Brothers n Sisters Destroying Brothers n Sisters

Gentiles doing the dirty work for the elite despotic Jews. Sell outs for humanity. Programmed, conditioned, comatised, hypnotized, propagandized, unconscious, ignorant souls – all helping to destroy our/their world. 




“Shame on you”



“Unconscious souls”



“Lost souls”



“What goes around comes around”


“Organic Robots”


Myopic morons!!



Why can they not see their own downfall just around the corner??


So sad, so disheartening to witness such insecure beings, lost in their artificial identities. Their I AMism, their uniforms, badges, titles, ego, and superficial power-trips. When none of this has to be. All unnecessary. This world could have so much more beauty …..if we just stop acquiescing. If we just stopped playing ‘their’ game. If we would just STOP and think.

The unconscious are unconscious they are unconscious 

~ Digger

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  1. grosenberg

     /  June 13, 2012

    Unfortunately, the Zionuts have not only gotten so many of us brainwashed they have created the belief that overcoming the brainwashing is evil in itself..
    Luckily more and more are waking up on all of the levels you wrote about yesterday

    • Grosenberg,

      Yep, in the form of Orwelian double-talk/speak. Yes, thankfully mre n more are waking up. However as we know, it needs more than us just waking up, we have to then become proactive with the info. Not only that awake at a conscious level. No identies, labels or belonging to any special club or team.

      Thanks for contributing.



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