D’ya wana banana?

Last night I attempted to pass on the Truth to a couple of lads in the street. I mentioned about the possibility of a false flag attack at the Olympics. Immediately one of the guys flew into a defensive verbal attack accusing me of being ‘one of those conspiracy theorists’ :-).

It was near on impossible to get a word in edge ways and it was more of a one-way slanging match against me. He would ask questions, but then when I preceded to answer him, he would cut in with more abuse and further questions. Just patronizing, condescending comments and mannerisms like “You idiot” and smirking when I would reply to his questions, On and on this cyclical patten went. Like he was enjoying it.


He brushed his hand away when I answered one of his questions in a dismissive manner, as if to say “Go away you fool”. He even put his hand in front of my face at one put to stop me talking. It worked!


I went away from this experience not so much angry, but totally zapped. Disheartened, hugely disappointed and sad. To think this young lad about 20ish probably is connected up to the net at home, with all that access to Truth and yet he chooses to remain inside the matrix. Not only that he is supporting ‘the system’. The same dirty system which has enslaved him, his family and ancestors. It makes you wana sigh aloud.


He did ask one sane question; and that was “Why would the police go along with such a huge event?” Well exactly. I tried to answer him, but he refused to listen to me. But isn’t this the question we are asking. How could every single police officer and intelligence officer ignore and support such an atrocity. Do they also think this is just a silly conspiracy theory?


I know I’m not alone with his type of response, it certainly isn’t an isolated incident. Those of us sharing the Truth will inevitably come across this type of negativity and willful ignorance. It’s usually worse when it’s people we care about. Not that I didn’t care about this guy, but I didn’t really have the emotional attachment there – even though he did ruffle my feathers (my ego) for an hour or so.


I wondered afterward why he reacted in such a way. I pondered whether he had previously had a heated discussion with a Truther and somehow was now on a mission to take sides. I’ll never know.


It’s a tough one. How do we deal with these situations?


Well, in good ol hindsight I think we can look at all these experiences as useful. There’s probably not one confrontation we cannot benefit something, at some level.


I feel the positive aspects from my experience last night’s were:

* At some level I sowed a Truth seed. The topic of a false flag event has got into his level of consciousness at some point. He probably was as ruffled by the experience as I was and he and his friend may have chatted about this topic afterwards. Maybe his friend may have not agreed with him.

* These ‘theories’ may just have hit a nerve and they both may just research this information, secretly. And hopefully wise up.

* It was great experience for me, to put my spirituality into practice, test my ego 🙂 and more Truthing experience.

* My last words to him were “Take care my friend, I’m sorry if I disturbed you” or something to that effect. So no matter how stupid he thought my theories were, he couldn’t really knock my character. I never retaliated with abuse to him (not saying I wasn’t tempted). But I deliberately left my last words wishing him well.

* If/when there is ‘an event’, he sure will remember our meet up and his attitude towards me. Hopefully he will review his whole outlook on conspiracy theorists.


I think that’s all we can do. Just accept that it like entering a prize draw, the odds are stacked against us, but if we don’t try and we don’t enter, we will never get the odd prize.


It’s like Saz says, it’s just like a sales pitch. She’s so right. We wouldn’t scream and shout at a potential customer just because they aren’t interested in buying our double glazing. We wouldn’t insult them and call them stupid for not accepting our offer, because of all the benefits we know about double glazing.


If we offer fruit to someone and they don’t want it and they even get abusive to us for offering it to them, well we’ll have to just move on and offer it to the next person. We have no other choice. Of course this information is more than just offering someone nutrition, this is seriously affecting us all. But the principle is the same.



Perhaps these should be our pointers

I hope these don’t appear patronizing, it’s just I’ve observed the mistakes I’ve made in the past and also observed so many Truthers and activists who have really screwed up and got themselves in tricky situations.


* Pride (ego) in the pocket! No matter if they get abusive, sarcastic, condescending, we really must try hard and not bite. It may take practice, but we have to keep trying. Just immediately walk away if you feel you are going to explode in anger. It’s just not worth it. There are ZERO benefits from retaliating in a slanging match and especially violence. Always try and keep a good energy.

* If you do lose it with someone you meet again. Apologize as soon as you can. Really mean it. Try and make amends and leave the subject of Truth, just work on the apology, even if they were abusive to you. I promise you it will pay diffidence later on. Maybe not necessarily with you passing on information to them, but maybe through someone else down the line. At least their impression of a Truther will be they were passionate about their subject and they were man enough/honorable and respectful enough to apologize and make the peace.

* BEFORE you approach someone to pass on the Truth, always try to prep yourself from a point of your ego. Being mindful of attitudes such as My information is better than your information or I am right and you are wrong! We have to drop that. We equally cannot afford to be condescending. It is difficult when people are just regurgitating sound bites they’ve been conditioned to repeat from the MSM. So preparation as in most things is the key.

* A top tip in any heated discussion, is try to have an image that you can have as your buffer when you feel yourself getting wound up. It could be anything, your dog, someone you love, or a close friend/family member who has died. A simple image of a flower, a beautiful scenery whatever. It may also be a little act of pinching your little finger. This may seem ridiculous, especially in the heat of such serious discussions, but I tell you it works. I use my mantram to detach. It may take a bit of practice like anything, but all you want is that trigger, which will immediately allow you to detach momentarily from the drama (ego). The bottom line is it’s all emotion/energy.

* Try to think what impression you leave with that person after you part. What resonance do they receive from a Truther? I now feel it is more important to give a positive image of the Truth movement, than to try and ram this information down their throat. Like trying to win an info contest. I feel we should almost try and be ambassadors for the Truth. Always leave that door slightly open for them to re-enter at a later time, never slam it in their face. Always think of the potential in that person, their skills and usefulness that person could offer the movement. Plus the possibility that ‘just maybe’, perhaps one day soon they may just get it. That person could be a Godsend to the Truth. Yet if we piss them off big time, that’s it! We’ve now created that all-powerful separatism. They now are not only never going to join our ranks, but may end up being our adversary. It’s that important.


So lets just be the detached sales reps for the Truth, lets just keep offering the bananas with detachment and compassion.

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  1. “You can’t fix stupid”

    Ron White

  2. aj

     /  July 4, 2012

    Digger, think he’s closer than you think. Knew a guy where I worked once. VERY dismissive, ridiculing etc. Found out a few years later, he’d had to begin working from home as he’d gotten hooked and couldn’t shut up about it. The extreme reaction suggests they’re close enough to see the abyss, perhaps. Anyhow. LOVE your work.

    • aj,

      Thank you for your uplifting perspective. That’s exactly what we all needed to hear. I’m so glad you brought that to our attention. I should have thought of that from previous examples in all sorts of movements. The amount of butchers and people in the meat industry I’ve met who have down tools and “No more – I don’t want anything to do with this horrific industry”.

      Thank you for your kind words and valid contribution.


  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  July 4, 2012

    Well, you lost a sale and now you are feeling a bit frustrated because the customer wouldn’t allow you to make a proper presentation. No magic words here but let’s examine the philosophy behind this concept. When you have lost the sale, the fact is that you haven’t failed. You have gained experience!

    First of all, remember you are not selling beds of roses; you are selling stink weed. You’re not peddling pretty pink baubles of peace; your product is an ugly truth and needs to be presented in a manner to make your prospect “think.”

    Remember who your sales competition is and how long they’ve been at their job. They have Hollywood and the media and most people have been buying their BS for years. They are selling fantasies and illusions which ultimately lead to debt slavery and/or death.

    Not too long ago, I saw a guy on YouTube who was dressed as a big purple bird talking about the 911 attack. (I think that was his topic). I was disgusted. Yes, he was telling the truth and making the rest of us look like idiots. Perhaps that is the idea?

    It’s useless to allow yourself to be drawn into an argument and isn’t going to do your prospect any good either. You did the right thing Digger. Simply apologize (yes, you read that correctly) and wish the prospect a good day; best to stay pleasant and professional. There may come a day when the prospect suddenly understands there is something wrong and he needs more product advice!

    Many years ago I was a “no sale” girl but after doing my own personal research – I not only bought the product but ended up selling it to others. Now, the person who told me is long gone and may never know how I’ve advanced but it happened and he didn’t lose the sale after all. I don’t know where he has gone but I will always remember him.

    My mom always used to tell me how we learn more in life from our failures than we do from our successes, yet for too many of us this concept doesn’t seem to sink in. It’s much easier to move on than dwell in the past, and I’m a firm believer that dwelling on the past doesn’t do anyone any good and can damage your motivation. Thanks mom!

    OMG! I wrote another book! Sorry Digger!

    • Thank you yet again Saz,

      Valid points.

      Many people will benefit from this little ‘booklet’.



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