Straight talk

“To defend Jews, Judaism, Israel or any other alias these criminals care to use is in all instances a crime against humanity. Both their ‘sacred’ book, the Talmud, and their greatest philosopher, Maimonides, agree that it is the duty of all Jews to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world. All Jews renew an oath every year to not tell the truth about anything they choose to lie about. And all Jewish holidays celebrate the slaughter of non Jews, right down to eating the ‘ears’ of Palestinians as they celebrate all their ancient betrayals and atrocities. Jews appeal to your higher sense of morality while possessing none of their own. In any one of a million ways, this will be the cause of your premature death, if the Jews are allowed to continue their homicidal rampage unimpeded.” 

~John Kaminski

Another excellent audio by John on the Clay Douglas broadcast

George Washington and Ben Franklin had the right idea

John Kaminski on Clay Douglas’s Free American Hour 6/7/12

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  1. Incredible

     /  June 25, 2012

    Where is the original doc stored stating Washington’s and Franklin’s (Pinckney’s?) quotations wrt judaics?

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