Recently I have been listening to zioncrimefactory and Deanna Spingola audios and noticed how ZCF feels the need to keep repeating his message over and over again. It’s almost like he’s fighting against a relentless tsunami of disinformation and propaganda. Both outside the movement and within. Of course he has to keep pounding away at these same themes, because it is the only way we are going to hold back this relentless force.


His common themes are defending Hitler, the National Socialists (Nazis), the German nation, the Truth behind the holocaust and the symbol of the swastika.


It seems he along with many others in this particular niche of the Truth are definitely making headway, due to his popularity and how he’s now been targeted.


It looks as if there has recently been a surge of consciousness within the Truth movement to open up to this touchy area of the Truth. I know I have re-looked at this whole area of WW2 history over the last couple of years and realise how much I had been duped and how our movement has been infiltrated.


I could empathize with ZCF’s frustration in trying to overcome the negative perception people have of the themes he covers, due to the relentless propaganda; as I’ve been battling with this false perception for several decades within the animal rights movement.


One only has to say those two magic words for almost everyone to turn their noses up. What is the first imagery one conjures up when the words AR (animal rights) are mentioned? What is the one piece of clothing immediately springs to mind?


The black balaclava. It’s all perception. All created by perpetual propaganda. When in reality most people in the  AR movement are non-violent, compassionate souls who wouldn’t hurt a fly – literally. Yet they’ve been consistently demonized for forty odd years.


Just like the Nazis, just like those Mooslems, just like natural health practitioners, just like native indigenous tribes, just like gun owners, just like the Irish freedom fighters were, and on and on we could go. All negative perception through repetitive slogans, imagery, propaganda and downright lies lies lies.


Anyone standing up to this judaic control construct will be under attack.


Now I’m not painting all AR people or any other group as having halos on their heads, but I promise you, we’ve been deceived by the kings of deception.



Here are some classic misconceptions about the animal rights movement


All AR people love animals more than people. 

Ohh my word …..if I had a quit for every time I’ve heard that classic line. Wot utter bollocks. Many of the AR people flip flop across to many of the other humanistic movements such as the anti-war movement, the Palestine issues, anti-GM protests, etc.


Many are loving grandmothers, have adopted children, and care very much about the bigger picture. It’s just that they are conscious enough to see that showing compassion for defenseless animals being abused was all part n parcel of the peace and freedoms of all of us. Compassion for animals and compassion for people are intrinsically connected.


They had worked it out that the cruel and ineffective practice of vivisection was only serving corporate interests. Just a shame they/we didn’t know back then who these corporations were serving.



All AR people are violent terrorists

Ohhh p-l-e-a-s-e. This is laughable when you really know the score. Most are gentle, reserved compassionate souls who just will not stand by and allow abuse of innocent sentient beings – be it human or non-human.


This war on terror propaganda is not a new thing, it’s just that the catch phrase is. Yes AR people have perpetrated ‘violent’ acts on buildings/property in order to sabotage the logistics of the perpetrators of evil. But in the thirty years I’ve been involved in it (on and off), there have been no acts of violence carried out on people within ANY of the groups – zero. Other than through lone individuals or agent provocateurs. The classic black balaclava clad individuals (police officers/paid agents) at demos conveniently carrying out acts of violence in front of the media.



AR people are all unbalanced individuals who are just projecting their inner insecurities and inadequacies.

Now does this ring a bell – how are they trying to label you Truthers? Basically if you do not go along with this demented judaic world view, you are insane and paranoid. This is what Orwell wrote about…..those who will adapt, adjust and allow cognitive dissonance to settle in and just go along with the status quo; and those who have conscience and courage to stand up to evil and injustices.


They are now trying to claim that anyone who insists on eating organic food is psychologically unstable!!


Why wouldn’t these AR people not lose it from time to time when they not only could see the levels of cruelty to these poor animals, but the corruption within the system and regular severe injustices carried out on the AR community.


You see the AR movement got their act together, despite all their pitfalls they had people in the movement who had balls, passion, collective focus, inertia and tenacity. Qualities I feel are generally lacking in the Truth movement. They were making an impact and hence just would not be tolerated by big brov.



AR people were hindering science and medical progress.

Ohh fuck off! If this wasn’t so serious, one could laugh out loud. Hopefully most people involved in the Truth movement by now will be able to see through this BS.


The only progress these maniacs are worried about hindering is their evil practices of their agenda. And all their dutiful lapdogs care about is their kudos and precious money. These sick sciences are there only to enhance the medical mafia and the industrial war complex (murder industries).


I could go on and on with examples of misconceptions about the AR movement; but the main point of this essay is to highlight how our perceptions have been programmed into us. Everything is hinged on perception.


I could do a similar breakdown with the general public’s perception of natural health and how it too has not only been demonized but trivialized by the main stream media.


However, why I resonated with ZCF’s frustration is because over the last eighteen months I have woken up to how the Jews have attacked spirituality. It’s like it’s been another section of this conspiracy they have seriously concentrated on in which I hadn’t really paid much attention to. Yet it’s dawned on me that it is probably the most significant.


If you just take a moment to contemplate – what does spirituality mean to you?


What image crops up in your mind right now?


New agers with josh sticks, flowery hippies, finding oneself in India, meaningless luv n hugs, trendy weekend meditation retreats, chanting circles, new age book section in your local book store, drums, yin yang symbols embedded into hash boxes sold in the market stalls, singing bowls, chimes.


Also terms such as global consciousness, inner Light, cosmic energy, love n Light, we are all one, esoteric philosophy, vibrational energy or vibes man.


In general I don’t necessarily have a problem with this terminology, but I feel I have to always over-compensate when I use similar terms – almost like I’m tripping up over myself to first say “For the risk of sounding like a new ager ….”


Again all these terms and items are imagery and perception of what we are shown spirituality to be. Just like they have totally demonized the swastika sign, they have trivialized the extremely important symbol of yin gang, of the two opposing forces in life.


The main purpose of the new age movement was to water down the essence of spirituality and trivialise it. True spirituality has deliberately been “sillyfied”. 

As the yin yang symbol has now lost it’s significance, so has spirituality. It’s been degraded and tainted by new ageism. In addition meditation has also been trivialized. It’s now seen as a just a de-stresser, just another sensory feel-good stimulant, another hobby or interest; equivalent of nipping up the pub for a couple of pints, going for a jog, fishing, or popping up the gym for an hour or so.


The texts and doctrines of the ancient scriptures have also been diluted into spirituality for dummies and handy pocket-size booklets packed full of catchy warm fluffy phrases sold in new age shops.


All gradually and incrementally allowing the true powerful message of spirituality to drift into the background as just another form of entertainment and ephemeral feel good factor. No Divine presence, no deeper intrinsic resonance, no substance, or even relevance in this modern progressive materialistic society. All done through perception, how we perceive.


So here I am again finding myself boxing yet another corner in this whole humungous agenda. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with. However I feel this one is a biggy!


This really is deep into the matrix as one can possibly get.


If they are going to destroy one element of beauty, substance and value in life and intent on destroying the only true element of hope we have to escape their enslavement……they must demolish spirituality.

True spirituality is everything, true spirituality is the opposing force to their evil – it is the Light, it is consciousness, the deeper Truth.


Please let us not allow them to destroy this most important aspect of our existence. Our souls, our purpose in life, our energy source, our true identity – The Truth.


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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  June 27, 2012

    Hi Digger,
    Well, it’s good we have someone out there who specializes in the holohoax and Hitler. He’s been targeted on more than one occasion and will no doubt be targeted again. This has always been a taboo subject that no one ever question until the last several years.
    First of all, one must ask “why” people who question the holocaust are targeted and why there are those who have been jailed and murdered in certain countries. Don’t you feel that asking questions about an historical event are natural? We can question the existence of a god, the creation of the universe or the veracity of our leaders but not the holocaust? That’s strange indeed because truth does not fear investigation. Also, 64 million people died as a result of WW2. Why is it that only jews are called victims?

    Your analogy with Animal Right’s Activists was interesting. I have a kitten but don’t know anything about the ARA due to time restraints. All I have to say is if I saw anyone hurting an animal I would smack them or call the police.

    You certainly do seem to be a very spiritual person with a strong sense of justice. Actually, I believe they have infiltrated all forms of spirituality as a means to control us.

    May the truth continue to spread thanks to people like you.

    • Hi Saz,

      I wholeheartedly agree with you this ‘touchy’ subject needs highlighting…..hope you realise this was why I needed to express I resonated with ZCF entirely. Yes asking questions on ALL historical events are most definitely natural.

      Yes they have infiltrated all forms of pure spirituality.

      And thanks to people like you Saz!

      Thank you again for your contribution.


  2. Snakey

     /  July 7, 2012

    I recently sat down to watch old episodes of Dalziel and Pascoe. Andy Dalziel’s comment in one broadcast was, regarding Animal Rights protesters,: “They are psychopathic misanthropes” and yet the murderer turned out to be a scientist, the one person who was experimenting on animals in pursuit of a “face cream to cure wrinkles”. The idea of AR people being “psychopathic misanthropes” was nicely embedded in the viewer’s mind though 😉 This was not the first time AR protesters were vilified by the Dalziel character despite in one show Dalziel sitting over a fox hole to prevent the hunt from killing a fox.

    As for vivisection helping human science, well, we are still waiting for that miracle cure for cancer aren’t we? How many more years, how much more funding, before people finally wake up and realise that the pharma companies have no intention of curing cancer? The PTB banned vitamin B17 and genetically engineered almonds so that they would no longer produce laetrile (a cure for cancer). Why? Because billions of dollars are spent on pretending to find a cure (when nature already has one). What is a real psychopathic misanthrope to do? Oh yeah, ban all natural diets and natural cures.

    • Snakey,

      I know I am bias ….but when I receive intelligent, well presented comments like this it makes this blog worthwhile. On behalf of all of us, thank you for this information.

      I could bore people senseless with my personal anecdotes of exposure to all this hypocrisy. More sells outs of humanity. More people selling their souls for mammon and kudos (ego).

      Just unfortunate that many people in the various fractions of the Truth aren’t aware of this huge dot in the matrix.

      Thank you very much for your contribution.

      Keep doing your bit


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