A bit of yer own medicine – ha

Oy vey oh vey – we are offended. How dare you tread on our toes. It is our job to be the victimizers, it is our job to control the media and the public’s thoughts.


An Alternative to the Hitler/History Channel



Truth Tazars


I watched one of those clips of some poor soul being tazared. All sorts of emotions popped up to the surface – it just made me shake my head at the pure unconsciousness of these people doing this as a career. I thought about how the evil concept of this tazar gun was created and the process of how this concept was then put forth in meetings, then financed for the design, engineered and mass produced. All the various people playing their roles in this hideous invention. 







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when – not if


Tis when –not if your evil machinations will be crushed and placed into the archives of a bygone era.


It is a case of when – not if your precious israel will be returned to the righteous Palestinian owners.



When – not if the sleepy masses will awake and gain courage to stand up to you.



It is more about when – not if all your enemies will join ranks as a collective force for good and defeat your evil; allowing it to evaporate into the ether of our memories.



When – not if consciousness will decimate your cruel, insane and demonic ideology.



Rest assured you evil-doers, it is when – not if you will pay for your crimes on humanity. 



The time is near – and you know it, when – not if the Light will penetrate into every nuance of your presence.



You can feel the ever-presence of the Truth seeping into the global conscious. You can feel it creeping up on you; that day when –not if the Truth will utterly dissolve your deception. 



It is when – not if the cult of judaism will be known as just a dirty stain on humanity.





10 Reasons to get out of the FORCE

It used to be just the common criminal, those working outside of the law who hated the police; but now there is a palpable trend of those waking up to this agenda, who detest what modern-day policing stands for.


The Mirror of This World

Every particle of the world is a mirror,

In each atom lies the blazing light

of a thousand suns.

Cleave the heart of a raindrop,


Oh boy!


Oh boy – have I got a long way to go in my spiritual path before I can forgive these people.

PLEASE stop attending circuses, please stop supporting this cruelty. Let this fade away into a bygone era.

That unconscious soul abusing his power in the barn could have been crushed in an instant by these beautiful creatures. What holds them back? The same pavlovian fear that holds us back from crushing our cruel oppressors.


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Truth pub quiz

I use WiFi in a variety of places which means I sometimes have to bare the dreaded British pub quiz. This phenomenon is a pure barometer of how dumbed-down the British public are. This is really just an offshoot of tellyformation – an opportunity to prove who is best at parroting the crap that comes out of the telly (talmudvizion). In fact all forms of kosher propaganda outlets; the TV programmes, their precious history channel, jewspapers, magazines and radio.