Changeless Values

An eight point program to give us inner contentment, hope, motivation, help break down disabling fears and most of all help fend off demonic entities.

An Eight-Point Program by Eknath Easwaren

“This eightfold program, if it is followed sincerely and systematically, begins to transform personality almost immediately, leading to profoundly beneficial changes which spread to those around us.”  ~ Eknath Easwaren founder of The Eight-Point Program



Summary in Eknath’s words

When I came to this country (America) as an exchange professor in 1959, I was invited to speak to many groups of people on the source of India’s ancient civilization. At the end of every talk a few thoughtful men and women would come up and ask me, “How can we bring these changeless values into own daily life?” 


“You don’t have to change your religion,” I assured them, “to do what I have done. The method of meditation I learned is universal. It can be practiced within the mainstream of any religious tradition, and outside all of them as well.” 


I began by teaching simply what I myself had been practicing for over a decade, illustrating from scriptures and mystics of the world’s great religions. Very quickly this became systematized into eight points, the first and most important of which is meditation. The following outline is a short introduction to this eight-point program for spiritual growth, which is discussed fully in Eknath’s book Meditation (see below for details).



The Eight Points

1/. Meditation  

Half hour each morning, sitting quite upright, yet comfortable, whilst repeating in one’s mind a memorized spiritual passage from a renowned spiritual verse from the great mystics. Additional half hour evening meditation can also be added at an appropriate time.



2/. The Mantra(m) 

Repetition of a chosen personal mantam (holy name). A powerful spiritual formula used throughout time in all spiritual undertakings. Once you have chosen your manta, stick to it for life like a marriage. Use it consistently in one’s mind whilst carrying out humdrum mechanical activities, such as washing the dishes, walking, waiting for a train and even going to sleep. Extremely useful whenever angry, afraid, nervous, worried, feeling resentful. Each repetition of the mantra is like adding pennies to your spiritual bank deposit.



3/. Slowing Down

In a rush rush society we have forgotten the art of pacing things and creating quality. We are all under pressure. It is becoming almost impossible to keep up demands and time schedules. However we must fight back against this force. Slowing down reduces stress, mistakes which cause more stress and produces quality. It also allows one to appreciate one’s activities, therefore reducing what Eknath terms “hurry-sickness”.



4/. One-Pointed Attention

In Eknath’s words “Doing more than one thing at a time divides attention and fragments consciousness. Everything we do should be worthy of our full attention. When the mind is one-pointed it will be secure, free from tension, and capable of the concentration. That is the mark of genius in any field.” For example reading and eating at the same time. When talking with someone, try to give that person their full attention. There are those that boast of their multi-tasking skills, but have you seen their results(?) Multi-tasking only reduces quality.



5/. Training the Senses

“Whatever we induce, whatever we drive deep into our consciousness – that we become.” 

The food, the drinks, the company, our environment, the reading material, the visual experiences. These all incrementally have an impact on our persona. We are living in a conditioned high-sensory matrix. It is harder than ever to resist our nefarious habits, to free ourselves of our Pavlovian lifestyles. However making it part of one’s spiritual focus and being part of a positive programme, one can overcome any conditioning.



6/. Putting Others First

“Dwelling on ourselves builds a wall between ourselves and others. Those who keep thinking about their needs, their wants, their plans, their ideas cannot help becoming lonely and insecure.” Is this not why the world is in such a mess, why we have allowed this force to usurp us so easily, because we not all looking out for each other?? Putting others first does not mean becoming a doormat and serving other’s every wishes and desires, but just giving more consideration to others, therefore helping to eliminate selfishness.



7/. Reading the Mystics 

Half an hour each day devoted to reading the scriptures and writings of the great mystics, preferably before bedtime after evening meditation is a particularly good time. This is because the thoughts you fall asleep with will be of a pure essence. This will provide us with a higher image of the true nature of human beings.



8/. Spiritual fellowship

The Sanskrit word for this is satsang, “association with those who are spiritually orientated.” When making changes in one’s life it is useful to be in a supportive environment, with others who can help motivate and keep you on the right path. This group could perhaps be only a monthly meet up where you practice a group meditation and read some verses from various scriptures.




In Summary

1/. Meditation

2/. The Mantram

3/. Slowing Down

4/. One-Pointed Attention

5/. Training the Senses

6/. Putting Others First

7/. Spiritual Fellowship

8/. Reading the Mystics


For those who would like a flavour and explanation of these eight points; please visit the website below for a free online course with video presentations of Eknath outlining the fundamentals – enjoy.


Additional thoughts

I like Eknath’s system for many reasons. After all it is really a collection of the most powerful tenants of all the serious spiritual teachings. I have found it has helped me tremendously and I have observed how it has greatly helped others. I like it’s simplicity, lightness and it’s inclusiveness.


One doesn’t feel one is engaged in any cult-like or exoteric religious dogma or separatism. In fact one could even be a hardened atheist and still benefit from the system.


I feel it is precisely what we all need in these times and will increasingly need as life becomes ever-more harder.


I understand anyone feeling uncomfortable with the big R – Religion. I have heard and read so many people seeking the Truth who slam religion. But I urge anyone to try and not throw the baby out with the bath water. All religions have been usurped by this demonic force now. And I would say ALL religions.


I now see a clear difference between organised exoteric (external) dogmatic structured religion and a personal esoteric (internal) spiritual religious experience. The two are miles apart. The former is vulnerable to outside influences and control, it breeds separatism. Yet the latter can allow one to be much more detached from ego/false identity and it is very much universal.


I’m at a stage now where I don’t really care if anyone can prove to me or not that Jesus or Mohammed existed, or that the Biblical teachings are true or false. To me, when one is following a spiritual path of personal esoteric experience from within, all of this historical fact finding fades into the background. All I worry my little head about now is “What is the intent behind the words?”. If someone insults me or complements me ‘What is their intent?’. Surely that’s all that matters.


I would suggest these people who are caught up in searching for the Truth behind these religions to read some of the beautifully inspiring passages and verses from both Western and Eastern religions and then honestly ask themselves “What the hell does it matter about historical religious anomalies?” All I pick up is the resonance of the spiritual intent, the connection to the internal wisdom; the very essence of the spiritual Light within these authors. Surely that is all that matters, surely that is true esoteric religion.


I would hope anyone taking up any spiritual path that they use spirituality for good, to draw the strengths to face up to the realities of life and allow their spiritual strength to face their fears and confront evil.


Spirituality is not about fluffing out and being a self-absorbed new-ager. It’s very much about doing and becoming engaged in life’s challenges and facing darkness head on.


The spiritual path unfortunately like many original concepts has been infiltrated and watered down. Spirituality certainly does not mean being lovey-duvey and simply ignoring a situation by just saying “I forgive them through my unconditional love.” It is showing much more maturity and wisdom than this. We have to expose evil and ensure justice and retribution is carried out to those who perpetrate evil.


Spirituality is very much in the real world, it is all about strength and courage to stand up for others and ourselves.


We should be streetwise to know what is happening in this world and know who/what is behind it all. We should continue to be independently aware of social-political events and not hide away in our cosy spiritual bubble.


With that said, the only elements I would like to add to this program is I feel we should also not neglect our duty towards serving the Truth.


I would strongly suggest we tackle our duties as Truth bearers, charged with this spiritual force. By continuing to get the word out (propagate) as well as make efforts towards non-compliance to this demonic force (resist) – both of these with an added spiritual fortitude.


My thoughts on Point 8 ‘Spiritual Association’ are mixed. Of course it is a good thing to be alongside others who are also on a similar spiritual path. It helps for consistency, moral support and general camaraderie. However …….those of us who are Jew-wise are well aware that anything of any purity and goodness these days will soon be infiltrated and destroyed from within from members of this group.


I only attended the satsangs of this program seven years ago when I was not aware of the JWO; so I could not say if their organisation has or has not come under attack from this demonic force.


All I would suggest is be on your guard when attending ANY spiritual gatherings and meet ups. It may be best to just organize a few people who you know well, who wish to share spiritual compatibility and be extremely watchful of infiltration of your group.


This does not mean being paranoid; but just being conscious of individuals who wish to take over and organize. These people may just naturally be that type of character and their intent is only to be helpful. But we all need to be on our guard these days of deception. Just look at every aspect of society and how it has so easily been usurped – all through our naivety and trust.


In all situations, tune into and trust your intuition, this usually is right. If you do not feel comfortable in any group; then try to carry out these practices on your own, or with one or two ‘trusted’ acquaintances.


Here is a great example of a classic spiritual verse to learn and meditate over:


The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master; grant that I may not so much seek 

To be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love;

For it is in giving that we receive,

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.


Related information

Books by Eknath Easwaren I personally recommend:

Meditation: A Simple Eight Point Program for Translating Spiritual Ideals into Daily Life ISBN: 0-915132-66-4

God Makes the Rivers Flow: Sacred literature of the world selected by Eknath Easwaren ISBN: 1-58638-008-7

The End of Sorrow: The Bhagavad Gita for daily Living Vol 1 ISBN-13:978-0-915132-17-1

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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  May 31, 2012

    Hi Digger,
    I’ve never heard of this before so thanks for telling me about it.

    • Saz,

      Thank you. We all need shoring up from time to time. We’re all getting knocked about in one way or another now, more and more so these days. We are truely in testing times and our situations are going to get worse. Going within through structured meditation will help us all. It is not just about taking a pain killer and not addressing the issues. It is about taking control of our emotions whilst we deal with the root causes. It will only strengthen us to allow us face our fears and become better fighters for the Truth.

      Gentley gentley though, don’t worry about falling off the wagon, just brush yourself down and get back on again.

      Thanks for contributing.


  2. Jackattack

     /  June 1, 2012

    Another great post Digger. Always helpful. I haven’t heard of this system before. I checked out the videos, he seems genuine. I like the way it’s all inclusive. Plus he pulls no punches in that he tells you from the start that meditation is one of the hardest things you can do….sure is. Keep up the great work man.

    • Jackattack,

      Thank you for your positive feedback.

      Yes this system is not about money money money as so many of them are. It’s subtle, but very effective. Just do the FREE online course and see how you feel in a months time. It of course is not going to stop these maniacs, but it will greatly help defend/fight them as we will be stronger, more controlled and less emotive.

      The main problem I can see is our levels of fear. Spirituality helps us face our fears.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Keep spreading the Light/Truth


  3. truthvibe

     /  June 1, 2012

    Interesting stuff Digger! I agree spirituality is not about ‘fluffing out’. It’s a support we all need in these times.

    Not sure if I agree with the idea that multi-tasking always reduces quality. Sometimes we can do things on autodrive.

    Enjoyed your “10 Major Control Elements of the Jewish Elite’ – sums it all up.

    Keep spreading the Light

    • truthvibe,

      Thank you. Spirituality can be as simple as a relaxed walk in in nature and gaining your strength through elementary reflection. However taking that further with a focused structured intent I feel one can really transform old negative traits. It needs working on though.

      I agree some multi-tasking activities we are able to carry out, but I think the principle of having focus on one thing/area at a time helps in many areas in life.

      Thanks for contributing


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