Serious Force

If there is one essay which is going to piss off the Jew-wise community, it’s going to be this one. Oh well, here we go ………

As far as I can work out the elements that contribute to the Jewish character are:

1/. Genes

2/. Environment

3/. Doctrines: The Torah, Babylonian Talmud and The Kabbalah (and in some cases even the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).


These three ingredients produce a Jew. The first element the gene is like the seed. The environment is equivalent to the soil and the doctrines are the constant drip feeding of sustenance (water and sunshine).


It is almost a fail proof system to produce a ‘good’ specimen of a Jew. Just as long as the grown plant continues to require the soil and sustenance, so does the continuation of Jewish mindset require to be amongst his environment and be exposed to the mindset which stems from the doctrines.


It’s the exact same for fire. The three elements to produce fire are air, fuel and heat.

The job of the fireman in eliminating the fire, is to remove any one or all of these elements.


Isn’t that the solution to defuse this Jewish mindset, just remove elements 2 & 3 from the equation??


It is Judaism the virus which needs destroying not ‘the Jews’. It’s their false identity, their false believe systems, their mindsets that needs to be utterly destroyed. That which they constantly receive generation after generation from both their environment and doctrines.


But what about the genes, I hear you scream? The seed remains just a seed. It is dormant without the elements which sustain it.


It’s just like health. Just because both our parents have arthritis does not mean we are guaranteed to have arthritis. However we are most definitely vulnerable to have arthritis if we keep triggering the same lifestyle habits as our parents. Like a loaded gun, with the bullets being the genes, if we keep firing the gun, the gun will go off.


We all have potential killer genes. Probably all of our ancestors at some point down the line have been murderers, thieves, rapists, etc. It doesn’t mean we are.


But we have the potential of these traits. They’re all dormant demons within us. It’s just we chose not to carry out these negative traits and we chose not to because of certain environmental conditioning we have adopted.



We become what we expose ourselves to, 

we become what we meditate on, 

we become what we absorb.


The Jews say a daily prayer thanking their G-d for not having been born a Gentile. Well for the grace of God, so to speak, any one of us could easily have been born into the Jewish community.


We could easily have been born into the hasidic community. Circumcised, side locks, long coats and all the mannerisms, habits and traits which one would adopt with that community.


Come on be honest, why would they not adopt these character traits, or how could they not? How could YOU not have adopted these traits had you been indoctrinated within this community from birth?


All those Jewish identities (crustaceans) loaded onto you day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. From the food, to the music, dancing, holidays to the holy land, constantly told you are G-d’s chosen, constantly seeing yourself as somehow different and better. Drip drip drip effect to form and mould the mindset of I AM a Jew.


Below is a video showing how Gandhi wrote to Hitler in an act of solidarity and support. Gandhi knew what was happening to the German people and how Hitler was being demonized. Hopefully many people will realise that everything we have learnt about history has been warped and polluted. Hitler was most definitely one of the good guys.


However, I feel there was a clear difference between Hitler and Gandhi’s approach. They were clearly under different political positions, but still I feel Hitler was very much caught up in identity. The identity of the German people. Deutschland uber alas. The emblems, parades, almost to a point of national self absorption.


Whereas although Gandhi did all he could to defend his culture against the oppressive British empire, he approached his adversaries from a completely conscious position, and hence diffuse the energy and arrogance of the (Jewish controlled) British empire.


Hitler was about might versus might. Whereas Gandhi was about consciousness verses might.


If we met a complete madman in the street who was kicking an innocent animal and we could clearly see the guy was insane or drunk. What would our approach be? Sure, we would be initially disturbed and even a bit shaken up afterwards. But we know our attitude from the situation would be completely different to that if say our boss suddenly did the same cruel act.


The difference being is at some level we accept the madman in the street is not in his right mind, and therefore come from a more detached, even understanding position. Whereas it would be very disturbing to witness our boss carry out an equal act, because we know our boss and we know him to be relatively sane.


So this means to some degree we have the capacity to be detached and come from a place of understanding with regards to people’s actions and even non actions.


Now this does NOT mean we adopt a softy softy, there there there approach and because we now understand someone is not in their right minds we accept their actions. No, we certainly deal with the situation, but we are just dealing with it from a less emotive position. We now respond to the situation at hand and do not react in a hatred frenzy.


This way we are far more effective.


This should be our way in dealing with all these insane unconscious people who are helping to destroy this world. The elite Jews, the supportive Jews, the police brutality, the corrupt MPs, the social services snatching children from loving parents, the macho soldiers killing innocent people and on and on we could could go.


All these people are not in their right minds. They have been conditioned and polluted by their environment and doctrines/material such as TV, magazines, gaming, newspapers, advertisement, cinema, trashy books, pornography, education and the chemical poisoning stacked on top of all this.


How could they not be a product of their environment?


The elite Jews are not in their right minds, they are about revenge and anger – we’ll leave all that to them, we’ll opt instead for righteous justice, without the hatred, without the malice.


And when we defeat them (this force), we won’t even preen in an egotistic state. We’ll get enough pleasure, contentment and buzz from just knowing we finally did it. Our joy will come through knowing ‘how’ we did, our approach as opposed to just the winning. We will be proud of ourselves knowing we demolished this darkness from a place of understanding, compassion and consciousness.


Only by facing our adversaries head on from a place of consciousness, we will finally become 

a serious force to reckon with. 

Gandhi’s letter to Hitler

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  1. i really liked this piece, i was for some years archivist for the W W II material fron brit intel, and hitler was not the bogey man he is painted, – by the jews incidentally, rothschild could have rescued the jews in germany anytime, but he wanted them to be the sacrifice, even the numbers were worked out, hitler took the economy away from the jewbankers,a cardinal crime for which world jewry got other countries to attack germany and falsify history
    * as a matter of history there was no such thing as the holocaust, that just did not happen

    • as above,

      Thank you for this informative comment. As always a great contribution.

  2. Hey Digger, I think many of us “get it” We know who is responsible and we have read the correct information. I have to observe this though, continuously reading and going over HOW they have screwed us, what is the point? Are we trying to enrage newbies to truth? Other than that we need to focus on constructive ways to take power away from those who would enslave us. Constructive conversations about how to disconnect and not be victims of these
    people. Continuing to talk about all they have done just brings more misery to the world.

    • Thanks for your comments TtRP,

      Yep I agree, constructive solutions getting to the ROOT cause is essential! I feel we need to be grounded physically and aware what’s going on and how they have carried out their enslavement. However if we don’t focus on the spiritual aspects, we will be stuffed. This is a spiritual war ….. through the physical realms. It’s so important we grasp this. I’m all up for political activities and resistance, so long as we coming from a strength from within.

      Hope that makes sense.

      Thank you for contributing.



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