I’m disheartened

You upset me that you will not pull your weight


I am bewildered that you just won’t make ANY efforts to help this situation


I am confused by your neutrality


I am disheartened that you have consciously decided to remain passive


I’m astounded how much you acquiesce to your overlords


I am staggered that you think it is perfectly acceptable to just be a spectator of the drama


I am ashamed of your cowardliness


At times your apathy infuriates me


How can you be so myopic??


Such a shame you have turned out to be just an observer


I am exhausted by your subservience


I am hugely disappointed with your obsequious mindset


It hurts me to think of all that wasted talent, skills, energy and intelligence that could be put to use


I’m frightened by your compliance


I am deflated by your lack of drive to pull your finger out


I’m disheartened

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  1. Bettyboo

     /  June 6, 2012

    So apt Digger. So poignant as always. “I am disheartened that you have consciously decided to remain passive”. I think I must say something along this line almost weekly about those around me who are awake.

    Really found you “10 Keys” powerful! Well done for all your efforts.

    • Betty boo,

      Thanks for your positive comments. I think we have to get beyond just ‘thinking’ it, we have to tell these people outright. I just see it all as a big waste. So much potential not being used. It’s more a case of ‘What is it going to take for them to fight back, not when.

      Thanks for contributing.



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