Another kosher poison job??

Just like the Catholic church has been polluted and usurped, so has parts of the Hare Krishna movement at the higher levels.

Anything of any purity and beauty has to be destroyed.


Common sense under attack

Another great audio between zioncrimefactory and Deanna Spingola. Seems like nerves have been hit.


10 Lies/PSYOPS that you need to recognize!


Another excellent article by John Friend from


Editor’s Note: This blog post is intended primarily for family members, friends, and others unfamiliar with the whole “New World Order” conspiracy. It is meant to serve as a guide for those trying to figure out this mess we find ourselves and our world in, and to set the record straight on some important issues. After looking into this “New World Order” conspiracy stuff for 3+ years now, these are the most important lies, in my opinion, that need to be recognized by all people who care about truth, justice, freedom, and dignity – you know, what the United States of America is supposed to represent. Here we go…



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Dick’s Twin Lakes Escape

I’m sure every one of us at some point has momentary fantasied about getting away from all this insanity. Running off somewhere. Of course most of us don’t and probably can’t – well not for long anyway. Running away is a theme I covered in “Run for the Hills”.


name one

An open enquiry. Throughout the history of mankind, has there been one incident of terrorism or war which has not been instigated by this Babylonian judaic khazarian tribe?


“By their fruits, ye shall know them” ~ New Testament

Inverted Apology

Just look how this sycophantic creep apologies to Blair. Did the family members of all the innocent Iraqi people who were mercilessly slaughtered through his cabal receive an apology(?)

Nuf respect to this brave heckler.


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Mr Enigma

With any of my essays, if there is anything which I have written which I find out to be incorrect, misleading or inaccurate; I will immediately aim to recant my thoughts and offer apologies. I am also willing to stand alone with my opinions; which may be unpopular, seem trivial, inappropriate or initially appear distasteful. In light of this, here is my revision on my “Icke Synopsis” piece.


What crime have they committed?

Say I Am You

10 Benefits of Meditation

In general there are huge benefits to meditation. However here are some obvious benefits to help those of us in the Truth movement.