10 Benefits of Meditation

In general there are huge benefits to meditation. However here are some obvious benefits to help those of us in the Truth movement. 

These are amplified when a spiritual dimension is applied.

1/. De-stresser, both short term and long term. Excellent all round health benefits.*


2/. Help protect us from dark energies.


3/. Help global consciousness.


4/. Connection: higher purpose in life. Inner Truth.


5/. Helps reduce hatred which only blinds us. Hatred is counterproductive to our focus. It discharges our productive energy.


6/. Improves memory (especially passage meditation).


7/. Helps maintain a focused one-pointed-attention. Keeping us on track.


8/. Provides us with self-control: anger, sense cravings, etc. In general terms it will help us to respond with a controlled detachment in serious situations, rather than react in panic.


9/. It will allow us to see the bigger picture of this agenda and a broader level of consciousness. So we become the observer of the drama. *


10/. It’s about the only thing that’s FREE, doesn’t need a licience (yet), needs no equipment, can be practiced in almost any situation anywhere and can be practiced with almost any physical condition.


* Please note, this must not be confused with just doing meditation and expecting solutions to magically appear. We have to make physical efforts to fight back. We have to do tangible things to resist and prevent our enslavement. However meditation will release the positive traits we all have within us.


Release the warrior within.

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  1. Meditation is one great way to attain or improve our overall level happiness. This type of meditation is about increasing awareness and being more at peace with ourselves as well as the world around us.


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