Ways to Protect Ourselves from Negative Entities

Firstly I totally understand people who are new to this agenda who on reading this title may be put off by this terminology; it may sound new-age spiritual jargon. Also to those die-hard fact-finders in the movement who care only about seeking provable information on this conspiracy; it may come across as unpractical, unsubstantiated and side-stepping from the real nuts n bolts of this agenda. However …

I urge anyone who is dabbling with this conspiracy to be very mindful of the dark entities which are behind all of this!!


I feel if we do not look into the spiritual aspects of this conspiracy, we will not only simply get lost in the enormity of the information; but will ‘eventually’ get sucked up into the negative force/energy that this Truth-searching/work entails.


This stuff will suck you in, chew you up and unceremoniously spit you out having drained every last drop of life force energy from you. Be careful, this energy/force is addictive and as deadly as heroin – perhaps worse!


In good ol hindsight, I learnt the hard way when running a natural health clinic, dealing with people’s energies. I was silly not to listen to experienced practitioners who warned me about this, as at the time I just saw them as being fluffy overly sentimental new agers. After all I was supposedly pragmatic and apparently grounded…..ha. I would say after 10 years I was totally burnt out.


There are essentially two levels of Truth searching. The Truth of the conspiracy and the ultimate Truth within. We need to unquestionable know the difference between these two.

Here are some areas which will definitely help us rid some of the negative elements which so easily can seep into our lives. These are not conclusive, are quite subjective and they almost all overlap each other.


We become what we meditate on

This has to be at the top of the list. It is personal what type of meditation one choses. However be mindful of what system you practice, as I have also heard that even this can draw in negative entities. So that is why I am comfortable with and recommend ‘passage meditation’. Meditating on serious spiritual passages every morning. This allows one to have a focused attention which is charged with positive Light energy from the true/serious mystics. [Please see link on side bar for FREE online meditation course]




Keeping you connected to a pure positive source – to the Light. [Again please see the meditation course]



Clean up [Yin/Yang] internal/external

Pornography Energy/spirit drainer. Every time you submit yourself to this energy it degrades your character, and takes you another notch over to the dark side. Get off it!


Meat/animal produce This is too big of a subject to cover in this essay, but I urge those of you trying to deal with the strains of life and the intenseness of this agenda, to move away from eating meat as soon as you possibly can! You do NOT need meat for nutrition or sustenance. Eating dead corpses drains you of life force energy, makes people generally aggressive (which we do need for this movement). Start eating fresh raw/living plant-based foods and start to see the difference in your character and state of mind.


Booze I would say ALL alcohol, even the quality wines are still acting as a stimulate. Another stimulant to add to all the other sense cravings which we do not need. All alcohol is a depressant. The alcohol industry is owned/controlled by the same force we are supposed to be fighting, so let’s not support them in any way. We have all the natural highs we need if we learn to gradually tap into them from within.


ALL drugs soft, hard, natural, legal, prescribed. These are yet more stimulants to play around with our pineal glands, our cellular health and take us away from our true natural conscious state of awareness and reality.


Energy vampires so-called friends/acquaintances who are draining you. The nature of this dark force is subtle and gradual, so we don’t initially notice it, or these people draining us. Watch for signs such as them being unsupportive/uncomplimentary/unappreciative with your efforts or kindness, jealous, controlling, and then gradually becoming aggressive towards you and others.


These people usually do not have any real friends. You do not have to depart from them in a cruel way. This is just about protecting yourself (and them). It may snap them them out of their unconsciousness, or they may just move on to the next victim. But no matter how uncomfortable or awkward severing ties may initially be; you have to protect yourself. YOU HAVE TO OUT THEM FROM YOUR LIVES otherwise their negativity will consume you!!


Once they are out of your lives, no matter how much they try and cling on (for their last drop of energy), you will be relieved. In good ol hindsight it will be SO obvious what has happened to you. And you will ask yourself why on earth you did not move away from them before. You will also be helping them indirectly.


Don’t worry about losing a contact. I can assure you when you clean up and lean towards the Light, you will resonate new positive people and experiences towards you who will be in alignment with your thoughts, direction and new cleaner energy.




Who owns this industry? Why would you want to support ‘them’? Move away from the darkness, move towards the Light.


The Talmudvizion. The best weapon of mass mind control ever produced. Right now, go to your TV, pull out the plug, take it out to the back garden or put a dust sheet on the floor, get some safety goggles and hammer and smash the bloody thing up. Do not even give it away, no matter how expensive and new it is. Then dispose of it up the dump. (Take your microwave up there too).


This one-eyed-monster is pure evil. There are no benefits of having one in your dwelling/environment, despite any excuses you may come up with. Like all these entities it subtly seeps into your psyche without you noticing. A simple cookery programme or comedy is not only conditioning your mind with propaganda, but it is also saying “Everything is OK, things are just fine.” Well things are not just fine.


Rid it from your lives. “Well the wife likes her telly” is no excuse. Are you a man or not? Do you care about your partner’s/children’s state of mind or not? You wouldn’t allow them to take heroin just because they like it – or would you? It is yet another negative sense craving you certainly do not want in your life and personal environment.




Has to go if you want inner peace and draw the strength to fight this force. Again who owns the gaming industry? Why support them? This is not just innocuous fun. Just like the goggle box (TV), it is programming and effecting your mind at some level. Gradually incrementally having a negative state on your consciousness. Turn in the opposite way – towards the Light.



Cravings general

Chocolate fix, cigarette fix, intense sleeping fix, coffee fixes, Coka Cola fix, carbohydrate fix, hobby fix, sports adrenaline, curry fix, shopping fix, even for the latest Truth fix. These are all stimulants, which on the surface and perhaps in moderation can be tolerated. However it is more about the drive towards them and how much control they have over you. Again who is pushing these on you? What force wants you not to be able to resist these habitual stimulants?


On the surface this may seem you are going without, being somehow deprived. But in fact you are just shedding these crustaceans weighing you down. You will definitely feel lighter when you release the pulls they have on you. Then having the odd occasional treat can be appreciated. Moving away from these sense cravings, will draw you further to the Light – the real Truth.


Try to spend some time with nature, be it a simple walk in the park, along the coast. I would also try from time to time to get right out into nature for the day or weekend. Especially in woodland. Try also to consume/obtain natural produce whenever you can.



Detached observer 

This stuff is very dark and can drain us all. However I feel we cannot turn our backs on it, as this will mean turning our backs on others who are suffering. We have to be wise enough to know how to deal with all of this darkness. How to handle it somehow. Along with these other pointers, I feel we can do this by trying hard to be objective with all this information and imagery. No matter how difficult this may seem.


We have to train ourselves to objectively respond to what we absorb, as opposed to emotionally react.

Now this must not in any way be confused with being a passive spectator. A theme and pet hate I bang on about throughout my blog. This is absolutely about taking responsibility and not turning our backs. The difference between being just a Truth-seeker and a Truth-teller. A Truth-browser and and a proactive Truther.


This is about showing some levels of courage through resistance and propagating the Truth. It’s just how we do it without burning out and coming across as negative and aggressive. We can be relentless, forceful, directed, consistent, tenacious, and energetic – all from a detached mindset. This of course is also about being selfless and serving others.


One element in helping this detachment and helping to prevent you from cracking, is to occasionally and appropriately inject some light-hearted humour into all this. This is not being distasteful, if it is timely and done in a sensitive respectful way. If it stops you from cracking up and therefore allows you and others to soldier on to help others, then this is a good thing.



Additional areas

crystals, chimes, incense, orgonite  from www.photonorgone.co.uk have not used this myself, but heard great reviews about it.


These are not to be scoffed at. What harm are they going to do you? Ancient traditions have used these elements for eons to assist removing negative energies. These are only small incremental elements. However like all things, they all add up.


I feel our attention now should be directed towards what is enhancing Light – what is destroying darkness.

A lot of my posts and the many links on the side bar direct our issues towards the Jews being the physical embodiment  of this demonic force (through judaism). I stick with this outlook in general terms. However I also am aware it is ALL of us who have been effected by this darkness. Otherwise we would not be such a mess. There are many Jews out there who are leaning more towards the Light than so many Gentiles who have fallen for the darkness.


As evil as some of the actions of ALL people are; I try to see EVERYONE now as beautiful sentient beings who have just been conditioned and cloaked with darkness. It’s a tough one. I forget myself sometimes and get all wound up by this, but in reflection this is how I try see things these days. It’s so easy to fall for the hate trap, which is exactly where they want us. That’s what this force feeds off. I now see these people perpetrating these evils as just having had layer upon layer upon layer of crustaceans settled onto them.


This is not taking a softy softy line. These demonic people must definitely be dealt with in a no half measures. They absolutely must be curbed; but we have to do this in a detached, objective effective manner. Like we would deal with a violent unruly teenager, or a demented person. Firm, sharp direct assertive and effective force, but without hatred, malice or revenge.


These unconscious (Gentile) souls such as social workers who snatch children from their loving parents because it is their job or these black-clad goons abusing their brothers and sisters have simply been usurped by this dark force/entity. They are not in their right minds. They have allowed themselves to become unconscious through multilayered conditioning.


We cannot attempt to deal with this darkness if we too allow ourselves to become exposed to this *dark energy. We have to actively take measures and check and protect ourselves on a daily basis to fend off these negative entities.


Please be warned – DO NOT OVERLOOK THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS ENERGETIC ELEMENT  – it is all too easy to lean to this *darker side.


* the use of the word dark/darkness in no way pertains to our darker skinned brothers and sisters. It is completely used in a spiritual context.



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  1. inthegenes

     /  June 10, 2012

    WOW – typically direct and to the point. This has to be one of the most beneficial pieces you’ve written to date. Difficult as these may be to do and give up, they would benefit us all.

    • itg,

      Thank you – I hope it helps others. It’s the direction I’m now heading with all this. It seems so obvious now. To protect ourselves and others. To try hard and make efforts to lean towards the Light. ‘They’ have encouraged us all to accept these negative traits as ‘normal and natural’, which of course we now know they are not. Each one of these areas feeds of the other. So gently working on the meditation and spiritual/consciousness direction will help draw people away from these pulls and get us back on track. We’ve just lost our way/direction.

      Thanks for contributing.

      Keep doing your bit.



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