Truthing Trick of the Month – Bus Stops

Pretty obvious this one from the title. Literally get chatting to individuals at bus stops and spread the word.


Understandably this is more difficult for females approaching males. However during the day, with plenty of other people around, a few subtle remarks can sow the seeds for Truth.


The beauty of a bus stop is that people are kind of trapped there, whilst waiting for their bus ….with a conspiracy theory nutter :-). It’s more innocent and appears more natural than just approaching people on the street. After all your only talking. As far as I know we don’t need a license for that – yet.


I would never want to make people feel uncomfortable when receiving Truth and wouldn’t encourage anyone foisting their opinions on others, especially politics. 


But we do have an important job to do; we our after all trying to stop carnage and suffering around the world. This is the main problem – that people are not awake, these people do need benevolently rattling from their coma. In addition we are also trying to help these people’s lives and their loved ones. So those of us who are awake have to make efforts and go beyond our normal comfort barriers by doing acts such as this.


However I feel it’s all about approach, attitude and delivery. If delivered in a pleasant non-condescending and sensitive way, the message can be passed on quite effectively.


I have written more about this in my essay “Watering Seeds” (link below).


What I tend to do is start the contact by pleasantly ask about the bus schedule, times or route as a general enquiry. Then give a brief anecdote about how I went on an alternative route before or something like that. Then I try to pick up how receptive they are. If it’s like getting blood out of a stone – I just drop the conversation completely and leave it for another time, another victim :-).


But if they seem friendly enough, then I nudge the conversation out a little bit. Maybe talk about the cut backs on the bus service and hint about how every public service is being cut back these days. A very subtle moan about the way things are degenerating and the government. Then if they bite to that, I then follow through.


Allow them to talk away, it’s ok for them to dominate the conversation, but just nudge them here n there over to more of an area towards the Truth. But try always to do the listening. People generally love to talk about their woes and themselves. Then at the end, say “Hey, on that subject, you may find these online films interesting – it’s an alternative to what the main stream media are telling us.” and either hand them a flyer or have some films and websites scribbled down on a piece of paper. Job done – that easy!


These days I generally tend not to even mention the agenda, unless they are slightly clued up. I just talk in very neutral terms about things not being right – which almost everyone goes along with these days. Then with the information, they can work it out later at home for themselves.


This small act could be seen as artificial and slightly deceptive; but our ultimate collective goal is about saving lives and the destruction of this planet – that’s how serious this stuff is! 


Try to imagine down the line when there is utter carnage in YOUR world and you’re riddled with guilt because you were too embarrassed, or couldn’t be bothered, or fearful of making the effort NOW. Ty to also think many people who do follow up your information afterwards will be grateful for your small act of Truthing.


It’s all about lots and lots of small seemingly insignificant acts, which all add up to the bigger picture. If we just keep doing sod all, then we all know what the results will be.


Of course it doesn’t have to be bus stops, but any waiting/queuing area. I’ve instigated chats queuing in the post office, and waiting for trains.


Build up a bit of connection first, rather than plunging in with this stuff. Always be respectful, never overpowering. Try to be conscious/aware of that person’s personal space. Try to be sensitive towards their personality type. With these in mind you should have some good results.


I feel this one-to-one approach is much more effective than just slinging flyers all over the place; because it’s personal and you have connected with that person. Try not to bite if they come out with the political irritating clanger or diametrically opposite belief to you. Your objective is to just get them to go home with websites/information to look up later – that should be our main focus, not our egos.


Happy Truthing.



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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  June 14, 2012

    Now, “this” is a trick I hadn’t thought of. The parking place at shopping malls also works well because some people are only waiting while their companions are shopping.

    • Saz,

      Good one! The other week I was waiting for a mate to finish work and instead of meeting in a cafe, as it was raining I said to him I’ll be doing some Truthing at the bus stop across the road :-). I have passed on SO much info this way.

      Thanks for contributing.

      Well done for doing your bit.



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