought criminals–you know I wonder–I am sure the the losers at DHS who are paid to “monitor” watch your site closely – you think any of them actually realize they work for garbage? Think any of this intelligent critical thinking breaks through the programming they have had?

    Here are some smart quotes about our situation, seems like some folks have been paying attention for awhile –

    “The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is apt to spread discontent among those who are.” – H.L. Mencken

    “To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt”. – Mikhail Bakunin

    “The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule”. – Samuel Adams

    “To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated over, regulated, docketed, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, weighed, censored, ordered about, by men who have neither right, nor knowledge, nor virtue”. – Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

    More great quotes –



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