The Unstruck Bells & Drums

The Lord is in me, the Lord is in you,

as life is in every seed.

O servant! Put false pride away

and seek for him within you.

A million suns are ablaze with light,

The sea of blue spreads in the sky,

The fever of life is skilled, and all stains

are washed away

When I sit in the midst of that world.

Hark to the unstruck bells and drums!

Take your delight in love!

Rains pour down without water,

and the rivers are streams of light.

One love it is that pervades the whole world;

few there are who know it fully;

They are blind who hope to see it by the light of reason,

that reason which is the cause of separation –

The house of reason is very far away!

How blessed is Kabir, that amidst this great joy 

he sings within his own vessel.

It is the music of the meeting of soul with soul;

It is the music of the forgetting of sorrows;

It is the music that transcends all coming in

and all going forth.

~ Kabir

Kabir was a fifteenth-century mystical poet and saint honored by both Hindus and Muslims. Not much is known of his life, which was spent in a tiny shop on one of the winding alleyways of Veranasi (Benares), north India, where he followed his trade as a weaver. His thousands of songs and couplets in vernacular Hindi express direct experience of the divine, infusing the mysticism of the Upanishads with the Sufi’s ecstatic love.

“Be your own Light;

Open your eyes and see

That Rama and Allah are One!”  

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