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With every project, no matter how stimulating, interesting or even exiting, there are always behind-the-scenes elements which are really bland and boring. The mundane hard slog stuff that’s never really gets appreciated or rewarded. 


I remember when I used to hang-glide, 90% of the time was spent in the workshop making repairs and adjustments to the equipment – drilling, sowing, gluing, stapling, riveting, taping up. All prepping for the big buzz of getting up in the air.


Is it not the same for this work we do(?) Lots and lots of boring, seemingly relentless chores and unappreciated lonely background work, with what would seem hardly any rewards.


Exactly how it is for distributing flyers. Most of the time you’re on your own, hardly anybody notices your efforts, or nobody really cares. You generally get no feedback good or bad from those who pick up the flyers and you don’t even know if they’ve been trashed as soon as your back is turned.


However, it is an essential part of getting the Truth out and I feel it’s somewhat underestimated. It’s great having websites with articles, essays, forums, audios. These are terrific. But we have to be careful of too much ‘within the choir’ stuff. Also it’s almost like we’re the doctors in the white gowns leaning down over the patient in the ward and making summaries and analysis of their deteriorating health, but not actually rolling up our sleeves and helping the patient.


I feel this is where physically distributing flyers, stickers, CDs/DVDs etc really has an edge on the cyber world. Because it is directly getting out to newbies – new blood. Directly connecting with Joe Public. People who wouldn’t ordinarily be looking at anything like this stuff. The type of people who are wrapped up in their selfish humdrum lives, inside the matrix. These are the people we so desperately need to engage in the Truth.


Of course as I’ve said many a time, it’s not necessary just about numbers and waking people up, it’s about getting people engaged to be proactive with the information.


But by initially getting the numbers, we can hope that there are going to be percentages of those awake people who then will actually be active in propagating this Truth.


So lets say a thousand people are exposed to the Truth and 5% (50 people) take it on board and follow up the information. Out of that fifty people 45 people just remain passive browsers and do nothing to get the word out, but five people really do their upmost to spread the word. Pathetic as that is; at least that’s five people on our side, part of the team. Five people who were not only asleep, but were unknowing supporting the agenda.


It’s so important to think along these positive lines. It may be a hard slog, but it is absolutely worth it. You may be preventing someone becoming a soldier, or a copper, or any of the other unconscious roles in this cruel demonic agenda.


So please try to re-look at this simple and perhaps laborious act of distributing flyers as an extremely relevant part of getting the word out. Part of the bigger picture. It’s like the lottery, that one magic flyer could be the one that transforms someone’s complete outlook on life and even saves their life and others.


That said ………

Here’s a list of an elementary kit to take out with you when your Truthing for several hours.

I’ve been distributing flyers on and off for thirty years in various movements and these are some of the things which I’ve found useful. This list is not conclusive and we’ll all have our own personal add ons, but it may be useful to those that are new to Truthing.


* Flyers, CDs/DVDs, stickers whatever. I usually pack say 50 flyers together in elastic bands to make them neater when left in cafes, and various places. Some shop owners are more open to flyers been left if they packed neatly like this. So the night before I prep say thirty packs of these 50 flyers.

* Tough plastic sealable folder to hold some of your flyers in, in case it rains

* Small ruck sack, or hip bag (15/20 liter should do)

* Refreshment flask/bottle if your in areas in case there are no cafes

* Snacks to eat

* Quality cloth plasters in case of blisters

* Half a dozen pre-laminated flyers to pin up externally (or just in plastic sleeves)

* Wet wipes/refreshment pads, and a pack of tissues – some places don’t have toilet paper 🙂

* MP4 to listen to (I never use these, as I feel it’s more clutter for the senses. Instead I just switch to my mantram in moments of boredom).

* Hat which covers your ears – very important part of your kit, in case the weather changes

* Packable lightweight waterproof jacket, great even for just an extra layer in case the temperature turns cold. It’s the principle of the layering system, rather than the thickness of material.

* Extra T-shirt/top. I really rate marino wool as its so lightweight, compacts well and is an excellent insulation material, even in damp conditions. You may set off and it’s a glorious sunny day, but the weather can change dramatically. You don’t want to have to abandon your mission, just because you get cold.

* When I go for the whole day, I even pack into my kit a pair of marino long-johns – they are a God send if the temperature drops. These and a marino T-shirt I can condensely pack into the equivalent size of a backed bean can, yet if needed provide so much benefit. To be unaffected by the weather is so important.

* Pens and note pad. It’s amazing how many interesting people you meet and what excellent information you can share and receive on all sorts of subjects. Plus if you run out flyers you can scribble websites and films down.

* Cash

* Drawing pins, blue tack, tape or glue stick – to attach the odd few flyers to notice boards, meeting rooms, inside toilets, etc. I personally am respectful by not attaching flyers/stickers to people’s personal property. I think this will backfire on the movement.

* A reference/info pack or address book of relevant topics, i.e. health, chemtrails, fluoridation, etc. Just enough to share or hand out, with supportive websites, or books, etc on a subject which engages them.

* Mobile/cell phone and even portable charger

* Sunglasses

* Pack of dog treats – great way to break the ice and get chit chatting to dog owners and engage them in conversation.

* Perhaps a small video camera

* I personally deliberately DO NOT carry any ID on me when Truthing.

* Most importantly some levels of enthusiasm and a clean balanced approach!


I try to make a physical note of how many flyers I distributed in whatever space of time. I make a mental note too of the best techniques which worked and locations which were more successful.


You may prefer to chose an area well away from the CCTV cameras, say in the suburbs.


As for having others join you; it really depends on who you pal up with and how well you know the person, how you get on with them. It may or may not work. The dynamics have to be right. I’ve been with people who are pain in the neck. They are either too lethargic, or too outgoing and pushy/aggressive getting the message out. You want to try and go for middle ground approach.


You may end up finding you get much more done on your tod. Although having a few of you together can be great camaraderie in case you meet any antagonistic morons. However if you remain neutral, positive and friendly, you shouldn’t have much trouble at all.


I would say on day one, aim for low quantities of distribution – say just a 100 flyers. That’s a good start. It’s a 100 more than none. Then as you’re technique/skills and confidence build up, you can reach larger quantities in an afternoon.


Always remember – ALL WE ARE DOING IS DEFENDING OURSELVES, all we are doing is trying to prevent, suffering, death, destruction of the planet, all we are doing is spreading the Truth.


Good luck and happy Truthing

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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  July 2, 2012

    This is an awesome read and thanks for all the tips!


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