Little ‘s’ verses BIG ‘S’

Ohh no you are not American, ohh no you are not a Muslim, ohh no you are not a white nationalist – you are not even a Truther ……….you are none of these imposed, superficial artificial labels. You are much much more.

You are a beautiful eternal soul, just temporary playing your specific role in the global drama. Experiencing this ride in the physical realm.


We are all actors on the world stage ~ William Shakespeare


Any labels we chose to cling to, are only our egotistic self not our real inner Self. My God, not your God. My club, not your club. My team, not your team. This is the type of separatist mindset we have adopted.


I’m not bashing Christianity, or Islam or Hinduism, or any religion in isolation, I’m not really bashing anyone’s nationalism, I’m not necessarily bashing anyone’s beliefs, but I am bashing the whole human race’s artificial identity.


In any form I fill out where it asks occupation, I’m tempted to write “Identity basher”.


Because it’s all utter nonsense. These superficial security identifications we all cling onto are the main reason the world is in the mess it’s in. We not only don’t know who we really are, but why we’re here. “What are you here for? What is you’re true purpose in life? How are you serving humanity – the bigger picture?”


All this I AM lunacy is all about kudos, ego, insecurities and it all adds to this perpetual separatism.


Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of crustaceans of identity – identity crustaceans. Being reinforced each day, each month, each season and each year. I am, I am, I am, I am, I am.


Ohhh no you’re not!! But I am. Ohhh no you’re not!!


We have lost track of who we really are. We have lost connection of the big S – the inner Divine Self. Our true identity. We have to reconnect before we can ever think about correcting anything outside our lives. Be it the NWO, the Jews, the dark force ………ohh and those pesky reptilians.


Time to chose between little ‘s’ verses big ‘S’.  


First from within – from the core outward. We cannot effectively save a drowning person, if we cannot swim a stroke ourselves. Gandhi’s oft quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” is so true. We all know it, but we just keep forgetting and are being deliberately distracted by this multidimensional attack from those that want us to remain in a five sense reality.


This message is as old as the hills and yet we all remain in this forgetful mode. Most of us conditioned to jump to our sense cravings, desires, selfish lusts and false identities. It’s so difficult not to fall for the illusion these days. But we have to begin to resist….after all, what alternatives do we have?


We are now at a crucial stage in humanity where we are left with the brutal choice of embracing our true identity, or perish as a species.


So how do we tap into this big ‘S’ – our true Self?

1, 2, 3.

1/. Meditation

Well really through a spiritual inclination, with meditation being at the core of it. Also through mantra/ms, and associated conscious acts around spirituality. And associating oneself amongst more spiritual-minded individuals.


For those of you who are caught up in “I AM a Christian, I pray, I don’t do all that Eastern mystical meditation stuff” Yes you do, but you just don’t know it. You reflect, you day dream, you catch yourself drifting into deep contemplation; well these are all forms of meditation. Besides read your New Testament. Jesus was Eastern, he wasn’t a Christian (or a Jew), he never went to church and he never prayed – he meditated. Similar for Mohammed.




2/. Clean Up

Everything we consume in every way will effect the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. We are a consciousness conductor, we resonate and vibrate off everything and everyone around us, and more accurately what we manifest in our lives. Our accumulative choices, thoughts and consequent actions. We are like an organic computer.


If we ingest rubbish – we behave like rubbish. 


If we consistently induce junk food, GM food, drugs, chemicals, toxins, alcohol, cigarettes, etc we will eventually become a toxic version of our true selves. I’m sorry if this irritates people, but eating meat is not conducive to consciousness. Try to reduce the amount of meat/animal produce you consume – it will improve your life.


Likewise if we submit ourselves to a relentless barrage of pornography, TV, newspapers, trashy magazines, mainstream cinema, gaming, tacky frivolous books; then we become this mindset. This trash is maintaining us in this illusory identity of the egotistic self.


We become what we absorb and meditate on.




3/. Spiritual reading

This is about the more serious, healthy, recognized mystical doctrines. Certainly not trashy new age and trendy motivational-style material, but the pure sources of spiritual discourses. If we want to gain an understanding of our true identity, supported by meditation, we should immerse ourselves in this type of spiritual reading – from a variety of rich spiritual disciplines. Not just from MY faith.


It does not matter if we don’t initially comprehend it, or the language seems distant; just like the meditation, we just have to persevere at first. We have to almost change gears to resonate to a different frequency when reading this material. I know that sounds crass, but it’s just like coming off junk food. We have been exposed to such impurity and toxicity for so long, our minds initially resist this exposure to a pure source.


In fact I would suggest this 1, 2, 3 approach is a cure for ALL our conditions and altered mindsets.

Inability to forgive ~ 123

Envy and Jealousy ~ 123

Aggressive behaviour ~ 123

Insecurities ~ 123

Unkindness and non-compassionate ~ 123

Depression and feeling of futility ~ 123

Angst and worry ~ 123

Overly sensitive to life/people ~ 123

Difficulty in loving ourselves/low self worth and therefore projecting love ~ 123

Procrastination, lethargy, lack of inertia, unmotivated ~ 123

Lack of courage ~ 123

React in situations and flare up quickly instead of a detached response ~ 123

Desperation and lack of hope ~ 123

Hatred ~ 123

Lack of understanding ~ 123

Vengeful behaviour ~ 123

Overly self conscious ~123

Lack of direction and purpose in life ~ 123

Regret and guilt ~ 123

Lack of self-discipline ~ 123



My promise

If you try earnestly for just six weeks with this 123 approach; I promise you, you will notice an improvement in your life! Real tangible differences. You will soon begin to release these crustaceans which have been weighing you down for decades. You will feel better physically and emotionally, and gain the qualities you have secretly wished for.


If we want to defeat this beast, we have to have the positive traits needed to stand up to it. No one ‘out there’ is going to save us. It is us as individuals collectively doing our bit.


To get into the mindset of resistance and propagating the Truth we have to first de-condition, detoxify and unleash the essential qualities contained within all of us.



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  1. Bettyboo

     /  June 25, 2012

    Truly motivational and inspirational. Another great example of approaching the root cause of all of this. “Identity crustaceans” good imagery. keep ’em coming Digger.

    • Bettyboo,

      Thank you.

      Just went over to a pals house and his son is obsessed with his football team, his bedroom is plastered in his team. He hates not only everything to do with his rival team and the people, but also the actual colour of the opposing team??? Insanity. This is the early stages of this separatism mind control. Once his mind has been accustomed to this division, it will search for more divisions.

      Thank you for contributing


  2. inthegenes

     /  June 25, 2012

    Lovely piece Digger. Helpful as usual. I hope people take this sound advice.

    I think the programing starts earlier than young boys football teams. They introduce it at kindergarden stage in all sorts of ways.

    Very much appreciate your work

    • inthegenes,

      Thank you for your supportive comments. Yes I agree the programming/conditioning starts very early.

      Thanks for contributing.


  3. what a super cool piece of writing digger, don’t come across too many websites with writing at this high level of thinking !

    • TtRP,

      My word – thank you kindly. We gotta get to the root cause of this bedlam. This identity/illusory world is the direction my writing is going now. Of course I’m not letting these elite Jews off the hook, but in my heart I know this conspiracy goes above n beyond all this physical form.

      Thank you again for contributing.


  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  June 27, 2012

    I like this article Digger. Meanwhile, my innerself (whoever that may be) is fighting with legions of identities who are murdering other human beings. My soul is pushing me to do this but I can’t explain why. I think it has something to do with love.

  5. All these people in this video, on both sides, including the police are entrenched in their identities. My club, my team. Pure separatism. Conditioning.

  6. Patelsreysh

     /  September 2, 2012



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