The first day of a new mindset

It was Tom’s first ever time he had attended a martial art lesson. He was quite nervous and somewhat reluctant, but likewise had an underlying keen excitement. 

Tom discovered this club through a poster that caught his eye in the library. It was an image of a girl throwing a potential mugger on the floor. A petite teenager flooring a grown man. Wow, just through learnt techniques – know how.


This particularly appealed to Tom as he was skinny 12 year old, with low self esteem and consequently had been consistently bullied in almost every class he had attended.


The last incident had been very recent and he really was roughed up and humiliated in front his whole class and worse still in front of Sarah the girl he had a soft spot for.


That really was Tom’s lowest point. His confidence was shattered. There had to be a solution to this endless escalating intimidation. Where would it end? Would he end up in hospital? Would he be stabbed next? His negative imagination took hold of him until a depression had sneaked up on him.


So understandably the image on the poster penetrated deep into Tom’s psyche. It couldn’t have appeared at a more appropriate time. This was his way out; his ultimate solution to this cyclical negative theme in his life.


His mind went into overdrive with the fantasies of retaliation he would unleash on his gang of cruel tyrants. His visceral pleasure of these thoughts charged every cell of his body.


NO MORE BULLYING, no more humiliation, no more bruises, no more name calling, no more living in fear of the next attack. And on top of all that, the added bonus of sweet Sarah finally paying him some deserved attention.


He played out the scenario in his mind over and over again. Usual route home, usual gang waiting for him in the park, usual teasing, threats and insults. With the regular one or two front guys beginning with the physical pre-fight logistics of pushes and tripping him up.


Except this time things would be different. This time Tom the skinny weakling was armed. Armed with an inner warrior, an ancient set of tried and tested skills of combat and defense. A secret inner defense system he could unleash as and when the time called. This inner security and confidence he had never previously had. And ultimately none of that awful stomach-wrenching fear. That accumulative fear which at times was far worse than the actual physical attacks.


In Tom’s fantasy he could hear the specific taunts, the collective laughing inside the crowd, the drama where he was always the unwilling main character. Even though the adrenaline was still there, this time it was a different adrenaline, it was a buzzed up, positive exciting adrenaline he had never experienced. This time, the ending was going to be different, this time the main character of the drama was going to be the hero.


The first shove came, followed by a clip round the ear. The relentless taunts. Then big Dave, Tom’s long term oppressor came for him with his usual body blow …………….however within seconds Tom had blocked it; thrown not only Dave’s energy off, but his presumptuousness off. “Hold on a minute that was not supposed to have happened” were the panicked thoughts of big Dave.


Tom grabbed him by the wrist, twisted him over and BANG with a big thump big Dave was floored. Ha – just like the poster. Big bad bully on the deck.


Tom finished him off with a swift sharp kick in the ribs to ensure he wouldn’t make a resurgence and drum the message deep within them both – who exactly was now in control!


In the background the gobsmacked audience were in awe. Hold on, this was better entertainment than they could ever have expected. But now the dynamics had changed. Now there was a shift in the power ratio. The oppressors would be the the oppressed. No more victim mentality for Tom boy.


But wait, there were still one or two within the gang who just could not accept this paradigm. Surely, they thought to themselves this just had to be a fluke, a one-off piece of luck and we’ll have deal with Tom.


Slightly less confident than previous attacks they had unleashed on their easy victim; these two lads began to approach him. Although putting up the bravado in front of the crowd, this time they were slightly on edge. “You want some – you want some skinny?” they probed Tom.


For the first time in his life, Tom stood his ground – head on with perfect posture. His whole body language had transformed. He was oozing that calm collective confidence whilst sneakily lavishing the adrenaline and the opportunity. “Well, that depends what you’re offering doesn’t it” Tom responded in a confident smirky tone.


“Ooohhh” was the sounds in the background from the crowd. Almost in a astounded tone of “How dare he? This isn’t how he’s supposed to react??” Then a slow build up of  “Hit ‘im” “Fight – fight – fight” chanted the supporting audience.


The two bullies now were committed, even if their intuition was telling them – Something’s not right here. They could not back down now. After all they had a reputation, they were the hard nuts of the whole school. And especially backing down to skinny Tom – no way.


By this time Big Dave had scurried off in shame and pain to the side of the crowd, watching on with equal curiosity to the outcome of round two. Face to face stood Tom and his next victim. “You want some of that?” Tom remarked pointing casually to the pathetic state of big Dave.


Bully number two was Nathan, a rough n ready lad from the local council estate. He had roughed up Tom many a time in the past, just for the hell of it, sometimes even without an audience. He’d just grab Tom by the scruff of the neck and play with him like a cat plays with a mouse. No way was Nathan going to tolerate lip from a geeky little squirt like Tom; especially in front of witnesses.


Nathan lashed out with a vicious folly of clenched fists complemented by incomprehensible sounds with each swing. Each time Tom artfully dodged his efforts. Like he was having fun with him, willing to just play the game and wear him out. The adrenaline was flowing, the excitement was maxed, the crowd were elated and Tom was super cool.


One last missed swing from Nathan then Tom went for the kill …….a sharp directed chop straight for the throat, whilst diametrically yanking him towards him with the other hand and then a swift sharp kick in the nuts, followed through with a double punch to the face, slamming Nathan firmly to the ground in absolute disgrace. Energy disbursed, tyrant defused, power discharged. All in a matter of seconds.


“Right next” said Tom with a slightly cocky tone staring at victim number three. Jason another class bully who had given Tom many slaps over the years, stood perplexed.


Without even allowing Jason to escape, nor the flow of energy; Tom came at the poor victim with a torrent of direct punches slamming him each time against the wall. The palpable thumps, the jerks to the neck, the brutal explosive energy could be felt by all. Jason had no time to react, no contemplation for what he was experiencing, just the relentless accurate powerful blows again and again, till he was an incompetent bloody mess slumped against the wall.


Job done! A hat trick.


Tom picked up his rucksack, confidently glanced at the bemused crowd and new life from now on would be totally different.



Of course Tom knew this reality was a time away yet, but for the first time in his life, he knew that this fantasy although at present seemed impossible, would one day be doable. That whatever happened, at least he knew that he could change the the way he felt about himself. Through lots of effort he could gradually lose the fear. That was much more important than any revenge, or even winning over sweet Sarah.


After Tom came out of his first lesson, he knew how cumbersome and awkward his moves were, he felt the novice he was, he knew how unfit he was and what a mountain he had to climb to get to the standard of the black belts he so admired.


He was bruised aching and quite knackered from his first lesson, but inside he felt FANTASTIC!! He had never felt so elated in such a long time. He was so proud of himself he had overcome the procrastination and hesitation of attending. He knew exactly how significant this first lesson was. He had started the process off, the beginning of fighting back.


This feeling and energy we have with any new venture, be it the determination to lose weight, learn a language, play an instrument. It’s all about the will. The drive and purpose. A means to an end.


This is why I cannot stress enough how important it is to begin the process of any self-development. Stop waiting for the perfect time to begin, because there never really will be that perfect time. Start NOW.


And that is why it is so important to just start off by printing up a hundred leaflets and leave them in a cafe. That simple act of course is not going to change things, but it’s the equivalent of that first day of Tom’s martial art lesson. It’s that important!


Next time you can leave some in a different cafe, next time in a few cafes, then keep toping them up, then drop some off in churches, waiting rooms, get stickers made, burn CDs/DVDs. Let your Truthing abilities and interest slowly build up.


The next thing this becomes as normal as any activity. It will be a positive habit in your life. It will become part of your routine, even your new identity. In fact you wont be able to go out the house unless you’ve got your Truthing info.


Gradually accumulatively you will develop new ideas and systems to get the word out. Your imagination and skills will increase. You will have changed your mindset and most importantly your level of fear will have altered. From that simple innocuous act of dropping off a few leaflets in that one cafe. You will now be part of a global resistance.


No matter how bad things are and get, inside you know you are doing your bit. This will help defeat any levels of depression and feeling of insignificance. Like Tom, you will have reclaimed you’re all important self-worth.


The process has to start somewhere, so make that start. Begin the process of breaking down this fear and apathy. You can make a difference. You can be more than a passive fearful spectator. Make a start today with your first bit of Truthing.

Don’t be riddled with guilt down the line when you know in your heart you could have done your bit.

We CAN and WILL beat these bullies, these oppressors on humanity. They are not unbeatable. We have the power, not them……but we have to unleash it. We all know all we have to do is just carry on as normal and they have won. Yet all we need to do is start to begin the process of defending ourselves  – and they have lost. That simple!


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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  June 28, 2012

    Truly awesome! How do “we” fight our bullies? Well, whenever you go to a food store, the mall, the doctor’s office or where ever you may be (doesn’t matter really) simply start a conversation with someone. Make sure you have DVD’s with you or some flyers.
    Approach the person and ask them how they feel about the economy or perhaps how they feel about a war with Iran. Ask questions! How do they feel about Palestine? How do they feel about Israel? Whatever your approach may be is up to you based upon your ability to answer the question and provide facts.

    However, make sure to share something about yourself; your fears and concerns.Aallow that person to peer inside your soul and see you – not as a hater – but as a concerned citizen of humankind!

    I feel this video gives some good sales tips to help truthers.

    • Thanks Saz,

      Great contribution as always. Good ideas. Thanks for link. You truly are a Truther!

  2. hey jewd

     /  June 28, 2012

    Very powerful metaphor Digger. From an acorn, so to speak. I felt for Tom all the way through.

    Another motivational article. Well done. I hope this helps to break down people’s fears. We are the power but just don’t know it. Thanks for all your quality work.

    • hey jewd,

      Many thanks. I think things will work out for Tom in the end ;-).

      I too hope it helps to engage people people to begin to start facing their fear.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Keep spreading the Light.


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