Mr Enigma

With any of my essays, if there is anything which I have written which I find out to be incorrect, misleading or inaccurate; I will immediately aim to recant my thoughts and offer apologies. I am also willing to stand alone with my opinions; which may be unpopular, seem trivial, inappropriate or initially appear distasteful. In light of this, here is my revision on my “Icke Synopsis” piece.

A couple of years ago I created a piece outlining the for and against of David Icke being a shill.


At present I am not so sure where I stand with Icke. But I thought it appropriate to express my thoughts at present on that piece and my current thoughts on the man.


Perhaps some people may suggest that Icke isn’t even worth the attention and any of us who are serious about the Truth should just ignore him and stop giving him the energy he craves. Well the thing is, he won’t just go away; ignored or not by us more serious Truth seekers.


The fact is he is a major player in the Truth for good or bad. He is almost a household name. His material is getting some serious attention worldwide and he is scheduled to talk this summer at Wembley Arena. Therefore I really do think it is appropriate to discuss his theories, approach and current direction.


I find these days that I’m increasingly getting more and more e-mails on interesting topics stemming from his headlines site. I first kidded myself that I was just checking out his material, just for the benefit of seeing what direction he and the dis-agents were going.


However it was getting to a state that I found I was beginning to resonate more and more with his message and still do. And how his material pretty much aligned with what I have read of the more serious mystical/spiritual doctrines, particularly in regards to the subject of the nature of reality.


I have just watched his latest interview in Germany. I have to say, there is hardly anything in that interview I do not resonate with. I have made a list below of the areas in which I agree with him. The link to this interview is at the bottom of the page.


Some would say he freeloads his info all the time – but don’t we all. Who does really come up with totally original concepts these days? All we do is re-package pass-me-down information and ideas into our own style.


I would go as far to say that 90% of what Icke comes out with resonates more to me than all this accurate fact-finding information one can obtain from hardcore Jew-wise sites. Even if I can prove this Jew-wise information is spot on, I kind of feel now that “What good is all this fact finding doing us at this stage?”


I think gathering fundamental facts is essential when one is just getting into the Truth and so it is inportant this information is out there. But I feel there comes a cut off point.


I’m now a bit fatigued with some hardcore information. I don’t seem to care too much about the details of the 9/11 or WW1, or the precise particles in chemtrails, or the details of the Federal Reserve. Even though I believe the resources. I now see this agenda as way above all these physical details.


In addition I’m finding I’ve got less and less interest in geo-politics now. Even though I absolutely know geo-politics is important and I’m glad there are people like Mark Glenn and others out there doing some sterling work. It’s just that I don’t think it ultimately is the root cause or the answer to our solutions. I keep saying this stuff is way way above politics and we should not be leaning entirely on physical solutions. To me this is all about consciousness. We are in a spiritual war, we are being confronted with spiritual issues.



We have to become spiritually and consciously awake as opposed to just conspiratorially awake.

When I look at all material these days and weave in and out of the mis-info and dis-info, I want to stay grounded, I want to be very much in the real world; but it’s just that I’m increasingly questioning what exactly IS REAL?! It would seem this world is in fact an illusion and we perhaps are in a matrix. Hence my latest piece “Zooming Out, Zooming In”.



Just look at what Icke is saying

That nature of reality is not what it seems and we are being constantly fed a five sense illusory world – I ‘finally’ wholeheartedly agree.


That there are bloodlines families which rule the world and that these bloodlines are working through a demonic force/s, entities, which have been called all sorts of titles throughout cultures – Djinn, Lucifer, satan, whatever I ‘finally’ agree.


That we’re all lost in false identities and we are not Ethel Jones (:-) it makes me chuckle when he always uses that name), an accountant, builder, secretary, Hindi, Muslim, black, white whatever; we are only having experiences as these – Concur totally. In fact I would say our imposed, conditioned artificial identities is the root cause of why we have been manipulated!


That we are not insignificant and we have to snap out of our ‘little ol me’ mentality – With you Icke on that one totally.


His stance on taking action, being proactive with this knowledge and not being a passive observer/spectator with  the Truth – Yes yes yes so in alignment with him on that score.


His stance of speaking up and being heard, willing to make mistakes, have a go, being prepared to take ridicule, knocks and abuse (from people like me hiding in the background) – I agree entirely.


That it’s not about academic, intellectual left brain education, it’s about wisdom and knowing – 100% go along with that. I have to work for educated idiots all the time.


That it ain’t going to be a guru, president, prophet or religion which is going to save us – it is going to be us, we the people, as collective conscious individuals. – Completely with you on that one Icke.


Icke is all about joining the dots as he sees EVERY aspect of this agenda as interconnected (consciousness) – So so agree. 



‘IF’ he is genuine – these are qualities I admire about him

* He is out there doing something in a significant way to get the Truth out there and make the world a better place.

* He is putting his mug out there and not hiding behind a screen name and blog – like myself!!

* He is an articulate presenter and has the ability to present complex subjects in a relatively easy-to-absorb manner. These difficult topics are being made accessible by him.

* He is unpretentious and down-to-earth, despite some of his way out theories.

* He has tenacity. Despite all his knocks, he’s still out there pushing his Truth.

* He injects some light-hearted humour here and there and his posts of lately are very stimulating and to some degree helpful for people trying to get to grips with the enormity of all this agenda.

* He is a grafter. I don’t think I know anyone as industrious as him in the movement.

* Even though he does label it all as “Rothschild Zionism” and not ‘the Jews’; he highlights the atrocities of zionism, the Palestinian suffering and regularly knocks israel and israeli policies. Perhaps the israeli issues wouldn’t have been highlighted as much to the main stream Truthers had he not have exposed these crimes?? Perhaps he’s hinting just enough towards the Jews, enough for him to get away with, for enough people to work the rest out themselves??



His Shape-shifting reptilians and moon theory

One of the areas those of us sharing the Truth get so wound up with is when people immediately deny what we tell them without having done any research into the information. This is a form of arrogance coming from a place of ignorance.


So my stance these days on this one is – who am I to knock these ignorant arrogant deniers, when I deny Icke’s theories having not done any research into them?


I cannot prove they are BS. Just because I have not seen a shape-shifting reptilian does not mean they could not exist. I  talk a lot about an inner Light and demonic forces, but have not actually seen or heard any myself. Nor have I heard any medically-trained professional discover any inner Light in any medical procedure….because obviously I am talking metaphorically. Perhaps Icke is talking in metaphors or his sources are.


In addition I do also believe we are living in a illusory world and pretty much anything goes as far as reality. Why couldn’t matter take an alternative form, on a different frequency(?) Therefore as I do believe in demonic energies, entities; what does the label matter, be it Archons, satan, Lucifer, Djinn …….even reptilians.


Having said all of that. I am struggling with his moon theory.



Here are the main reasons why I have some real issues with him.

1/. Who he associates with and who he doesn’t associate with

Alex Jones, Steward Swerdlow, Jordan Maxwell, the Project Camelot crowd, wearechange/Luke Rudkowski. Surely you cannot be in this game for 22 years without being able to spot obvious dis-agents/half-Truthers like these. He even backed Ron Paul at one time. How does Luke Rudkowski keep getting access to all these high profile people? Week after week he somehow manages to sneak in a few questions to normally inaccessible people. Come on! Especially not sussing out big mouth Jones as a shill! Now that is a clanger. It’s like all these people are metaphorically in bed together.


At the same time he refuses to mention the likes of Mark Glenn, Daryl Bradford Smith, John Kaminski, Eustace Mullins, Carolyn Yeager, zioncrimefactory, etc.


Is it that he just wants his message/Truth out there?



2/. His nasty Nazi stance

Again I refuse to believe he’s dug deep into the Truth without stumbling across the work of Ernst Zundel, David Cole, David Irving, Eustace Mullins, Carolyn Yeager, Dianna Spingola, etc. It is a real point of irritation to me to that he has images of people like Hilary Clinton and Obama with a Nazi sign on them; perpetuating this evil Nazi theme, as does Jones. This is playing along with the Jews agenda. A true litmus test to any long-term Truther.


Has he really read Mein Kampf? He also sings the Holoco$t song and quotes the old line “First they came for the Jews ….”. Plus that Hitler was a Rothschild agent and the nazi’s used fluoride in the camps, etc. Oh come on Icke, you’re supposed to be a FULL TIME researcher of the Truth. You cannot be researching Truth 12-15 hours a day, with all the contacts you have and not have worked this one out. How can so many of us part time Truthers work it out? I know people who have only been into searching the Truth for six weeks and they know the score about WW2, Hitler and the camps.


I disagree entirely with his support for all the ‘good israelis’ who stand up for the Palestinians. That’s all very well, but these so-called good Jews should not be on that stolen land in the first place. They should do what Gilad Atzman has done and clear off and stop identifying themselves as Jews and join the human race.


Listen to the audios below of interviews of John Kaminski, zioncrimefactory and Deanna Spingola and see how prevalent the information on the Jews is in this whole agenda. This is such important information, no matter how broader one looks at the whole demonic aspect of all this. On a day-to-day level it is the elite Jews who are shafting us and this vital information has to be highlighted.


Just look at the CV of criminality throughout the centuries judaism is accountable for. This cannot go unaccounted for, all under the guise of communists, or fascists, or globalists.



3/. Why he is ‘allowed’ so much exposure?

Top venues at international central locations. Wembley Arena this summer. Main stream TV (kosher BBC) programmes, main stream radio interviews. Plus his books are openly sold in Jewish-owned book stores, such as Waterstones.


I have also noticed that in certain places such as libraries, colleges, government-based work places, even McDonalds his website is still accessible, whereas sites like theuglytruth and zioncrimefactory are not. (a message comes up saying they are too controversial). To me, why his site is not banned really is significant with the amount of following he has.


Perhaps it is because he deliberately side steps tricky kosher issues that he is allowed to have such high profile exposure. Like there is a kinda tacit agreement going on not to bring up the subject of ‘the Jews’. Has his background in journalism taught him to be Jew-savvy?



4/. He doesn’t have open debates where his theories can be discussed and he can be criticized. 

I just don’t know? To give him the benefit of the doubt, if he did this, he knows he would be cornered about the JWO and the holocaust and this would completely curb his direction in getting ‘some’ Truth out there.


I do think though that there is going to come a day when he has to come clean. Perhaps with him and others not going the whole hog, it is all about timing – they will give 90% Truth for now and allow the rest to be worked out. Then when this level becomes more accepted into the collective consciousness; then it will be time to release the rest?? Am I being charitable here?



5/. I feel he doesn’t offer specific solutions.

After 22 years in the game, you would have thought he would have a standardized system in place for followers of his work, to weave their way of this mess. Like a 7 point plan. With workshops and feedback areas working on this plan.


He has some serious numbers of followers now internationally to really get something off the ground. He could have mass leaflet dropping groups, set up a printing press, Truth film nights, etc. The list of tangible proactive things that could be achieved is infinite. He wouldn’t have to fund them, as they would all be self-funded by the people, for the people.


Perhaps he knows how the Jews would soon infiltrate the groups, or simply have him incarcerated?? Perhaps just doing his own thing, he has more control on what gets out there??



I now categorize him into these areas

Is he a genuine soul who wants to expose the Truth, but is just partly playing the game, just to get some exposure of Truth out there? Is it just that he’s clued up enough to know how to push boundaries without getting stopped, with the intent that people will read between the lines and be drawn to the full Truth themselves down the line?? Perhaps he deliberately gives out dis-info, as a protection tactic so as not to get assassinated(?)



Is he just a smart self-serving opportunist, a careerist who’s figured out how the system works and is playing the game for his self interests?? He may have even been warned, threatened along the way not to speak the whole Truth and propagate dis-info(?)



Is he a shill, who gives a lot of Truth, but then spoils it all with ludicrous dis-info. To distract & entrap Truthers and discourage new people to the Truth??



As C, but just that he has been mind-controlled to act and say certain things, just like the puppet presidents. I tend not to go along with this one. Of course it could be possible, but my gut feeling tells me it’s not the case.



He is a gullible fool and he’s just been fed false misinformation and disinformation himself and is just running with the ball. Maybe some of the information he now realizes is BS, but his pride/kudos won’t allow him to retract what he has said.

This theory is possible, especially when he references Zecharia Sitchin’s work and associates with Alex Jones and others. Plus he promotes crop circles, big foot and alien/UFO theories. Although I tend not to lean towards this theory E either.



In conclusion

Of lately I really can’t make my mind up. He truly is an enigma to me. As I’m ambivalent about him, this is not an open apology to Icke, however I did think it was appropriate that I revised my thoughts on his work and his character. I have decided to leave the original post on my site, along with my earlier posts to show how I am gradually evolving in my interpretation of the Truth.


If at some point in the future I feel he is authentic, I will retract my comments and write an open apology to him. Although somehow I can’t see that happening.



Related info

Original piece ‘Icke Synopsis’


His latest interview in Germany.

There’s not a lot I disagree with what he is saying. Other than he didn’t mention when talking about the Queen, that the bloodline he talks about was Jewish. Plus he mentions we shouldn’t fight back. I think we absolutely should, just without the anger and hatred. Simply propagating and resisting to me is fighting back.


Was the interviewer really that humble not to interrupt him once, or was that his role??


Icke The Lizards and the Jews, where he is slandered by Canadian Jews. Is this just all part of the plot??


Video Icke in his flat

This could be staged, this could easily just be an office he has access to. He could have access to the whole block, or just use this as a base for interviews??


Series of interviews between Deanna Spingola and zioncrimefactory


John Kaminski audio


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  1. Whitewraithe

     /  June 23, 2012

    All very good points, Digger.

    On the other hand, I try not to make my deductions of people so complicated otherwise I’m utterly confused.

    Icke is very much an enigma. He plays the middle ground though in many ways like his colleage, Alex Jones. Unlike Jones, Icke is willing to mention the jews on occasion but he doesn’t dwell on them for too long.

    Icke’s close friend , Credo Mutwa, has the most convincing argument on the Reptilian agenda. One of David’s first interviews with Mutwa was several years ago and I listened to the series at YouTube. If true, it’s quite a revelation. Along with Icke and Mutwa many others swear that these things exist, including whistleblowers from the 13 ruling families.

    I tend to agree that Icke has pushed the limit on the truth card. He’s said just about as much as he can without he and his family being killed or disappeared.

    I’m wondering now how long he will survive in this arena since he doesn’t have any real solutions other than to love yourself and those around you. That basically is his message.

    • Thank you for your thoughts WW.

      I felt it was necessary not to ignore him and his message as he has such coverage now. Lots of ways to look it. Probably the usual story in that they give you 85/90% Truth, then sting you. My intuition tells me the FULL Truth will come out to the surface in due time.

      I def’ feel the direction we all need to go is towards collective consciousness. Every act of negativity is coming from unconscious souls.

  2. Joe 90

     /  November 16, 2012

    It’s good to see you are open to revision but I preferred your original essay where the conclusion was 100% shill. After all, someone is either a shill or not and being a certain percentage shill still makes a shill. My test is simple: what is their position on the Jews and the Nazis? If they go on about the Illuminati then that confirms them as a shill. Unlike you I’ve never ‘resonated’ with Icke who always struck me as a snake oil salesman, or, in his case a lizard oil salesman.

  3. Ummm. Its tough. I began my Truth journey with Mr Icke… but lately… …

    * Ego maniac [x] check
    * Insensitive / money oriented [x] check (took some disciples to Peru with him, cost to them $$$ and only physically fit people allowed to go).
    * Childish squabbles with J Ventura and H Makow [x]
    * Masonic handshake spotted (in video with Bill Maloney) [x]
    * Has “arthritis” yet can hold 9 hour shows? I have arthritis, the only way I could do that is to take a bucket load of Prednisolone.
    * Claims to have been electronically harassed but writes it off as “nothing much” just makes his arthritis a bit worse. Oh really?
    * Never goes on his web forum, does not like to talk to the hoipoloi. No humility.

    Extremely disappointed with David, really, despite agreeing with you that about 85% of what he writes and talks about is true.

    • Welcome to DFT Charlie,

      You make good points. But it’s beyond even discussion at this point. His involvement with mighty mouth Jones at the Bilderberg fast was the final nail in his coffin.

      You shouldn’t be disappointed Charlie, why should you be, because he hasn’t let you down; he’s just doing his job. That’s what we can expect from these shills. A friend of mine went to the Bilderberg event and visited them at the plush hotel, he said Icke and Jones were laughing at the top of the stairs almost in a drunk state. Laughing at them.

      Icke and co are there simply as catchment nets and to waste time. They almost cast a magic spell on people who hang around this half-Truth for too long, they become captivated by it. I know people who have been in the Truth movement for over 10 years and all they can do is repeat what icke says; no better than the people they claim who are not awake.

      Time to move on to some serious Truth. We don’t have time to waste now on this nonsense, well we never did have.

      Thanks for contributing

      • Ultimately, many REAL truthers end up sectioned, or jailed (e.g. Maurice Kirk) or having to leave the country. Mr Icke’s freedom speaks volumes.

        I think part of the catchment process is getting people to identify themselves. People lurk on the DI Forum under the illusion of anonymity. As you and I know, there IS no anonymity, not really.

        Yes and I’m sure they think it is hilarious.

      • Agree Charlie. Checked your site out, some great stuff there. Sorry to here your background. As regards using alias names. I find people who use their ‘real’ names tend not to mention International Jewry. The ones that use their real names and do mention IJ are some of the bravest people out there (Deanna Spingola, John Kaminski, etc) I see these people as the main players on the world stage, unlike myself just doing my best behind stage.

        I have put a link to your post on Gerrish at the bottom of this post. These scum are worse than the talking heads in the JMSM. The do more damage.

        Thanks for all you are doing.

      • Russ Hook

         /  September 19, 2015

        Hi Digs! Good to see you still alive and kickin. I was a big fan of Icke for the first few years, in the early 90s. I met him a few times while he was in Canada. I am the same age as him and in much better shape physically (and spiritually) b/c of my 30 yr veggy/vegan diet. His ‘arthritis’ is from all the Uric Acid secreted by the thousands of DEAD ANIMALS Reptile Boy has CONsumed. TBH, both times I met him, he came off as an egoTESTICLE ASSHOLE. I would bet my sorry AZZ Icke is a Tavistock mind controlled SLAVE, just like so many other ‘leaders’ out there (including current and past P.O.T.U.S.), and PMs of the jUK. I have to give him credit for helping me wake up, but I have moved on past Mr. Icke years ago. I do NOT ‘follow’ anyone now, b/c TBH, I am the change I want to see in the world. If we are NOT living the SOLUTIONS,( a DO NO HARM lifestyle) who cares what our WORTHLESS opinions are??? Unless someone is VEGGY minimum, I AM NOT INTERESTED. (unless they are willing to change of course). 99% ‘truthers’ support the SLAVERY SYSTEM they complain about, and they are FEZs. (FLESH EATING ZOMBIES) Their opinions are WORTHLESS to me. It’s lonely at the top, pal! (;

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