Nobody’s listening

Welcome to the medical gulag— you will pay with your life

Here’s yet another excellent piece by John Kaminski. Oh how we’ve all have walked away in utter frustration when trying to get the Truth through to so-called educated degreed-up ‘intelligent’ people. They are the worst. They have their degrees in parroting. I call them educated idiots. Left-brain dominant, programmed organic data absorbers. Repeaters, rote learners with minimum true knowledge, wisdom and inner knowing, just stuffed with data, but never ever knowing. As Carling said, just enough conditioning to be a good slave in the judaic system, but not smart enough to work things out. Just look at the graduation gowns – black (occult) with a satanic mason’s cap. Why also do they get ‘degrees’ – this is masonic. God help them, God help us all.

Today’s (6/28/12) Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, with a Jewish transsexual advocate who had previously never served as a judge casting the swing vote, guarantees our premature deaths in the Jewish medical gulag. Just imagine: being forced to pay for medical care that you can’t really receive, and if you do happen to receive it, it is very likely to diminish your health, if not kill you on the spot.

By John Kaminski


Nobody’s listening. Nobody can even hear.


“Here’s a great rundown of how the medical system is poisoning you,” I said enthusiastically as I handed her the piece of paper. “I don’t want to hear it,” she responded bitterly, snapping her head away. “I just don’t believe what you’re saying.”


I’ve found over the course of 50 years that the more advanced degrees a person possesses, the less they can actually ingest new information. Constructing an ego in this way leads to a self-congratulatory blindness down the road, which I think is an essential component of the ‘take the bribe and look the other way’ syndrome that has flushed America down the toilet.


You’d think the training so-called educated people receive in order to master their specific complex disciplines would have taught them how to learn, but the opposite happened. It taught them how to convince themselves that they’d figured everything out, when in fact they hadn’t.


The hubris of subject mastery is a ruse — Debord said “when deceit deceives itself” — that blinds us to new paradigms.


Even as our health declines precipitously and we can identify the specific demonic programs that usher all life on this planet toward unprecedented levels of disease, we turn away, check out the latest score — can Roger beat the Djoker at Wimbledon? — or escape into whatever that elusive attraction is that palliates our childhood injuries and determines the course of our lives.


Oh sure, there are legions of conscious people diligently working to spread information about crucial subjects, but all these well-meaning souls are overwhelmed by the demonic white noise media machine that addicts us to the latest crises, and twists the dagger in our souls as it tangibly threatens our lives.


Put things into context! I cry out into the inchoate darkness of cyberspace, and what comes back in a blaze of crystal glory is this — <> — don’t let your belief system interfere with your fact-gathering.


It is the fact-gathering that will save you — the belief system will only kill you — crucify you, in some instances — while the facts just might save your life.


In fact, the facts are your only hope.


But what comes back is an eerie silence, as everyone’s eyes are glued to the tube for the next adrenaline-pumping threat without ever once recalling that this was the same thing that happened the day before yesterday, and the day before that, and . . .



Whom to trust

Authority figures? Can you say Obomney?


Doctors? Sure, just take this pile of statins and the swine flu shot booster and you’ll be perfectly OK.


The cops? The rationale for raping children and taxing grandmothers is because your yard is not up to code.


Your teachers? Pay attention! It was those evil Muslims who killed all those people in New York City. To say otherwise is to cut your lifetime income by half (if not, as in my case, completely).


Since we don’t know everything in the world, all our information is necessarily incomplete — although most of us, in our fragile threatened ego states, refuse to admit it.


Based on our half-hearted information, gathered during that short period of time when the necessities of life actually allow us to think, we meet people people we decide to trust, and we go along down the line agreeing with each other until one day, something happens that makes you realize you’ve been wrong all along, that what you thought was true was never true, even though you believed it to be true.


Examples are too numerous to mention.


But at the top of this heartburn-producing shopping list comes the United States of America — it was never what we thought it was, even though  . . . we thought it was.


We thought it was the land of the free and the home of the brave.


The list of unjustified mass murder of feckless natives — let’s skip the many millions of the 20th century — such as the slaughter of 4 million Filipinos in the 1890s to bring them liberty, or, of course, the methodical extermination of 20 million American ‘savages’, with those who avoided this real holocaust now crowded into desolate backwaters called reservations and made senile by constant hatred.


Now white supremacists decry to extermination of whites in south africa, never thinking for a single moment that this is only karma — Barack Obama is only white karma! (though manipulated by the white, and specifically Jewish powers that be) that we brought down upon ourselves — again with substantial Jewish assistance — for the unforgivable way we have treated our colored brothers and sisters throughout the world.


Now, all the white crusaders are primed to fight the drug dealers and gangbangers, who have been finely trained and armed by neurolinguistically manipulative Jewish music promoters, and also by the CIA, just like the way they trained and armed the Saudi mujaheddin in Afghanistan that later became the Taliban, and did the same thing more recently in Libya, and are doing now in Syria.


Both groups are merely doing the Jews’ business.


Today’s (6/28/12) Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, with a Jewish transsexual advocate who had previously never served as a judge casting the swing vote, guarantees our premature deaths in the Jewish medical gulag. Just imagine: being forced to pay for medical care that you can’t really receive, and if you do happen to receive it, it is very likely to diminish your health, if not kill you on the spot.


As when the currency we use devolves completely to debit cards, which you won’t be able to get without your insurance card, this ruling makes us all prisoners of Jewish doctors, who will ‘take care’ of our health with phony Jewish pharmaceuticals (remember Dr. Nancy Banks said that 96 percent of prescription drugs are utterly ineffective).


Those who don’t pay their insurance will become the new inhabitants of the FEMA prisons when they can’t show their new insurance cards when traveling, entering government buildings, buying a house, getting a job, or even traveling on the highways when stopped at TSA checkpoints. Total totalitarianism!


This is worse than anything ever even attempted in the Jewish Soviet Union. Total health control is total mind control, Orwellian to the max, where will be taught to love our Jewish jailers even as they kill us.


But even as the clouds close in, nobody’s listening. Nobody can even hear.


Shush, they say, the game’s coming on. Let’s listen in.



Practicing poverty

We must dispose of the criminals who enslave us, after first disposing of the criminal tendencies within ourselves. Supporting American policy in the world is a criminal tendency. Refuse to admit that the Jews control every aspect of our lives and are inexorably strangling us is a criminal tendency.


If you’re willing to go along to get along, you are assisting in the mass murder of your fellow citizens.


We are all cutting back, trying to stay out of harm’s way, thinking that if we can just hunker down, just get far enough away from the madding crowd, that this will all blow away.


Well, it won’t, unless we all make it blow away.


But I get very few responses to my latest stories. True, there is a wealth of intriguing and essential material at our disposal. But few people ever question the veracity of the material facts they repeat. And a result, we are lost in a cacophony of misinformation, with factions holding identical beliefs battling each other over trivial disputes as the government-controlled media — or is the media-controlled government? — streams out an endless array of outright lies which they demand we believe are good for us.


In the meantime, once again I’ve gambled everything and lost, and forage for food and shelter in a world that convinced itself it was right to help yourself and nobody else.


Which is why nobody’s listening, and nobody can really hear anything.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.

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