Truth Stash

As we know there is a suppression of Truth happening at every angle, both the inability to get exposure of the real Truth and propagation of disinformation. But the Truth is under constant attack. It is our job to do everything we can to fight back at these attacks. 


The Truth must come out – the Truth will out. 

Lately Scott Roberts’s site has been taken down by his server also zioncrimefactory and Prothink have been threatened. The more the Truth gets exposed, the more the Jews desperately are trying to suppress our message. It’s like a Truth race.


I feel we have to prepare ourselves for a day when the net is seriously compromised and ends up just like the main stream media. This may be sooner than we think….if we allow it happen.


There are probably many ways they will try to do this. Firstly through a monopoly of provider ownerships, and secondary through their trumped up legislation, just like they have done with the holocaust laws.



So what can we do?

Well there are some people who believe they will never be able to fully control the internet. I don’t know, maybe this is true, but would it not be prudent to prepare for the worst, just like the prepping community are doing.


Here are some elementary starter suggestions

Download and save onto disc, memory sticks and printed form important articles, books and films. They will probably make holding on to this material illegal in the future.


Create a local data Truth bank/libraries, where people can share Truth info. These will get infiltrated, but there also will be an awful lot of good information shared. It will be the same as the internet, in which one will have to be discerning with the information absorbed. Obviously no originals should be lent out – all copies.


Talk talk talk. The use of communication, backed up by the information you have stored will be a necessary and continual part of Truth spreading. Between work colleagues, buddies, neighbours, strangers, family, etc.


Article distribution. This is going to have to be different to just distributing flyers and stickers. Whole articles will have to be laboriously photocopied. It’s what I had to do 30 years ago before the internet in the animal rights, when I was a zitty 15 year old handing out information on alternatives to allopathic cancer cures, etc. It is much much harder than just giving people a list of websites. Obviously CDs and DVDs are available now, which makes storing data easier. But a lot of information will still have to be in presented in printed form.


Truth film and discussion nights between trusted friends and acquaintances. Outside the realm of friends, film nights are better than discussion nights, as discussion nights will tend to get infiltrated. Whereas the Truth can be delivered easier in a documentary film.


Obviously these above mentioned suggestions are really only dealing with the problems and not the root cause. As we need to completely take back our freedoms and kick these oppressors out of every position of authority and not tip toe around them.


We need to reclaim our cinemas, our TV, or education, internet and all forms of social networking and communication.


However until there is enough of us not only awake, but conscious awake who are willing to be proactive and stand up; then unfortunately we have to use these above methods.


But I would suggest like our food and supplies prepping, we also need to gather our Truth caches. A few sealable plastic box containers jam-packed with Truth info. In paper form, burnt discs and digital format. Keeping the originals safe and separate from copies.


I would also suggest it would be wise to stash some imperishable containers here n there with copies of Truth info for prosperity in secluded areas, keeping a tag on their locations.


These holy grails of Truth must never be lost or forgotten. We owe it to our ancestors, future generations and to ourselves to safeguard the Truth.


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  1. a truth tool that overcomes the people of the lie –

    In my current profession I was taught the scientific method of trend analysis. This tool is used to come to discover patterns, thus giving evidence to help come to root cause of a problem. If you run a root cause analysis of the names of power players that control our resources, money, food, war machine etc, there is one trend that is undeniable. As you study the names of the players who run the Fed, run the global banks, the propaganda machine (Hollywood), fashion, food distribution etc etc over and over again individuals that come from ONE particular ethnic background appear countless times. THESE ARE FACTS – THIS IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE – THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY- FOR ANYBODY willing to do the research it is quite plain that one group of Israhell criminals ARE OVERSEEING THE GAME. FACTS folks -not theories, the truth is out there, you just have to see through the veil of bullshit. Thank you Digger for having the balls to say the truth…….

    • TtRP,

      Yep, it’s def’ obvious to those who choose to see. Hidden in plain view. But it ultimately is a choice. people chose to deny or see. Like your screen name, to chose the red pill or blue pill.

      These days if any one labels me a “conspiracy theorist”, I call them a “coincidence theorist”. We are “conspiracy factists”

      Thank you again for contributing.


  2. it a shame Digger, my wife’s son from a previous marriage tried to become a truther. He has himself hopelessly commited to that piece of garbage Alex Jones and I can’t get him to budge. He is almost cultlike in his vigor to hold on to the all powerful word of Alex. I tried to explain to him that Alex is just Emmanual Goldstien ,that he is controlled dissent and nonsence but I have had no luck.

    I wonder how many potential folks who should be walking in the light are wasting time on false paradigms, false prophets, shills and just plain old bullshit?

    By the way, stopped eating pork about 6 months ago, eat beef maybe once every two weeks and have reduce animal food consumption whenever possible. WOW- what a difference ! Many people ask how I have lost weight and am shaping up so fast. Well its like this,

    Meat is very hard to digest, takes a long time to break down, uses too much energy to digest and quite frankly I have done multiple week long meat fast’s and I just feel so much better.

    Reduced/eliminating foods with preservatives. They don’t stop being preservatives when they go in your body, take forever to break down. I eat plenty of healthy raw food which are by far the easiest for your body to digest, they digest fast, give me good energy and the excess weight just started falling away.

    Cognative dissonance – I have always loved animals, have have had many fantastic pets and always have been able to communicate with them at a certain level. I saw a few of the slaughterhouse undercover video’s that some brave activists made, that was it for me with pork. I still will eat a correctly raised steer that was not finished at a feedmill but quite frankly I am losing all interest in any commercial food that is based on suffering. I challenge anyone that eats meat, go work on a slaughterhouse kill floor for one week, if you can handle it then you truly are a carnivore and should become a hunter, eat healthy wild game, butcher it yourself on the spot where you took it down and then live off that animal for the next month or so.

    I have gathered that once you decide to bvecome a real “truther” as they call us, you have to go all the way to finally find peace. As you have stated Digger, if consuming garbage food that causes needless suffering strengthens my enemies, I refuse to do it.

    • TtRP,

      Thank you for sharing your incites.

      Sorry to hear about your wife’s son addiction to Jones….Sad! These shills are simply containing nets. Keeping people swimming around in a sea of delusion. I don’t know what to suggest, other than just try and be patient whilst keep plying him with the ‘real’ Truth and the penny may just drop. Try not to get into an ego battle as he really will dig his heels in and never come over to the Truth.

      Yes thousands unfortunately trapped with these shills and half-Truthers. These people are as dangerous as the military. Yes Alex it certainly is an infowar. These sell outs are helping to contribute towards millions of deaths and suffering by holding back the Truth. They are traitors to humanity and themselves.

      There’s probably a hundred positive reasons to out meat from one’s life; especially factory farmed meat with all the rubbish they inject into the animals. And post slaughter into the actual packaged meat. I agree there is a huge difference between native tribes who kill to eat and respect the animals and their local environment. I have always said I would kill to eat if I needed to, but to date I haven’t needed to.

      I consistently say the two fail-proof ways to lose weight are 1/. Alkalize one diet 2/. Brisk daily walk (or at least movement).

      There was a study done into the effects of the guys working in the slaughter houses in Australia. Almost all of them burnt out after 5 years, suffering from long term psychological issues. It’s all consciousness when we break it down.

      I would say you are right in that we have to try and always look at the bigger picture and how every piece of this conspiracy (illusory world) is interconnected. Each piece a dot in the bigger picture. To devote our attention on just one small aspect isn’t going to do it. I’m not suggesting we try and take it all on and burn out, but try to be detached and just do our bit in a comprehensive manner. Not easy at times.

      Thank you for contributing


  3. Hey Digger, I have been doing the truth thing for quite awhile now, have gone down many of the bad and disinfo roads in my journey and like you said, sometimes people just come around. What I really appreciate about your site, you don’t just go on and on and on about the problem, you actually talk about solutions. You not only talk about solutions you do it in an intelligent way that makes it hard on your enemies to combat you. We need more of your thinking in the truth movement, many of our brothers/sisters just get eaten allive and taken out somehow by the opposition. I went down to Washington DC recently, being of Russian heritage I thought I would visit the museum for the 50+million Russians that were Genocided by the Bolshevik Soviet New York Jews. Couldn’t find the museum. Have a little Lakota Native blood in me so I thought I would visit the museum for the millions of North America Natives that were killed in the 17,18,19th centuries by big business, couldn’t find that museum either. Too bad the Natives and Russians have no museum that remembers the real holocausts that have occurred……

    • TtRP,

      Thank you for your motivational comments. Much appreciated.

      I thought it was 66 million Russians slaughtered. But I take your point. Plus all the other museums. Was thinking only the other day how I believe it was 6 million Irish who died in the orchestrated potato famine. Who here’s about that.

      Keep doing your bit.

      Thanks for contributing.


      • oh yeah, I forgot , my mother was 1/4 Irish so I should be able to visit three different museums for the three ass-kickings my ancestors took. Too bad my ancestors don’t run the propaganda machine(hollywood,MSM) maybe there would be mention. Instead I have to listen to little whiney, narcissistic, criminal bitches talk smack about how hard there “tribe” has had it….

  4. Two sites that started to put the pieces together and zeroed in on this thing we are all now getting to know as Zionism–from the very day it made its murderous grand entrance into the world on 9/11:

    Also, this site here:

    –has the blueprint for the way Humanity is able to structure itself back on the evolutionary path of the Planet without losing our civilization.

    It’s aim is also to build a physical structure that truly represents Life as Whole, with libraries that have brought the great wisdom, teachings and enlightenment through the various Religions and spiritual traditions.

    In this library, we would also have what we have learnt post 9/11 so that NEVER AGAIN will Humanity be subjected to unbelievable evil, lies and wars on the Planet.

    Get in contact with me Digger at my email please.

  5. Alex Jones is a disinfo agent……..but has opened the eyes of many, if unintentionally. Once you see the MSM as propaganda, and even if AJ was the one that got you to see the MSM that way, then you can’t go back. That is his only value, to break some away from the herd and nothing more.
    My neighbour here in Oz is a fantastic bloke, and an AJ fan.Apparently he had some sort of cosmic epiphany but ended up swallowing AJ whole. I never really challenged him about it as it is just counterproductive and leads to interminable argument. rather, I gave him a DVD of The Greatest Story Never Told. AJ goes on and on about ‘Nazis’ this and that, always the source of all evil, but TGSNT shows the other side to the story. Anyhow, my neighbour is still processing the contradiction between TGSNT(and any generally available info about AH and the NS period and AJ’s propaganda……so we will see if the seed germinates.

    For a bit of trivia, The Daily Stormer organized a troll campaign against AJ on his forum because he wouldn’t mention the jew….and that he has a jew wife lol. They gave him heaps, it apparently became unmanageable for the mods as well as confusing the ordinary posters and perhaps waking a few up..All good…………….


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