on the metaphoric shelf

I was in two minds if to post this video, because of the risk of been seen to defuse all the other ‘factual’ material. But I thought all I care about is ‘The Truth’. I don’t really care so much what people think, and if they agree with my thoughts or direction. I just want solutions to this suffering. Real solutions, and not escapism. There are some really irritating aspects of the editing in this video, such as the new age background music and backdrop imagery, not to mention the UFO theme of the videos. However, please try and see the substance of the message.

Even if this subject is not your cup of tea, or you think this is all BS, or inappropriate for the ‘real’ issues we have going on right now in the world – please try to think back to when you first heard about the conspiracies you now know to be facts. Please just leave these wacky theories on the mental metaphoric shelf, as opposed to immediately rubbishing them.

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