10 Keys

Ten keys to unlock ourselves from this judaic enslavement. Ten fundamental areas we need to work on before we can begin to release ourselves from these demonic traps

This is an upgrade of my previous essay “TO DO LIST”

Some of these areas are subjective. Also they are not necessarily in order of importance. They also are all completely interdependent.


1/. Self-Reflection 

We need to know who’s pulling the strings in this agenda, who’s behind the global curtain. However we must also be mindful of too much finger pointing at the exclusion of our own roles in this nightmare. We need to take partial responsibility for where we’re now at. It was us who put our trust in these maniacs. We were too busy being busy; we didn’t watch them close enough, and allowed them to sneak in through the back door.


We were intoxicated on our narcissistic activities.


In addition we now have to take a secondary responsibility by making amends and do our utmost to sort this out.


I would suggest that this self-analysis should be an ongoing thing. To regularly and intermittently self check ourselves. Where am I going? What am I doing in life? Where are my values? Who am I really? How are my actions and non-actions effecting others?


It is through self reflection tied in with a spirituality we will be able to address negative traits such as selfishness, cowardliness, shortsightedness, apathy, willful ignorance, our superficial identities, feelings of insignificance, materialistic desires and negative habits. All of which are holding us back from confronting this beast.



2/. Become Independently Informed 

Self-educate on a regular basis. Never stop monitoring current social affairs. Conditioned academic intelligence vs Wisdom/knowing. Never fully trust any piece of information, unless you have independently researched it yourself, or it feels 100% right/obvious to you. Fundamentals such as: basic knowledge of what money is, the essence of geo-politics, Freeman-on-the-Land principles – the concept of ‘the person’ and presumed authorities.


However knowledge in itself is not power. Only using and sharing this knowledge is power.



3/. Propagate 

Spread the word to others who are totally new to this. To newbies/new blood. Holding onto the Truth is sinful. I feel we have an ethical, moral and spiritual obligation to spread the Light/Truth. (Please see related essays below for further ideas on propagating the Truth)



4/. Resist 

Time for some levels of courage. “Lawful Rebellion”.


Don’t complain about your lot, if you’re not prepared to do anything about it. 


With any non-compliance it is important to have tenacity. It is harmful to the cause and personal ethos to initially resist and then back down as soon as someone or some corporation with assumed authority says “Boo”. One must follow through with whatever one starts. Words are cheap. It’s only through individual ACTIONS which make a difference.


Timing is important too. The Jews are not only kings at deception, but are masters at timing. We have to equally be time-wise. If we push the limits too hard, too fast, too soon we will only get banged up. We need to box clever and push boundaries and keep the pressure on just enough collectively; which will gain momentum until we can notch it up a stage. It’s like a cruel game of courage vs tyranny. We have to keep nibbling away relentlessly. That is exactly what ‘they’ (this demonic force) are doing to us. Slowly gradually corroding our freedom and souls, so long as we don’t resist.



5/. Health/Clean up

We can’t even think about taking on this force if we are mentally, emotionally, physically drained and suppressed through unnatural destructive elements in our lives.


I seriously believe that when one indulges in negative traits such as junk food, gambling, pornography, excessive work, lust for mammon/greed, drugs and alcohol; one attracts these demonic/satanic entities into one’s life. Anything which takes you away from your conscious state. And the elite Jews are well aware of this.

(Please see essays “Clean up” and “Lemons and Limes”)



6/. Other Sentient Beings

Are we really in a position to complain about having people enslave and destroy us when we are quite content to allow our fellow sentient beings to be subjected to mass slaughter and suffering? Pay a visit to a factory farm and large abattoir and smell the fear, hear the pain; and then reflect on how proud you are to be a hu-man being. Cows are being skinned alive to protect their hides for increased profit. If they have a level of consciousness, what on earth must these animals think of us? Probably the same as we view these evil psychotic warmongers.


This is not about becoming a veggie/vegan, but about becoming conscious of the meat you eat and the effects of your lifestyle on others. Do you really need to eat meat every day? Could you not greatly reduce your animal produce consumption?


‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi’


Just look at the chemical crap they are injecting into animals and (meat & dairy), which you are then ingesting. Also when an animal is being killed, it is in intense fear, it’s whole system is full of lactic acid. You are then inducing this lactic acid. Many have suggested spiritually you are also inducing that animals fear and angst.


Knowing the Truth is much more than just waking up – it’s about becoming conscious.



7/. Nature 

We have in the main lost our connection with nature. This is no accident. This is not just an organic process of development and the course of progression. This is a deliberate and systematic objective from the elite Jews/the demonic force. Mother Earth being directly linked to spirituality, health and traditional living; having a connection with nature and what is natural is essential for our survival.


Try to spend some time in nature. Hiking, camping out, even day trips. Absorb the atmosphere and re-connect with your natural state.


Try to resist the pulls away from natural living, try to at least purchase more natural products whenever you can (foods/ products). ‘They’ are now making natural products exclusive items, which are only accessible for the more well off. However we must not buckle down to short-term myopic pressures and try and resist the easiness of buying cheap de-natured produce; we must not allow natural produce to become lost into the Orwelian memory hole.



8/. Unison 

As much as I understand people getting disturbed by topics of multi-culturism and falling for the trap of racism. I am equally perplexed why people in the Truth movement just cannot see that if we pooled all this energy together and focused on the root cause of all of our race issues, we would begin to resolve all of our differences.


The elite Jews/the demonic force has created all of these tensions. Race issues work as yet another distraction and disturbance to take the heat off of the Jews; at the same time create divide and rule. We have got to turn our backs on our differences and racism and instead become brothers/sisters in arms, against this evil demonic force. It really is that simple. Strength through unity. Time to come together.


I would suggest the elite Jews are petrified that the various Gentile races will wake up and join forces against them. 



9/. Spiritual Connection

This is what this is all about. To me this is the most important element of it all and where most of our energy should be focused on. Because having a spiritual connection is the core of every resource we need to fix the world’s problems. All from within. Everything we do and do not do are wrapped up in spiritualism. This whole agenda is spiritual. The Light verses the darkness. It’s that simplistic. The two opposing elements which mankind has been battling with from the age of dawn.


Without grasping this spiritual concept, I feel anyone seeking and exposing the Truth will be lost in the enormity of information overload and never really grasp the bigger picture.


The purpose of spirituality, is not to sit back and accept evil with an attitude of it just is, or just leave it all up to God. It is about building up strength to face our fears and take on life’s challenges. God helps those who help themselves so to speak.


Through consistently tapping into this resource within we will gradually build the strength, endurance, courage to resist the darkness.


Try to make that connection to the Light, consciousness, the inner stillness in most humdrum activities you do throughout the day. A simple boring act of washing up can become a spiritual experience. It’s that easy. Switch off the background noise/resonance and instead tune into something much more beautiful.


Gandhi would use a silent background mantra of Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama (pronounced Ram with a silent ‘a’) to help maintain his connection to this power source.


You don’t even have to worry about using the God word. It makes me chuckle when Westernized Buddhists claim to be atheists, when I would suggest all they are doing is tapping into this infinite inner Light, the Divine source.


This whole dark agenda is a spiritual demonic quest to eat away at our souls, the Light and our very existence. 



10/. Resourcefulness   

(i) Resources

Stocking up on supplies. At times I’ve thought to myself What’s the point, when it’s only delaying the inevitable? However, I do think it is important to have essentials available for when things totally crash. Not if, but WHEN they do.


This is not about fear, just being pragmatic. Stockpiling essentials was very normal/natural in previous generations. It’s just we have become spoilt having being used to everything at hand from kosher corporations. This is just about collecting essential resources necessary for survival.


I would be covert about your food cache. You don’t want everyone in your area knowing you have several months worth of food around when they are starving. Remember everyone has a choice now to do this, but some choose to have several holidays or spend their money on superficial things. It’s all about choice. People will be killing for cucumbers so to speak down the line, so be mindful of being discrete about your hoard.


Some people even have imperishable containers of food/resources stashed in various places in the wilderness.


Please research ‘prepping’ sites. There is one example in the related area below. However here are some fundamentals worth considering:

* food: tinned, packaged stored in suitable air-tight containers (see mylo bags)

* water: both drinking and washing. Also water purifying kits.

* fuel: transport, heating, generators

* hygiene: washing powders, soaps

* spare pairs of spectacles/glasses

* medication: especially natural products (tea tree oil, aloe vera, etc).

* vitamins and mineral supplements.

* silver coins for trading (pre-1919 as almost pure silver content)

* weaponry (for appropriate countries). Even if you don’t have a gun, just having a powerful slingshot and pellets (and skilled in using it) may be of use. In a raid it is best to have some defense as opposed to zero defense.

* non-powered hand tools: axes, outdoor/survival equipment, basic home maintenance, car maintenance, cloths repairs.

* glass/windows or boarding to cover glazed areas. Even translucent plastic sheeting to protect against the elements in case of broken glass. It may be impossible or ridiculously expensive to order panes of glass in the future.

* wood stove/s instead of electric, gas or oil.

* generators and spare parts



(ii) Self-Sufficient 

Blended in with bartering and community connections. This is about trying as much as possible to move off grid. Of course this is becoming increasingly difficult. Things such as sourcing ways to create one’s own electricity, heating, transport, food. There is endless sources of information on line for this.


However ultimately this is only easing the pain and does not get to the root cause, as many people are still locked into paying rents, mortgages, etc. Plus there are bigger, more threatening issues at hand.


My only reservation I have with this, is that people are devoting all their time to this lifestyle and the monster is going to eat them and their community projects anyway. We have to devote some time to exposing and standing up to this monster. If we all did this intensively, it would be crushed within weeks. Then we could spend more time on our projects and progressing in life. If we think about the seriousness of Fuchushima’s impact and the impending WW3 scenario; converting one’s car to running on vegetable oil seems somewhat insignificant.



(iii) Community Connections

I often think about how difficult it is to just survive trying to do everything on your own. If we were in a more cohesive, supporting society, we would all muck in and help each other with tasks such as car maintenance, DIY, gardening, healing, whatever. Like many non-Westernized communities still do in a community spirit. This is absolutely what the forces working against us do not want.


Please understand this is above and beyond just simple bartering. Bartering has it’s usefulness, but it also is just a grey area between money and conscious living. Bartering can still get us caught up in this snatch n grab attitude. “What can I gain out of this transaction?”. Whereas helping one’s brother/sister in the community is coming from a part altruistic and part logic position. Community spirit benefits others and us all in the long run. The concept that energy we give out, comes back to us at some level.



(iv) Traditional Skills 

It has only really taken two generations for us to lose skills such as foraging, food growing, plants as medicine, basic survival. However fortunately there has been a recent resurgence of people wanting to regain these skills. There are some terrific bushcraft/survival training projects happening out there now.


Again, as much as I think these are important. We must be careful not to get swamped in these as distractions (hobbies) and excuses to procrastinate (excuse not to do anything about the beast breathing down our necks). We have a job to do and that is to face the music and expose and resist this demonic force.



(v) Make n Mend

Linked with traditional values and self-sufficiency. Our forefathers generation knew exactly how to share n repair. They knew all about recycling before recycling became trendy. We should try and make efforts towards these skills. Perhaps invest in a pedal-operated sowing machine, hand tools for making repairs to shoes, fixing motors, home maintenance, etc. This is a proud element of the Indian culture.


Sharing is being part of the the community spirit. However this can sometimes backfire, as there are unethical people out there who will take take take. Lending valuable items which get broken by these people and not compensated or repaired can leave one with a lack of confidence in community spirit, so we need to be cautious who we lend to and how we lend.


However we can also share time, skills, advice, knowledge, information.



In summary (the aim of these are to be all on-going)

1/. Self-Reflection

2/. Become Independently Informed

3/. Propagate

4/. Resist

5/. Health/Clean up

6/. Other Sentient Beings

7/. Nature

8/. Unison

9/. Spiritual Connection

10/. Resourcefulness:

(i) Resources

(ii) Self-Sufficient

(iii) Community Connections

(iv) Traditional Skills

(v) Make n Mend



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John Harris – Freeman-on-the-Land video. This applies to all international (judaified) law/statues.


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  1. grosenberg

     /  June 3, 2012

    Wow, thanks so much, this list is insightful.

    • grosenberg,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you. Glad it helps at some level. I certainly don’t have a halo on my head, I have a lot to work on myself. Just scrambling to find solutions to this mess. One can just pick n chose what suits. Plus it may just stimulate ideas, for other people to create further solutions. They are attacking us in a multi-dimensional way, so we have to equally come back with our multi-dimensional defence/solutions.

      Thank you for contributing.



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