Zooming Out, Zooming In

Some of the regular visitors to my site may have read my essay “6 Stages of Awakening”. Here is an overview of these stages:

1/. The Bloody Government

The first stage of realizing we are being shafted. That things are not quite right. That everything around us is corrupted and we cannot trust anyone in position of authority. Thankfully many people now are ‘finally’ waking up to this.


2/. An Agenda

The discovery of the NWO/Illuminati. Discovering this agenda is almost a perverse relief, in that it finally explains the ubiquitous corruption and injustices we see around us. It’s a a case of “Arrhh right – so that’s why.”


3/. ZIM

One cannot remain too long in the Truth movement without repeatedly bumping into the terms Zionism Israel/is and Mossad. Again and again these words come into the equation. The penny soon drops that these are in fact the culprits behind EVERYTHING….within the whole NWO agenda.



Each person stays at their comfort stage of awareness and some people choose not to go beyond stage 3. However it really is a tell tell sign at this point as to what degree one has become conditioned with political correctness, their programming and fear, and whether or not they will outright talk about the JWO and the chosen ones.


5/. Judaism the mind-control virus

However after some while, many of us who are Jew-wise realise that in fact the Jews have equally been programmed and conditioned themselves by the virus of judaism. This is a Babylonian mind-control cult-like phenomena which has plagued mankind since before biblical times.


6/. The Demonic Force/Entity

However, looking at the situation from a more detached position, one begins to see that there are bigger forces at hand. That this whole agenda is in fact spiritual. That we are dealing in simplistic terms between darkness verses the Light. Deception verses Truth. The two opposing forces which mankind has been battling with from the age of dawn. The dark force/entity is working predominately through the physical embodiment of the Jews.


However …..

For whatever reasons, I have been holding back in adding a couple more stages to this awakening. Only now do I feel comfortable in expressing these ideas. Elements I’ve hinted about here and there and which many other people have expressed in their own way. These are most definitely not my own ideas, but like most of my pieces, I’m just expressing it in my own way.


Before I describe them, please first allow me to share with you a personal anecdote.


Many years ago before I really got into hiking, I went to stay with a mate who was working on a contract in North Wales. One day I spontaneously decided to go off on a hike whilst my friend was at work. Although it was in the winter, it was a pleasant day and it seemed a waste not to explore the beautiful landscapes and villages whilst I was there.


I packed a rucksack with the basics and headed off towards the quaint villages, through the working farms and slowly eased out into the openness of the stunning Welsh valleys. Plodding along in my own little world on my excursion, quite content and certainly absorbing the expansiveness and sense of freedom. I trundled along the beaten pathways, over the elementary natural stone and wooden planked bridges, crossing the beautiful running steams until I eventually reached the open moorland.


Wow, what a broad range of greenness. Such beautiful flowing contours. What a refreshing change to look out and see nothing ahead of me which was man made – nothing but nature on my landscape. What therapy, what a great regenerating experience. I was entranced by this uplifting almost spiritual experience.


Being such a lovely day and getting carried away with my emotive environmental experience, I neglected the fact that not only was I not an experienced hiker, but I also was not familiar with this territory or local weather conditions. It hadn’t really dawned on me how far I had trekked.


In the latter part of the afternoon the weather was beginning to turn for the worse and the temperature was dropping. I was immediately concerned, and realized that if I wanted to make a circular walk, I had better start to plan my return.


I had a OS map, but wasn’t experienced in reading it, so I only had a general idea of the route back. In my naivety as far as I could make out the choices I had were to either take a six hour hike over rugged terrain, or simply turn back over the route I travelled, or take a short cut over the small hill to the neighbouring village. I went for the latter.


I slowly made my way to the base of what I thought was the small hill; only to realise how overbearing this ascent would probably turn out to be. I didn’t really have suitable climbing boots, or suitable experience come to that. It was too late now to consider any other routes and I leveled with myself that if I just ‘nipped’ over the top of this hill, I’d see the village and it would be downhill all the way.


By this time the weather was turning quite bad – blustery and raining and my momentum was becoming lethargic. Suddenly the enjoyment was overtaken with more of a focused head-for-home attitude. I could feel the fear-based adrenaline beginning to creep into the exercise and have an impact on my gait and mindset.


After all I was alone, with no mobile phone in those days. Insufficient outdoor equipment, especially back then when high tech clothing was not available. I was an inexperienced hiker, ignorant of the local conditions and terrain and in a potentially threatening position. On top of that I had irresponsibly not informed anybody of my mission. These negative thoughts of my vulnerability and stupidity began to ruminate round and round in my novice head. What if?


A few hours later it was beginning to get quite dark. The torch I had borrowed from my pal had as much energy as I had at this point. The rain had also now began to lash down. I was wearing cotton which is a useless material to wear for outdoor activities, especially in winter time. It holds water and sweat to the body and induces hypothermic conditions.


I not only could not really gauge my orientation, but I could not maintain my stamina. I was mentally and physically exhausted. However I figured out if I just kept battling on, so as I would reach the peak, then I’d be psychologically relieved as soon as I saw the lights of the distant village.


A couple of hours later the situation had worsened still. The hill now was becoming much more challenging than I could have ever imagined and my adventure had turned out to be more mountaineering than hill walking. It was lashing down, very dark and now a mist was forming in the air. The battery on the torch was near on dead and it was extremely cold – fatally cold. Not only that, at this stage I had almost depleted my energy and worse still my hope.


The next level I had painstakingly ascended to was becoming almost impenetrable due to potential dangerous conditions. I was half way up a steep slate hill top, having reached a considerable height by now. Due to the rain I was unable to get a footing on the slippery moss. I had effectively locked myself into a no move position. I could not move right as there was a steep precarious rocky valley, I could not descent or ascent due to consistently slipping and I could not move to the left as the grass was pulling away in clumps in my hands.


I was stuffed. It was now pitch dark with almost zero visibility due to the mist and the bitter coldness of the high winds and sleet was penetrating to the core of my soul. I was beginning to get hypothermic, exhausted, despondent, knowing I was unable to receive rescue, fearful from the realization that I was in a immanent fatal position.


You know how I got out of that mess? ……………….




Phew – all a dream. It was only the reality I was projecting in my mind. We’ve all had dreams similar to this; some ridiculously serial, some absolutely realistic, but all at the time believable. All very very real for us.


We have been stabbed in dreams, chased, violently attacked, jumped off heights into nothingness, flew like Peter Pan into the night skies, penetrated deep into wonder worlds of the oceans, lunched with high profile and famous people, nonchalantly walked up the sides of buildings. Yet all of it as real as you can get.


We have physically felt the pain, our whole body has physiologically responded with sweat, exhaustion, twitched, screamed aloud in response. Some people have had heart attacks and some even having had physical ailments from their realities such as bruises or rashes where the ‘supposed’ attacker had hit or grazed them. All very palpable and absolute.


This experience of illusion and perceived reality is often expressed as an analogy, as scenes and sounds we experience in the cinema. The screen in front of us is the reality we accept throughout the duration of the film and to some degree, like our dreams, has a lasting resonance afterwards.


Yet even though we are aware of this false reality on the cinema screen, we still react in similar ways as we do in our dream and ‘real’ life. We tense up, we sweat, we cry and even scream out loud. Even though we know it’s all an illusion.


This is what I am suggesting is the next stage of the awakening.



Stage 7Projected Reality.

“Anything that vibrates is an illusion (Maya). This physical world is all a dream reality. The only thing that is real is the stillness, the Light, the Self within”

~ Sri Sankaracharya


Yes, bizarre, ludicrous, quirky, unsubstantiated, nonsense perhaps. But I urge anyone initially reacting to this, to think back to when you may have reacted (as opposed to responded) to some of the ‘theories’ to which you now not only know as facts, but enthusiastically share with others. To those who refuse to accept them, as they see them as utter nonsense. Their viewpoint of reality, their levels of consciousness will just not go there.


Just think how far your levels of understanding the bigger picture have expanded over time. How your openness and degrees of consciousness have developed. Had you heard yourself only five years ago coming out with the ‘facts’ you now see as obvious, you would be worried about your mental state.


“The way to true sustained inner peace and world peace is to dissociate ourselves from the events viewed and associate ourselves with the viewer, the observer of the events”

~ The Upanishads


May I suggest if this concept is new to you, or you have heard this before and scoffed at it; not to metaphorically throw it away in the dustbin, but just leave it up there on the mental shelf. Allow the dust to settle on it and wait until you hear this one crop up again and again. Just like that bloody 9/11 ‘theory’ that just would not go away.


I know the 9/11 theory it something definite, tangible and ‘real’. However, if we are very truthful, ALL of the 9/11 and other Truths are just residual evidence. We are all mostly secondary researchers – picking up and repeating information from those that have done direct research.


We are ultimately following consistent pattens of information as well as allowing our common sense, levels of trust and our intuition to guide us.


So in that vain, can we not also allow this intuitive guidance to at least keep an open mind on this bizarre theory(?)


“We will continue to suffer in this nightmare unless we WAKE UP – become conscious – until we do, this world is nothing but pain and suffering”

~ The Buddha


I know the likes of David Icke and others talk about this type of nature of reality. But that is irrelevant. Icke is a full time freeloader of information (aren’t we all to an extent). These are not his original ideas. It does not matter anyway what he propagates as Truth or not. It only matters what YOU believe to be true.


Icke and others are taking this age old ‘theory’ which has been written about again and again, as far back in history as 5000 years ago from the great mystics, yogis, lamas, shamans and other spiritual adepts. From the ancient  Vedas and many other serious cultural doctrines – all of them having directly and repeatedly spoken about our illusory world and the nature of reality.


“Ignorance is forgetting the reality. It is the root cause of all the troubles associated with the world. All troubles which we encounter in our lives are due to treating the world as real”

~ Sufi master


We think we are so advanced these days with our modern technology, but do we have an ounce of wisdom and intuitive knowing compared to our ancestors? They intricately knew the energy systems in our bodies, the energy grids (lay lines) in the earth, the motions of the planets and levels of distant communications.


How dare we imply that the consistent ideals of the nature of reality from all the varying cultures throughout the ages are mere delusory ignorance.


Throughout the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Vedas, the works of Sufism, the Quran, Buddhism, Tibetan teachings, the Red Indian cultures, the Mayan texts and to a degree the New Testament all talk of our illusory reality; the world we see being just a projection of our thoughts, of our collective state of mind.


“Matter is derived from mind, and not mind from matter.”

~ The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation


Modern day science and age old science both reiterate this projected reality in a way. Although they have studied the mind intensively, it’s just that they will not delve too deeply into the study of consciousness. That which both Western and especially Eastern spirituality have done for eons.


Finally main steam science states that …..all matter is simply vibrating sound waves. 


Although, science clearly accepts that all our sensory experiences are actually images and sensations which have been manifested in the mind.


“…our waking reality is as much a creation of our minds as are our dreams. In short, all that I perceive – everything I see, hear, taste, touch, and smell – has been reconstructed from sensory data. I think I am perceiving the world around me, but all that I am directly aware of are the colours, shapes, sounds and smells that appear in the mind.” 

~ Peter Russell



So, if we accept this concept, does this then mean we do not care about others who are suffering? 

Of course it doesn’t mean this – not at all! In fact it means we can be more effective in helping our brothers and sisters and all sentient beings in this shared illusory dream world.


I remember as a child on several occasions having to gently wake up my dog when she was having a bad dream. Her body would twitch, she would whimper in distress until she became conscious again. Then five minutes later we would be having fun in the garden with her favorite toy. Her reality had shifted.


Our dreams are still very real, along with the suffering. Our role in the dream is to be very much proactive in helping and serving others. It’s just that now with this new stage of awakening, we can be more detached from the drama, with a more balanced, grounded, conscious approach.


We can respond to situations and dramas as opposed to reacting. Almost like a professional first-response team. Except we are the spiritual first-response team. We can operate from an objective position with less fear, hatred, and blind anger. We are tenfold more useful and effective with this conscious mindset.


“When the idea that Atman (Light/consciousness) alone is Truth and the rest is Maya (illusory world or delusion) and this has been fully appreciated; then one will experience expansion of Light, power, knowledge and service to others, and accordingly the limited ideas of individuality and relationships will break their barriers and go extending in proportion to the depth at which this idea is rooted in the being. The being will be full of enthusiasm and one will naturally be able to know more, teach more and be of service to many more than before.”

~ The Vedas




Stage 8Samadhi 

Samadhi –  [sam ‘with’; Adhi ‘Lord’] Union with the Lord/Light/consciousness; a state of intense concentration in which consciousness is completely unified.


Supreme consciousness, enlightenment, God consciousness, Light consciousness. The ultimate spiritual awakening and eternal goal.


“Lord take me from the unreal to the real.”

~ Upanishads


All the previous stages to an extent are either provable or subjective, especially Stages 1 to 6. However these last two stages of awakening can really can only be experienced. They are spiritual awakenings, with Samadhi being an ultimate spiritual goal, to delve into the inner, eternal, experiential Truth.


Looking at these various stages of awakening, is like zooming out of the main frame; taking a broader picture, then a broader picture still, then even more of a broader picture and broader and broader, until we reach a point of where ultimately we are just zooming in.


“Are you a God?” they asked the Buddha.

“No,” he replied.

“Are you an angel, then?” “No.”

“A saint?” “No.”

“Then what are you?”

Replied the Buddha, 

I am awake.


The Stages of Awakening In summary

1/. The Bloody Government

2/. An Agenda

3/. ZIM


5/. Judaism the mind virus

6/. The Demonic Force/Entities


7/. Projected Reality (Maya)

8/. Consciousness (Samadhi)



Related information

Consciousness discussed videos by Peter Russell



Peter Russell’s book ‘from Science to God’ explaining in detail the nature of reality/illusion from a scientific perspective.



6 Stages of Awakening






Changeless Values



A few serious spiritual books covering the topic of reality/illusion and consciousness

“If we give some time to reading Holy books – the great mystics, some time to thinking of Param-Atman (Universal Light/consciousness); then our wisdom matures, darkness no longer frightens us, and we attain supreme happiness. Not only so, but we begin to radiate happiness and clarity which affects our surroundings, and in turn we are then able to not only project this, but directly help and serve those around us and beyond more effectively.”

~ Thoughts from the Gita


The Bhagavad Gita 

Adi Sri Sankaracharya Samata Books

www.samatabooks.com ISBN: 0702 500 356

Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, Bucks, Britain 01628 536 464

(Excellent honest helpful service)


The Mathnawi of Jalaluddin [6 volumes in 3 books]

Rumi Edited & Translated by Reynold A. Nicholson

ISBN: 0906 094 089


The Upanishads

Translated for the modern reader by Eknath Easwaren

ISBN: 0-915132-39-7


Good Company 

His Holyness Shantanand Saraswti

ISBN: 1-85320-313-1 [Element]

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  1. grosenberg

     /  June 11, 2012

    Thank you, This article encompasses much of my last few years….tho it feels like steps 4, 5 6 and 7 have intertwined themselves a bit…in a spiral fashion especially of late but i guess its all part of the dance…

    • Grosenberg,

      Many thanks, Mmhh hadn’t though of them in a spiral fashion …..interesting. Almost like a DNA spiral. However they most definitely do overlap or intertwine as you say.

      Thank you again for your contribution.


  2. Frank

     /  June 11, 2012

    And tell me wise Sir tales ofF uikishema. Shall I tell the Mother of a 2 year old he will be dying of breezes from far off Japan? Or stay silent? 2012 is on target. Carpe Diem

    • Frank,

      I really don’t think you have grasped the essense of this piece?? I don’t fully understand where you are coming from. The whole essence of spirituality is about DOING about ACTION. It is about using the power of ‘true’ spirituality/consciousness as a strength to empower us.

      Like everything else these days, spirituality has been usurped and polluted. ‘They’ have ruined the image and substance of true spirituality through the new-age movement. They have what I call ‘sillified’ it.

      Throughout all my work I am constantly encouraging (even nagging) Truthers to ‘do their bit’ and PROPAGATE. I am diametrically opposed to ‘staying silent’ as you put it.

      Many people unfortunately in the Truth movement are innactive/passive and this is all because of their FEAR. Despite whatever excuse they give. The power of tapping into the the real source, true reality is about engaging us all to help others.

      The purpose of our lives I feel is twofold: 1/. to seek the true source within 2/. to help/serve others

      I hope this helps you and others.

      Thank you for contributing.

      In kindness


  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  June 11, 2012

    Seriously Digger, I was so engrossed in your hike that your waking up came as a surprise! It’s hard for me to remain detached because I hate human suffering. My baby brother (and only sibling) was killed in an accident when I was four years old so I learned (too early) that life is tenuous and has no guarantees. The Eastern sages provide us with much wisdom indeed. Thank you for this wonderfully written and spiritually uplifting post.

    • Saz,

      Thank you yet again.

      I’m sorry to hear your misfortune with your baby brother. Yes as the teachings of Buddha say “this reality is of pain and suffering”.

      I just hope people can take what they wish from spirituality at appropriate times of their lives. It is subjective, very personal and completely experiential.

      Thank you again for your contribution.


  4. Aleks

     /  June 11, 2012

    Very interesting and informative. Very nice post. In my humble opinion the best I have read in a long time. Thank you….

    • Aleks,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you benefited at some level.

      Thank you for contributing.


  5. Whitewraithe

     /  June 14, 2012

    Wow, Digger –

    What an engaging article.

    Like Sazzy, I was so engrossed in your hiking experience that discovering it to be a dream sequence was a jolt to my system.

    I so agree with you. You have a deep, immense grasp on our world that is truly enlightening. Together with your eloquent writing style is a delight to the senses.

    Thank you, sir.


    • Whitewraithe,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your supportive words. I am truely humbled.

      Thank you too for all your work. I hope you are coming to terms with the loss of little ol Frank.

      The best


  6. Anon

     /  June 18, 2012

    Wow, I think I have a new favorite blog!

    Digger, you’ve NAILED it!! Thank you for sharing!

    As someone with no religious or spiritual upbringing, in an environment of atheism and scientific rationality, I couldn’t even get a grasp on what you brilliantly explain in this post. I don’t think I would ever have gotten there were it not for a magical molecule called DMT. The radical shift in ontological perspective it produces is what it took me to truly wake up!

    • Anon,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your supportive words. Glad you benefited. I hear many people say they had their first awakening via DMT. The only thing I would suggest is people now move on from using that, even if they may be natural substances. I would say any drug, sense craving or stimulant will grind us down eventually. We have all the highs we need contained within us.

      Thank you for contributing.


  7. Anon

     /  June 19, 2012

    Thanks Digger, but I wouldn’t call DMT just a drug. It’s a trace neurotransmitter that is already in our brains at all times, for unknown purposes. Our brain knows exactly what to do with it, which is why the effects last much less than all other drugs. Check out video and audio files of Terence McKenna — this man had a mind comparable to those of Da Vinci and Tesla. Were he alive today, he’d be a leading voice in the truth movement.

    • Thanks Anon, yes take your point. I only mentioned drugs as so many rely on taking something, even though it may be a natural high to get their buzz.

      Will check out your recommendation.


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