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Over the past couple of years I’ve really been trying to wrap my head around why not only people won’t wake up to this AIR (Altered Inverted Reality), but why those who are in the know will just not act on the information. It really has baffled and disturbed me why there are so may passive Truthers.

I’ve finally condensed the reasons why, down to these interdependent areas:


The Three Illusory Mindsets


1/. Illusory Identities

Our false, imposed, conditioned, artificial, transient identities. I believe there is a global mind control virus called the IAMism virus. It has plagued humanity throughout history. I AM this, I AM that. Multifaceted labels we chose to cling to throughout our lives. I’ve called these labels “Identity crustaceans”, in reference to all these identities gradually being reinforced and galvanized upon us over periods of time.


We start off in life with none of these crustaceans, but they are incrementally loaded onto us from the day we are born. Lots and lots of labels, or repetitions of similar labels. People load them onto us and we chose to reinforce them. You are a white American Christian boy, or you are a brown-skinned Indian Hindi girl. These are imposed identities and resonate with the egotistic self (the small ‘s’) as opposed to the Divine inner eternal Self (consciousness/the BIG ‘S’).


No you are not a Hindu

No you are not a Muslim

No you are not a sales rep

No you are not a Christian

No you are not a boxer

No you are not a Truther

No you are not a Taoist

No you are not an atheist

No you are not a white nationalist

No you are not a vegetarian

No you are not a Hare krishna

No you are not a golfer

No you are not a dentist


You are not even an American

You are not even a niece

You are not even an Icelandic

You are not even a grandmother

You are not even a Pakistani

You are not even a son


Neither are you caucasian, disabled, blind, black, brown, Asian, male, female, young, nor old.


As hard as it may be to grasp the concept of our true identities; all these titles are simply experiences we are having in the (physical) illusory form, or roles in the drama. We are none of these adopted superficial conditioned labels. Because these pertain to the illusory egotistic self and not our true Divine everlasting Self.


You are a beautiful soul, just playing your role on the global world stage as an XYZ. It’s that simple.


We will not really get this, until we get it.

2/. Illusory Fears

False fears and manifestations of fears. All of them are either projected ahead, what will happen, what may happen. Or regressed emotional feelings/thoughts such as guilt, shame, regrets of the past.


Anger, jealousy, bitterness, aggression, remorse, depression, anxiety, hatred, embarrassment, stress, etc.


None of these feelings are actually real. We create them all in our mind, as we do everything – and I mean everything. It isn’t that court order, or fine that you have received in the post which gives you this false fear, as they are just pieces of paper. It’s the manufactured conditioned thoughts you have created in your mind about them that gives you the fear.


To be honest this is all academic, because I’m certainly not saying I’m fearless. But I have had a sniff of this reality. I’ve never been so certain about anything in my life – and that’s saying something. I absolutely know I’m on the right path here. My trilogy (head, heart and gut feeling) is giving me the green light on this one and I’m 100% committed to going down this route.


It’s as strong as I know that 9/11 was a Jew job. It’s as strong as I know money and usury is a scam, it’s as strong as I know I can’t trust the government.


It’s as if I’m a lower belt martial artist and I’ve had a taste of what is achievable. I’ve watched the black belts fight, I’ve experienced their skills and mastery, I’ve viewed all the videos and read all the books and I’m aware of the potential of these fighting skills.


Yet even though I’m only a lower belt, I can’t help telling all my friends who’ve never heard of martial arts. The potential we all have. These remarkable outlandish claims I make …..why would they believe me(?) Until they witness it, or experience it, why would they get it(?)



True consciousness is fearless, because consciousness is conscious it is all an illusion. 

I truly understand people not accepting this, it’s a tough one. When I first heard this I initially rubbished it. I remember saying words to the effect of ‘Ohh right, tell a distort Afghanistan mother who has just witnessed her child been blown up by a NATO bomb that it’s all an illusion. Tell her “Don’t worry love, it’s all just a dream, it’s all in your mind”’


Well firstly I wouldn’t be so insensitive to tell her that. And secondly I wouldn’t deny the pain, imagery and distress is very very real for her, but it is all in her mind. The actual physical experience is being created by her thoughts and actually experienced in her mind. Exactly like our dreams are very very real – until the point we wake up.


And finally, I would do all I could to help and console her in every pragmatic way I could.


If someone hits you over the head with a heavy object, the blow, the pain, the blood, falling to the floor, the ambulance journey, the hospital, the medical staff leaning down over you – all a very real experience. But it is almost identical to the very viscerally real experience you have in a dream.


So much so we reflect over our nightmares and the drama of it still has a negative resonance over us for several hours after waking. But this is all manufactured in our minds. Just emotions. Just projected thoughts – Illusory fears.


We will not really get this, until we get it.

3/. Illusory selfish Desires

Most people, including many people who are awake to the conspiracy are ……


Am I being direct enough? 🙂 I mean every word of that sentence. And yet I don’t say it with any unkindness, or aggression, it’s just unfortunately true. I’m sad to say, these words can even apply to many people who have known about the agenda for years, even decades in some cases.


However one encapsulating word which sums up all these words is unconscious. Now I know I’m getting repetitive. But it is necessary to keep pounding away at these concepts, because not only are they all interconnected, but we have all been hoodwinked into accepting this illusory world and illusory mindsets. This five sense reality is hitting us 24/7 and it has done all our lives.


The ancient Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and many other Eastern philosophies all talk about the three states of consciousness:

1/. The Waking state Our every day lives.

2/. The Dreaming state Our sleeping state, when we sleep and have dreams

3/. The Dreamless state The state of being when has woken up to the illusory world we live in. The consciousness connection.


We all are finally waking up to the fact we have been had all our lives. We realise it’s all been a scam – education, the government, the banks, the media, our parents projections, our society structures. All one big con. A massive illusion. Yet I feel we really haven’t scraped the surface of how deep this illusion really goes.


As this agenda is an illusion, so are our desires. They are all transient. All fleeting lusts of this illusory physical world. They are all temporary pleasure-seeking. None of them will provide any real depth of satisfaction or lasting happiness. None of them. As all our happiness, contentment, joy, elated states are all manifested from our minds and sourced from deep within. We are not our bodies and we are not even our minds – we are consciousness.


Nothing is real. Like the song It’s ALL an illusion. In fact a delusion (the sanskrit word Maya).


We will not really get this, until we get it.

What does this mean for us on a day-to-day level?

Does this mean we just sit back and give up? Don’t worry our little heads about the world’s situation, because it’s all just a dream?


Absolutely not – no way ho-say!


It just means we have the ability to adjust our world view. It arms us with a broader outlook, a vantage viewpoint. This new information/knowledge or viewpoint (if even academically accepted) will give provide us with detachment. Now we can respond to these worldly events and no longer keep reacting. We can now begin to adopt a more detached, objective mindset and therefore a more effective and controlled approach.


We can be more in control of worldly events collectively, because we are in more control of our minds, as we are coming from a conscious position. Now we can see the bigger picture. We can objectively view the manipulation at a deeper level, therefore project a different mindset and therefore ultimately project a different outcome.


This does not mean we reject politics, or not be proactive in getting the word out, or care compassionately about our brothers and sisters and sentient beings suffering.


We absolutely must engage in this work; but from now on with a totally transformed detached conscious mindset. Knowing that politics, activism is very very real to our lives, but the whole drama is being played out in our minds. We are all collectively projecting and manifesting this drama.






We will not really get this, until we get it.

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  1. Rowland Cheatham

     /  October 13, 2015

    I am very much in rhythm with much of what you say. I have had extensive experience in the Hare Krishna and 12-step programs. All designed to render one powerless. I can’t seem to find a way to get in touch with you. You have my email. Please let me know if you are of the mind.


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